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Townhall: UFO Over Chicago

What flew over our heads recently: catch it at Townhall.

Then come back here for more sky-high marvels:

Chicago Tribune: Bill Daley, whose brother and father ran Chicago for 43 years, backs a term limit for mayor

Term Limits in the USA

Common Sense: Sucker-Punching the People

Chicago Sun-Times: Electoral board knocks mayoral term limits off ballot, but Quinn not giving up

Common Sense: Memphis Politicians Cheating Voters

Term Limits in Central and South America

Common Sense: The Bonesaw Massacre

Freedom House: Freedom in the World 2018 — Democracy in Crisis

Term Limits in Asia

Common Sense: Dictatorship with the Usual Characteristics

Term Limits in Africa

New York Times: ‘Nobody Should Be President for Life,’ Obama Tells Africa

Term Limits in Europe

Common Sense: The Perfect Couple

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