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Black Mask Terrorism

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I was in Arkansas on Saturday when the downtown streets of Portland, Oregon, “exploded into its worst protest violence of the Trump era,” as The Guardian explains. “More than 150 supporters of the far-right Patriot Prayer group fought pitched street battles with scores of anti-fascist protesters. In total, nine people were arrested.”

Notice that “Patriot Prayer” — a group sponsored by a Republican Senatorial candidate, and which says it stands for free speech — was labeled “far right” while the “anti-fascist protesters” were not called “far left.”

Characteristically, The Guardian vagues it up. “Violence suddenly ‘erupted,’” noted a Romanian YouTuber of the British rag’s evasiveness. “Who started it? We don’t know.”

Well, from the videos I saw it looked like the “anti-fascists” started it. The “patriots” were marching down the street when a young man, with helmet and backpack, and a young women, dressed in black, marshaled antifa mobs towards the legal march, and then stones and bottles were thrown, and explosives, too . . . into the Patriot Prayer rally.

Note: the Patriot Prayer group had filed the paperwork for the march; antifa had not. The Portland police did not protect the licensed marchers, but did revoke their license, telling everyone to disperse (threatening “duress” to the non-compliant) after the violence broke out.

If you did not carefully look at more than one video, you might be confused. Indeed, not all videos showed the crucial break from peace to violence.

So, what other clues might one look for?

In old cowboy movies, whoever ganged up masked, and wore black, were usually the bad guys.

Antifa — thanks for providing the clues: masks, black fighting gear, and Luciferian handsigns.

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  1. John F Brennan says:

    Right out of Rules for Radicals, and another reliving of history for those who do not study and learn from from it.  See Germany, 1920’s, as the reference. Here and there, the labels are irrelevant to the real goals. 

  2. Carl Fisher says:

    Antifa is certainly an outright Soros based fascist group that should be treated as an enemy of our country.

  3. Ken Howe says:

    agreed. They have even stolen their own name by claiming to be what they are not. Fascists they are by definition and action.

    • Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

      Looking for a longer post written a year ago of yours. The point you were making was the similar  collectivist ideiology. Could you repost. That was one of the most concise and yet irrefutable peice    If you can find it without too much trouble. 

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