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Scott Adams

If you are engineering, or you’re in science, or even if you are building a product, yeah, yeah: you totally want to get the facts right. You want to use the best reasoning, the best thinking, etc. But in the realm of politics facts don’t matter. Now, let me clarify that. Facts do matter to the outcome. Of course. If you walk in front of a truck, the truck is a fact, the truck kills you — that matters. But the way people make decisions is so divorced from facts, and always has been, that Trump doesn’t actually add anything that wasn’t already there. All he does is he does it better. Let me say that again: the world of politics was always a hundred percent bullshit. Always. It was just different bullshit. The thing that Trump has added is that he just does more of it and he does it better.

Scott Adams, explaining the nature of political decisions in “Sam Harris is Wrong About Donald Trump” (June 14, 2018).

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  1. You might add that Trump is far different in that he gets things DONE.

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