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Capital Jack

Jack Evans, corruption, Washington D.C.,

“If I can make it there,” goes the song New York, New York, “I’ll make it anywhere.”

But, when it comes to self-dealing, corrupt politics, isn’t it really Washington, D.C. that deserves the moniker of Big Rotten-to-the-Core Apple?

Meet Jack Evans, who is making it . . . er, competing . . . for a seat on the city council in the nation’s capital city. 

Which seat, you ask? 

His own. 

For the last three decades, 29 years to be precise, Evans represented (theoretically, at least) Ward 2 . . . the council’s longest serving member

Until Councilmember Evans resigned his position mere weeks ago, on January 17. Under pressure, both from constituents by way of a recall petition and from the council, which was set to expel Evans, after finding him guilty of “prolonged and egregious wrongdoing.”

Not to mention that Evans is also the subject of a federal probe, with the FBI raiding his home last year. And Evans had previously resigned his position as Chairman of the Board of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) for the same longstanding pattern of egregious influence peddling.

Now Capital Jack enters the political arena anew as the consummate professional, undaunted by his unfitness for gainful employment outside of politics.

“It is tremendous chutzpah to do that,” one Ward 2 resident observed of Evans’ quick comeback.

Not to mention that the special election for Mr. Evans to compete for the council seat he resigned from in disgrace will cost city taxpayers a cool million bucks.

“I want to wake up in a city” — hum a few bars! — “where corruption never sleeps.”

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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Jack Evans, corruption, Washington D.C.,

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