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Last Week’s Least Credible Answer

Diane Feinstein, Kavenaugh, Supreme Court

So, who was lying, last week, at America’s big show trial — er, Senate Judiciary Committee hearing?

Professor Christine Blasey Ford or Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

Many Americans took sides. I cannot. Both said believable as well as scarcely believable things, but I’m with that minority who admits not to know what to believe.

Except for one thing: I am pretty sure I know who told the biggest whopper.

Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Democratic senators, especially Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), repeatedly pressured Kavanaugh to himself demand an FBI investigation to clear his name. It all seemed Orwellian: to make the accused insist on an investigation into allegations he had denied. It was also odd, considering, as Kavanaugh reminded his inquisitors, that he had repeatedly accepted any investigation the committee desired.

They just wanted him to demand it.

All of which is nuts, since the Committee possesses subpeona power, and can do an investigation itself.

But the weirdest aspect? The FBI had already checked Kavanaugh’s background, had performed an official investigation. But since Senator Feinstein had not tipped the agency off to Professor Ford’s confidential accusation — had effectively sat on the letter — the FBI hadn’t covered that precise avenue of inquiry.

And then, after the hearings were nearly over . . . the leak. And the bouhaha.

When asked whether she leaked Ford’s epistle, Feinstein said No. When asked if her staff did, she said she . . . hadn’t asked them.

Oh, come on.

Not as believable as either Ford or Kavanaugh.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.


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  1. JFB says:

    Her first answer was the truth. 

    Ford was nicer more than a sacrificial pawn, if necessary.  

    Ford believes what she testified to, so doe Kavanaugh. Cooberation is therefore the key. 

    Politics is a blood sport, and the progressives, facing a loss of the USSC as their legislative entity are rabid.

    That there might even be a return to an examination of the Congressional powers to legislate whatever they might is even worse. 

    The war of over Roe, not Kavanaugh, and the end totally justifies the means for the Progressives, whose true end is the negation of Constitutional limits on federal powers. 

  2. Not So Free says:

    The attempt by the dems to shoot down this appointment is not really about Roe v Wade. Judge Kavanaugh has already stated he considers it settled law. It is about how the supreme Court would rule on the constitutionality of military tribunals for civilians.
    These are coming, and no doubt a lot of politicians could be on the receiving end.
    Judge Kavanaugh has testified that in his opinion they are constitutional.

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