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Hillary’s Hot Sauce — Reflux

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Beer

The one thing the Elizabeth Warren for president campaign cannot afford is ‘I’m With Her’ redux.

Hillary ‘the “her”’ Clinton came off as ultra-phony. She tried too hard to be something she is not — that is, likable and not an elitist. Mrs. Clinton’s attempts to seem normal were transparently clumsy. Even cringe-worthy, as when on The Breakfast Club with ‘Charlemagne the God,’ she said that she carried hot sauce in her purse.

You know, because, just like black Americans, she really loves her hot sauce.

The faux-Cherokee Senator from Harvard already has an honesty problem to deal with, just like Hillary. She doesn’t need a Witless/Senescent Boomer aura on top of that.

But that she suffers from just this sort of insincerity became clear in her first livestream, the most inauthentic aping of normalcy most of us have ever seen. And now there is ‘Warren’s Meme Team,’ a Twitter account designed to marshal young people to make ‘memes’ that will support Warren just the way Trump’s supporters Pepe-d Trump’s success in 2016. 

Publicizing the notion of “saving the nation with selfies and memes” (in the words of the account) sinks Warren below Hillary down to Biden-level cluelessness. As Dave Cullen relates on Bitchute, the ham-fisted and “unintentionally hilarious” scheme “smacks of sterile, joyless corporate marketing jargon.”

If Warren loses to Trump next year, it won’t be cause of sub-par memes, of course. It will be because of mimesis — that is, mimicry — of Hillary Clinton.

Or because Warren, the self-professed capitalist, is viewed as a socialist.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Beer

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By: Redactor


  1. Drik says:

    Mimesis. Priceless combination of words mimicry and emesis.
    Even better than my comment about her verbal incontinence.

  2. Pat says:

    What a blessing it is not to be on Twitter! (or Facebook!)

  3. Karen H says:

    According to Forbes, 8/20/19, Mrs Warren & her husband are worth 12 million dollars. Socialist & common folk my butt.

    I love how those that are rich in Congress (don’t they all become wealthy?) want to take everyone else’s $$$s.

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