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The 2200-page $1.3 trillion Omnibus bill at least one senator is trying to read before voting on it. That man? Sen. Rand Paul, of course. He speaks of an “unholy alliance” to engage in evermore spending. There is, he says, not too little but, instead, “too much compromise” in Washington:

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  1. Rocketman says:

    What can even be said? The Republican Party with a few minor exceptions like Senator Rand Paul folded like a cheap three dollar card table. The promises made by Donald Trump in 2015-16 have shown to be meaningless. My guess is than the 2018 election will have one of the lowest turnouts EVER and the Democrats will pick up the majority of the senate and house seats up for grab because the Republic voters will say “Why even bother to vote?” and sadly they’re right. If the Libertarians can’t do better than this next election than the last then the LP should just announce their abolishment and move their members to a foreign country.

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