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Jeffrey Epstein, murder, death, pedophile, conspiracy, paranoia,

Some news stories serve more as inkblot tests than as first runs at history. With the Jeffrey Epstein story we find sightings, Rohrschach-like, of both Minotaurs and unicorns, depending on the viewer.

I am not seeing the sad unicorn of suicide in his story. Are you?

Of course, there’s a maze of information to wade through, and we on the outside possess only the grossest of clues about whatever insider life Epstein lived.

And speaking of clues, maybe the key to the story can be found in how it plays in the headlines.


  • The question that must be asked: Was Epstein running ‘honey traps’ and blackmailing the power elite?
  • Alex Acosta Reportedly Claimed Jeffrey Epstein ‘Belonged to Intelligence’
  • ‘IN DANGER’ Jeffrey Epstein’s life ‘in jeopardy’ as powerful pals ‘don’t want their secrets out’, victim’s lawyer claims
  • Jeffrey Epstein on suicide watch after accused sex trafficker is found injured in New York jail


  • Jeffrey Epstein Dead in Suicide at Jail, Spurring Inquiries
  • Former MCC inmate: There’s ‘no way’ Jeffrey Epstein killed himself
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s jail guards were working extreme overtime shifts, source says
  • Jeffrey Epstein was not on suicide watch before death, official says
  • Epstein suicide sparks fresh round of conspiracy theories
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s death is a perfect storm for conspiracy theories

Who doesn’t roll their eyes, just a bit, when a news story in a major media news source confidently labels Epstein’s demise “suicide”?

Who wasn’t making jokes about Epstein’s suicide (often with pointed mention of the Clintons) before his first attempt?

Now the joke is the news media’s blithe acceptance of the official narrative.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

N.B. All the stories, headlined above, can be found by searching DuckDuckGo, the safe and non-creepy search engine. No joke.

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Jeffrey Epstein, murder, death, pedophile, conspiracy, paranoia,

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By: Redactor


  1. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Ho hum, just another case of “Clintoncide”.

    • Fred says:

      More like Drumpf sent word to kill Epstein because he and Epstein raped numerous underage girls on flights they took together on Epstein’s plane. Makes sense to me. Drumpf is a KILLER. This is the same Drumpf who loved golden showers in Russia. Putin has the tapes. That is why Drumpf is Putin’s puppet.

  2. Karen H says:

    There are those that believe that Epstein is NOT dead. That a look alike was brought in while Epstein was spirited away to an island.

    Let’s face it, Epstein’s phone book was like the who’s who of finance, industry, royalty, celebrity & politics. He rubbed shoulders with everyone.

    How did a guy that worked for a couple of years at Morgan Stanley have the ability to open a multi-billion dollar hedge fund company?! It doesn’t make sense unless he was offering these uber wealthy kicks & kinks that they couldn’t purchase without going to Thailand or Viet Nam. So much nicer to get your sick thrills on a Caribbean island, flown there on private jet. . (Not saying that everyone he knew or did business with was a pedo.) I believe, as many do, that he was hushed to have his secrets kept that way. The women who have come forward as witnesses can easily turn into a he said, she said unless they have compelling evidence. I hope the Justice Dept will protect them better than Epstein.

    I predict that little will come out & few, if any, will pay for their crimes. The kings of this world have too many serfs to take the fall for them. & Epstein was basically their fool.

  3. Mamma H says:

    What are the chances we will ever know the truth? 
    Very close to zero? 

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