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Gatekeeper Platforms?

Social media is a jungle. The most popular platforms are engaged in gate-keeping practices we usually associate with edited publications, not open platforms. And now it is proven that Facebook is conspiring against some of its users for the benefit of an ideology. Proven? Well, there is this, courtesy of Project Veritas:

Facebook is rigging the deck, being very partisan in its platform.

Meanwhile, Andrew Torba of fame — a platform committed to open and free speech — has introduced a new news comment service plugin, Dissenter. Here Dave Cullen of Computing Forever discusses it:

Styxhexenhammer666 talks it up, too:

Interestingly, the Southern Poverty Law Center is pushing a story that Gab founder Andrew Torba and his wife are “going to go to prison” for SEC violations. The story is being pushed also on Gab:

Caveats. It sure looks like the SPLC is very concerned . . . about Gab, or maybe Dissenter.

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