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The Antifa beating of journalist Andy Ngo has been a big deal online, but not in the major press. Why? Because it is perceived as ideological. I read the Washington Post every day, and the only coverage I noticed was in a quotation from the major paper in Portland, Oregon, in the Post’s “Hot on the Right” column (placed to the right of “Hot on the Left”):

“Portland mayor, police come under fire after right-wing writer attacked at protest,” from the Oregonian: “Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and the city’s police force have come under criticism after an attack on a conservative writer at dueling protests on Saturday. … Andy Ngo, a right-leaning provocateur with online news and opinion outlet Quillette, which identifies Ngo as an editor and photojournalist, went to the left-wing demonstration around noon on Saturday. Around 1:30 p.m., Ngo was attacked by a group of masked individuals who kicked, punched and threw milkshakes at him. He quickly left the scene and was admitted to a local hospital, he said on Twitter. … Police were lined up along the perimeter of the park before the attack, but no one intervened to break up the fight.”

A good thing, then, that Brett Weinstein, late of Evergreen College, provides an in-depth interview:

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