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Townhall: Indefensible Human Beings

In the late 19th century, with the rise of union rioting, socialist agitation, and the anarchists’ “propaganda by the deed,” politics got ugly. Perhaps the reason Progressives came into power through both major parties was as a relief valve to civilize the tide of leftist violence.

We are witnessing this again. The left against resorts to direct action, violence — and so far the right has not been as violent in reaction as one might fear.

Perhaps because of the recent political turn of events, where the progressive cultural hegemony has been shaken and the party most sympathetic to the far left, the Democratic Party, has taken huge hits around the country — losing the majorities in both houses, the Presidency, and many state governorships. They are getting desperate.

Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for more proof of the left’s dangerous swerve into insurrection and lynch-mob protest.

And then there is the general problem of radicals preaching revolution on the taxpayer dime.

Caution: you may not consider this NSFW, or church, or the ears and eyes of youngsters:

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By: Redactor


  1. Mary K. Washburn says:

    I wouldn’t let any of these “people” clean my house or wash my car, let alone “teach” their hatreds and decadence. I’ll never again donate a thin dime to any university in the world……they are all too much akin to Hades.

  2. joefoam says:

    This is the type of person that “educates” students? The tenure system should be abolished and despicable people like these put out on the street to find a real job like the rest of us. I think the job search will be difficult at best.

  3. Legislate a new “hate crime” law who’s definition clearly includes these leftists’ acts of intimidation. Note that most prosecuted “hate crimes” currently disproportionately affect those on the right.

  4. Lawrence Michels says:

    These people need to stop and be stopped they are terrorist I have a god given right to own a modern weapon ie semi automatic or any weapon I want to protect my self/family/property and most of all to protect my country from dictators and terrorist which these people are they are a threat to the America way of life and freedom and not becoming a slave to these despots like I said my cold dead hands when I was in the service I took an oath to defend the constitution from all enemy’s both foreign and domestic. I TAKE THAT OATH SERIOUSLY AND I DEEM THER TERRORIST DOMESTIC ENEMY’S !!!!!!!!

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