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Social Workers: Stop Kidnapping Kids

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Michael Chambers is living a nightmare.

His young daughter, Belle, has been taken away by social workers — without any reasonable cause or due process.

When Belle was two, her mother relinquished care to Belle’s grandmother. Then Michael accepted the responsibility. Periodically, his vindictive ex-wife would sic Child Protective Services on him. At first, the annoyance was as benign as such an intrusion could be. The social workers where he lived understood that there was a troublemaking ex-spouse in the picture.

But when Michael and Belle moved to a different Mississippi county, a new social worker, Kyra Reed, got involved. Reed seemed determined to intrude, make demands, and eventually remove Belle by force from Michael’s custody.

For example, Social Worker Reed early on demanded that Michael let her search his home. He was uncomfortable permitting it unless she obtained a warrant. Reed never did get one, or search the house — not even when accompanied by sheriffs. But somehow she didn’t need any legal authorization to steal Belle from Michael. Belle ended up in a foster home, where she was treated badly, before ultimately being forced to live with her mother, whom she hadn’t seen in four years.

The many ugly details of this case cannot be recounted briefly. Michael’s fight to get his daughter back is an expensive one. You can find out more about what happened and, if you like, contribute to Michael’s gofundme campaign to raise money for his legal expenses.

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  1. David says:

    The real sad deal here is that this young child will probably fall under bad influences under foster care because too many foster parents are into the job only for the money. They take in more kids and often such bad kids that they end up taking down more of the kids in their care. I have first hand knowledge of the damage foster care can have on a child who gets into this kind of situation. It happens way more then DHS will ever admit. DHS is a uncontrolled agency that way too many times oversteps their authority. They have way too many bossy type people who get a high off throwing their weight around. At the same time some workers are too lazy and do not do their job watching over the kids under foster care. It is a mess.

  2. John F Brennan says:

    Any tyranny or policy can be justified by claiming its purpose is to save a child. ,

  3. Not So Free says:

    How many of the children “stolen” by CPS end up being sold to pedophiles?
    How many kids disappear never to be found?

  4. Leo says:

    Sue the bitch CPS “agent” at least enough to force her to lose her job. She obviously was not very good at it.

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