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Bill Clinton, impeachment, sexual, #metoo, sex, scandal

“Will Democrats regret if they don’t open an impeachment investigation?” NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked Heather McGhee, a distinguished senior fellow at Demos.

“It’s important, right?” Ms. McGhee responded. “And we can have, you know, Bill Clinton impeached for obstruction of justice about a sexual affair,” she added dismissively, comparing that to Trump’s possible crimes, which “are things that could amount to treason against the United States.” 

“Treason” does seem more ominous than the affair President Bill Clinton had two-plus decades ago with 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky. 

But aren’t we missing a “teachable moment” for the #MeToo Movement?

President Clinton perjured himself about his sordid fling during a deposition in a lawsuit brought by Arkansas state employee Paula Jones. She alleged that he, while serving as governor, had exposed himself and sexually harassed her. An awfully serious charge, for which Clinton paid $850,000 to settle.

“Paula Jones spoke out against the most powerful man in the world, and when his lawyers argued that a sitting president couldn’t be subject to a civil suit, she took them all the way to the Supreme Court and won,” Amanda Hess wrote late last year in The New York Times, two decades after the fact. “In another world, she would be hailed as a feminist icon. But not in this world — not yet.”

Democrats, progressives and much of the popular media ridiculed and attacked Ms. Jones back then — and are still sweeping her story under the rug.

Treating sexual harassment, abuse and assault in a partisan manner, ignoring the sins of your side, is a slap in the face to the #MeToo Movement.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Bill Clinton, impeachment, sexual, #metoo, sex, scandal

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  1. Doug H says:

    Paul – you make a common mistake. You are conflating two different things here, and the difference is important. You are implying that Clinton committed perjury with reference to the Lewinsky affair during the long and complicated Jones suit. He did not. Lying is not perjury unless it is pertinent to the case at hand. Lewinsky was not pertinent to Jones (which was about harassment) and the judge quite correctly threw all the Lewinsky stuff out. Clinton was hit with the perjury charge later, when he lied during the Starr investigation, which was itself clouded by prosecutorial misconduct. There are lessons to be learned from the Clinton fiasco, but not when the facts are swept under the rug….

  2. Not So Free says:

    Interesting that most adults around the world know this “#” as meaning pound.
    And these people still use this symbol? REALLY?!

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