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Another Election “Against” CS4569 12/13/2017 Open PDF 
Democracy — or Too Much Government? CS4568 12/12/2017 Open PDF 
New Standards? CS4567 12/11/2017 Open PDF 
Uninterrupted Playership lotw0283 12/10/2017   
Bitcoin — whew! votw0322 12/09/2017   
The Great Dood Drain of ’17 CS4566 12/8/2017 Open PDF 
A Cakewalk Case? CS4565 12/7/2017 Open PDF 
Memed Into the Public Domain? CS4564 12/6/2017 Open PDF 
Learning to Cheat CS4563 12/5/2017 Open PDF 
What’s the Big Deal? CS4562 12/4/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Teaching Students How to Cheat — and Fail  lotw0282 12/03/2017   
Free Speech for Nazis? votw0321 12/02/2017   
Illinois’s Chicken-and-Fish Supreme Court CS4561 12/1/2017 Open PDF 
Peel Back the Onion CS4560 11/30/2017 Open PDF 
Cry Me an Amazon CS4559 11/29/2017 Open PDF 
Invulnerable Government CS4558 11/28/2017 Open PDF 
Power Abuse CS4557 11/27/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Not One Taxpayer Cent for Sexual Abuse Hush Money lotw0281 11/26/2017   
YouTube’s “Mess” — Screwed-up Priorities votw0320 11/25/2017   
Don’t Think Different CS4556 11/24/2017 Open PDF 
Ingrates of the Fourth Estate CS4555 11/23/2017 Open PDF 
A Revolutionary Turn-around CS4554 11/22/2017 Open PDF 
Trouble in Transmission CS4553 11/21/2017 Open PDF 
Yesterday’s NOW CS4552 11/20/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Congress’s Sexual Assault on Taxpayers lotw0280 11/19/2017   
Fair Shares? votw0319 11/18/2017   
Desert Royalty CS4551 11/17/2017 Open PDF 
Congress Bites Taxpayers CS4550 11/16/2017 Open PDF 
Coffee in the Age of Covfefe CS4549 11/15/2017 Open PDF 
Eternally Postponing Responsibility CS4548 11/14/2017 Open PDF 
The Good vs. Freedom? CS4547 11/13/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Shooting from the Hip . . . with Blanks lotw0279 11/12/2017   
A Hero, in His Own Words votw0318 11/11/2017   
To Anachronism in Heaven CS4546 11/10/2017 Open PDF 
Government Control CS4545 11/9/2017 Open PDF 
More-Equal-Ness CS4544 11/8/2017 Open PDF 
The Owners of Twitter Have Rights CS4543 11/7/2017 Open PDF 
Our Royals Are Not Amused CS4542 11/6/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Happy Halloween, Racist Scum lotw0278 11/05/2017   
Late Onset Autism? votw0317 11/04/2017   
Five Fascist Things CS4541 11/3/2017 Open PDF 
The New Ortho-Doxing CS4540 11/2/2017 Open PDF 
Stranger Counsels CS4539 11/1/2017 Open PDF 
Agreeable America CS4538 10/31/2017 Open PDF 
Our Experience with Experience CS4537 10/30/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Cowardly Careerists in Congress lotw0277 10/292017   
Overcoming Prejudice to Become Open to Equal Rights votw0316 10/27/2017   
Daughter Draft CS4536 10/27/2017 Open PDF 
It’s the Stupid Spending CS4535 10/26/2017 Open PDF 
Sic Transit Gloria Flake CS4534 10/25/2017 Open PDF 
Omission of Character CS4533 10/24/2017 Open PDF 
Asleep at the Constitution CS4532 10/24/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Missing the Target, Hitting the Foot lotw0276 10/22=2017   
It’s Scary votw0315 10/21/2017   
Shadow Boxing with “Nazis” CS4531 10/20/2017 Open PDF 
Frail and Disoriented CS4530 10/19/2017 Open PDF 
Initiative Surplus? CS4529 10/18/2017 Open PDF 
The Immovable Non-movers CS4528 10/17/2017 Open PDF 
Force Over Persuasion CS4527 10/16/2017 Open PDF 
Corruption, Corruption and More Corruption lotw0275 10/15/2017   
Explaining Trump: Checkers, Chess, and Norman Vincent Peale votw0314 10/14/2017   
Crossing the Twitter Rubicon CS4526 10/13/2017 Open PDF 
Choice Corruption CS4525 10/12/2017 Open PDF 
Throwing in (and out) the Towel(s) CS4524 10/11/2017 Open PDF 
Time for Action CS4523 10/10/2017 Open PDF 
Interfering With a Sweet Racket? CS4522 10/9/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: The Shocking Truth About Term Limits lotw0274 10/08/2017   
What Would George Orwell Have Thought of Antifa? votw0313 10/07/2017   
Politics as Painfully Usual CS4521 10/6/2017 Open PDF 
A Special Place in Heck? CS4520 10/5/2017 Open PDF 
Renewed Interest in Self-Service CS4519 10/4/2017 Open PDF 
Not So Bad, Communism? CS4518 10/3/2017 Open PDF 
Self-Determination, Anyone? CS4517 10/2/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: In Case You Missed It lotw0273 10/01/2017   
Two Stories of Changed Minds votw0312 09/30/2017   
O That Wacky Gerrymandering CS4516 9/29/2017 Open PDF 
Keystone Correlation CS4515 9/28/2017 Open PDF 
Jonesing for Disaster CS4514 9/27/2017 Open PDF 
Off the Field CS4513 9/26/2017 Open PDF 
We Are At War — So What Else Is New? CS4512 9/25/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Christophobia Down Under lotw0272 09/24/2017   
President Trump’s Mastery Explained votw0311 09/23/2017   
Evil Capitalists Hook Brazil On Eating CS4511 9/22/2017 Open PDF 
The Great Faction CS4510 9/21/2017 Open PDF 
Wabbit Season — or Duck Responsibility Season? CS4509 9/20/2017 Open PDF 
Free the Truck Drivers CS4508 9/19/2017 Open PDF 
Half a Win Is Better than None CS4507 9/18/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Attack of the Dreaded Spoilers lotw0271 09/17/2017   
A Speech in Berkeley votw0310 09/16/2017   
Crazy Like a … Spoiler CS4506 9/15/2017 Open PDF 
If This Be Blackmail. . . CS4505 9/14/2017 Open PDF 
The Reverse of the “Spoiler Effect” CS4504 9/13/2017 Open PDF 
Virginia Déjà Vu? CS4503 9/12/2017 Open PDF 
It Didn’t Last CS4502 9/11/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Strange Money, Strange Politics lotw0270 09/10/2017   
Cryptocurrency Insecurity votw0309 09/09/2017   
Strange Money CS4501 9/8/2017 Open PDF 
Ad Budget Slashed CS4500 9/7/2017 Open PDF 
Union Dues, Don’ts CS4499 9/6/2017 Open PDF 
Alt-Comparisons CS4498 9/5/2017 Open PDF 
Workers’ Days CS4497 9/4/2017 Open PDF 
Give B.S. a Chance lotw0269 09/03/2017   
Attention, Sports Fans! votw0308 08/26/2017   
Know Your BS CS4496 9/1/2017 Open PDF 
Political Regroupings CS4495 8/31/2017 Open PDF 
The Eye of the Storm CS4494 8/30/2017 Open PDF 
The Law of Unintended Trump Support CS4493 8/29/2017 Open PDF 
Google: Disagreement CS4492 8/28/2017 Open PDF 
This is Fake News? votw0308 08/26/2017   
The Underground Amphibian CS4491 8/25/2017 Open PDF 
Is This Even Funny? CS4490 8/24/2017 Open PDF 
One Way to Do It CS4489 8/23/2017 Open PDF 
Of Course, You Know, This Means War CS4488 8/22/2017 Open PDF 
Term Limits for the Memories CS4487 8/21/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Symbols of Division and Diversion lotw0267 08/20/2017   
Racialized Collectivists on the March votw0307 08/19/2017   
Statues and Limitations CS4486 8/18/2017 Open PDF 
The Great Diversion CS4485 8/17/2017 Open PDF 
Loco Micro Repression CS4484 8/16/2017 Open PDF 
How to Ruin a Thoroughfare CS4483 8/15/2017 Open PDF 
Saturday’s Violence CS4482 8/14/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: A Sad Question After a Violent Day lotw0266 08/13/2017   
James Damore Speaks About Google votw0306 08/12/2017   
Hardy at 89 CS4481 8/11/2017 Open PDF 
Excepting Responsibility CS4480 8/10/2017 Open PDF 
Google Has the Memo CS4479 8/9/2017 Open PDF 
Free to Choose CS4478 8/8/2017 Open PDF 
Decriminalizing Balloon Release CS4477 8/7/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: The New Asian Exclusion Act lotw0265 08/06/2017   
Gatekeeping 2.1 (The YouTube Gambit) votw0305 08/05/2017   
Gatekeeping 2.0 CS4476 8/4/2017 Open PDF 
SEZ Ed CS4475 8/3/2017 Open PDF 
The Junk Bond State CS4474 8/2/2017 Open PDF 
Reactionary America CS4473 8/1/2017 Open PDF 
ObamaCare's Casualties CS4472 7/31/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Charlie Gard, Single-Payer ... Both Dead lotw0264 07/30/2017   
Big Enough, Small Enough votw0304 07/29/2017   
The Minimal Use of a Finger CS4471 7/28/2017 Open PDF 
Only Make Believe CS4470 7/27/2017 Open PDF 
Big Libertarian Questions CS4469 7/26/2017 Open PDF 
Syria & Sanity CS4468 7/25/2017 Open PDF 
Pardon Him, Mr. President CS4467 7/24/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: The On Button lotw0263 07/23/2017   
The Evergreen Anarchy votw0303 07/22/2017   
According to Economics CS4466 7/21/2017 Open PDF 
According to Logic CS4465 7/20/2017 Open PDF 
Left Wondering Why CS4464 7/19/2017 Open PDF 
The Police State Is in Sessions CS4463 7/18/2017 Open PDF 
The Worst Is the Enemy of the Cure CS4462 7/17/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: The ‘Victory Problem’ in Afghanistan lotw0265 07/16/2017   
Game of Bones votw0302 07/15/2017   
Messed Up State CS4461 7/14/2017 Open PDF 
Most Messed Up CS4460 7/13/2017 Open PDF 
Mr. Jetson, Call Your Office CS4459 7/12/2017 Open PDF 
Next Bubble to Pop? CS4458 7/11/2017 Open PDF 
Higher Ed Jubilee? CS4457 7/10/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: The Problem with Politicians Who Grow lotw0264 07/09/2017   
Growing Into Power, Position, Privilege votw0301 07/08/2017   
Living on Markwayne Logic CS4456 7/7/2017 Open PDF 
CNN, You’ve Been Trolled CS4455 7/6/2017 Open PDF 
Ugly Scrutiny CS4454 7/5/2017 Open PDF 
Brexit 1776-2017 CS4453 7/4/2017 Open PDF 
UK Death Panel CS4452 7/3/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: The Minimum Wage — Science Strikes Back lotw0263 07/02/2017   
Parodying the Self-Parodic votw0300 07/01/2017   
A Handy Evasion CS4451 6/30/2017 Open PDF 
Against Flexibility? CS4450 6/29/2017 Open PDF 
Minimally Mugged By Reality CS4449 6/28/2017 Open PDF 
Minimum Wage Laboratory CS4448 6/27/2017 Open PDF 
Today’s Leaders CS4447 6/26/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: The Great American Overdose lotw0262 06/25/2017   
Legalize Cheap Health Care? votw0299 06/24/2017   
The Real ObamaCare Opposition CS4446 6/23/2017 Open PDF 
Monied Hopes Dashed CS4445 6/22/2017 Open PDF 
Serving Consumers? Punish! CS4444 6/21/2017 Open PDF 
Go Nats? CS4443 6/20/2017 Open PDF 
The Poverty Retirement Non-plan CS4442 6/19/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Black Gun Rights Matter lotw0261 06/18/2017   
Capitalism: The Known-and-Loved Ideal votw0298 06/17/2017   
Signature Nonsense CS4441 6/16/2017 Open PDF 
Sticks & Stones CS4440 6/15/2017 Open PDF 
Legal Not to Lie About Your Milk CS4439 6/14/2017 Open PDF 
Most Hated CS4438 6/13/2017 Open PDF 
Citizens Triumphant CS4437 6/12/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: They United Against Insiders and Won lotw0260 06/11/2017   
Voter Rights Advocates Block Proposed Ohio ‘Reform’ votw0297 06/10/2017   
Housing Horror CS4436 6/9/2017 Open PDF 
Sin, Soda and Say CS4435 6/8/2017 Open PDF 
Another Push for Censorship CS4434 6/7/2017 Open PDF 
Delivering a Double Standard CS4433 6/6/2017 Open PDF 
The $659,000 Non-Question CS4432 6/5/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: The Heart of a Double Standard lotw0259 06/04/2017   
Goodness! votw0296 06/03/2017   
Homer’s Recall Odyssey CS4431 6/2/2017 Open PDF 
Quanta of Nonsense CS4430 6/1/2017 Open PDF 
A Threat We Can’t Refuse CS4429 5/31/2017 Open PDF 
Vinland? CS4428 5/30/2017 Open PDF 
The Early Vote Worm CS4427 5/28/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Pulling No Punches — Messages from Montana lotw0258 05/28/2017   
Chelsea Clinton and Interconnectedness votw0295 05/27/2017   
Minimum Shock CS4426 5/26/2017 Open PDF 
The Maine Thing CS4425 5/25/2017 Open PDF 
The Chicken-Ostrich Congress CS4424 5/24/2017 Open PDF 
The First Casualty CS4423 5/23/2017 Open PDF 
Weiner’s Place in History CS4422 5/22/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Wasting Away Again in Weiner-ville lotw0257 05/21/2017   
Privacy and Data: A Cautionary Note votw0294 05/20/2017   
Cronyism Pays CS4421 5/19/2017 Open PDF 
Feckless, Indeed CS4420 5/18/2017 Open PDF 
Ballots & Books CS4419 5/17/2017 Open PDF 
One Incumbent Falls CS4418 5/16/2017 Open PDF 
Juicer Choosers CS4417 5/15/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Another Argument for Term Limits ... Convicted lotw0256 05/14/2017   
Lose Weight Without Willpower or ... Freedom votw0293 05/15/2017   
Not a Joke CS4416 5/12/2017 Open PDF 
An Inconvenient Empire CS4415 CS4415.pdf Open PDF 
Hotel Afghanistan CS4414 CS4414.pdf Open PDF 
No Rich No More CS4413 CS4413.pdf Open PDF 
French Beacon CS4412 5/8/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Progressively Losing Freedom lotw0255 05/06/2017   
Instead of ObamaCare ... and RyanCare votw0292 05/06/2017   
Separation of Senators CS4411 5/5/2017 Open PDF 
The Women-Haters CS4410 5/4/2017 Open PDF 
A Wall of Separation CS4409 5/3/2017 Open PDF 
The Oregon Fail CS4408 5/2/2017 Open PDF 
Thorns in the Parade CS4407 5/1/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Will the UN Permit Obamacare's Repeal? lotw0254 04/30/2017   
North Korean Rationality votw0291 04/29/2017   
Death and . . . CS4406 4/28/2017 Open PDF 
UN-appealing CS4405 4/27/201 Open PDF 
Super-Subsidize Me CS4404 4/26/201 Open PDF 
Forwards ! Backwards ? CS4402 4/24/201 Open PDF 
Townhall: Winning at the Polls, But Not in Governing lotw0253 04/23/2017   
The Great Pretenders ... to Objectivity votw0290 04/22/2017   
Wag that Tail, Dog CS4401 4/21/201 Open PDF 
Ida-Heave-Ho CS4400 4/20/201 Open PDF 
A Bad Haircut CS4399 4/19/2017 Open PDF 
Trouble Over Term Limits CS4398 4/18/2017 Open PDF 
Democracy More Dead CS4397 4/17/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Arrogant Pols, Go Home! lotw0252 04/16/2017   
Politicians Are Not the Stuff of Romance votw0289 04/15/2017   
A+ in Arrogance CS4396 4/14/2017 Open PDF 
Calling Hatch Home CS4395 4/13/2017 Open PDF 
Escape from New York CS4394 4/12/2017 Open PDF 
What’s Being Forfeited CS4393 4/11/2017 Open PDF 
Authority and Accountability CS4392 4/10/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Government Burglars lotw0251 04/09/2017   
“Don’t Under-estimate the Power of Your [Free] Speech” votw0288 04/08/2017   
Gender Offender CS4391 4/7/2017 Open PDF 
The Missing Links? CS4390 4/6/2017 Open PDF 
Ferguson Finally Wins CS4389 4/5/2017 Open PDF 
Not Just a Recycled Rocket CS4388 4/4/2017 Open PDF 
D.C.’s Diaper-Dandy Regulation CS4387 4/3/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Stupid Mandates to the D.C. Degree lotw0250 04/02/2017   
Video: Police-Citizen Interaction Video Initiative Vote votw0287 04/01/2017   
From Brexit to Calexit CS4386 3/31/2017 Open PDF 
Regnat Tyrannis CS4385 3/30/2017 Open PDF 
Good and Bad News CS4384 3/29/2017 Open PDF 
Legislating in the Real World CS4383 3/28/2017 Open PDF 
TrumpCare Trumped CS4382 3/27/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Lifetime Tenure — or Longer? lotw0249 03/26/2017   
Why the Bill of Rights? votw0286 03/25/2017   
A Trout in the Milk CS4381 3/24/2017 Open PDF 
Public Record CS4380 3/23/2017 Open PDF 
Trump Proposes a Budget CS4379 3/22/2017 Open PDF 
Of Salt and Socialism CS4378 3/21/2017 Open PDF 
Three, Three, Three Mints in One! CS4377 3/20/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Red Venezuela, Pink Flamingos, and the New Hollywood Diet lotw0248 03/19/2017   
What Happened to Campus Free Speech, and Why? votw0285 03/18/2017   
Dutch Election Oddities CS4376 3/17/2017 Open PDF 
DumpCare CS4375 3/16/2017 Open PDF 
Walk on the Wilders Side? CS4374 3/15/2017 Open PDF 
Five for Ferguson CS4373 3/14/2017 Open PDF 
Almost Right CS4372 3/13/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Deep State, Shallow Media, and Meme Warfare lotw0247 03/12/2017   
The Deep State Exposed votw0284 03/11/2017   
The Weight of Politics CS4371 3/10/2017 Open PDF 
The Leading Edge of Higher Ed CS4370 3/9/2017 Open PDF 
War on Page A-10 CS4369 3/8/2017 Open PDF 
Another Political Crook CS4368 3/7/2017 Open PDF 
Campus Freedom in Peril CS4367 3/6/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Cowards Clapping for Courage lotw0246 03/05/2017   
What We Want (From the Police, The Pols) votw0283 03/04/201703/04/2017   
Overkill, Not Parsimony CS4366 3/3/2017 Open PDF 
Whose Constitution Is It, Anyway? CS4365 3/2/2017 Open PDF 
Small Target, Big Subsidy CS4364 3/1/2017 Open PDF 
Bigly Truthiness CS4363 2/28/2017 Open PDF 
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror CS4362 2/27/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: The Stars of Sexist and Racist Hollywood Shine Bright Tonight lotw0245 02/26/2017   
Rand Paul Promises a Quick End to (and Replacement of) ObamaCare votw0281 02/25/2017   
Adios, California? CS4361 2/24/2017 Open PDF 
Freedom’s Friends CS4360 2/23/2017 Open PDF 
Stockholm Syndrome? CS4359 2/22/2017 Open PDF 
No-Go Zones CS4358 2/21/2017 Open PDF 
Wolves Crying Wolf CS4357 2/20/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Hate Is Our Business lotw0244 02/19/2017   
Leaving, Left votw0280 02/18/2017   
Remember the Rigged Election? CS4356 2/17/2017 Open PDF 
Tough Luck, Chumps CS4355 2/16/2017 Open PDF 
Watcha Gonna Do? CS4354 2/15/2017 Open PDF 
Of Protests & Politicians CS4353 2/14/2017 Open PDF 
The Skinny on Trumponomics CS4352 2/13/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Paying and Paying and Paying for Politicians lotw0243 02/12/2017   
Video: Snowden on a Possible Putin Gesture votw0279 02/11/2017   
The Confidence Game CS4351 2/10/2017 Open PDF 
The Advertising Hypocrisy Gap CS4350 2/9/2017 Open PDF 
No Innocence Abroad CS4349 2/8/2017 Open PDF 
God Knows You’re Good CS4348 2/7/2017 Open PDF 
No Set Prices? CS4347 2/6/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Mob Violence and Its Defenders lotw0242 02/05/2017   
Milo Y / Anti-Milo Why-Nots votw0278 02/04/2017   
The Silence of Violence CS4346 2/3/2017 Open PDF 
Sledgehammer to a Bureaucracy CS4345 2/2/2017 Open PDF 
Perry Mason for the Court CS4344 2/1/2017 Open PDF 
Women and Men for Life CS4343 1/31/2017 Open PDF 
Deplorable Distrust? CS4342 1/30/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Anarchists, Tea and Sympathy lotw0241 01/29/2017   
Torture Works?!? votw0277 01/28/2017   
Trumping Popular Vote? CS4341 1/27/2017 Open PDF 
Out of Our Misery CS4340 1/26/2017 Open PDF 
The Unfairness of Losing CS4339 1/25/2017 Open PDF 
Bring Back the Eunuchs? CS4338 1/24/2017 Open PDF 
Promises & Limits CS4337 1/23/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Get Over It lotw0240 01/22/2017   
What President Trump Says He'll Do First votw0276 01/21/2017   
We Demand Inefficiency CS4336 1/20/2017 Open PDF 
Don't Trump the Gun CS4335 1/19/2017 Open PDF 
Oil’s Bad that Ends Bad CS4334 1/18/2017 Open PDF 
The Man from Freedom CS4333 1/17/2017 Open PDF 
The Damage Done CS4332 1/16/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Term Limits vs. Corruption lotw0239 01/15/2017   
Liberty Under Trump votw0275 01/14/2017   
A Tree Fell In a Forest CS4331 1/13/2017 Open PDF 
The Shadow of Incompetence and Racism CS4330 1/12/2017 Open PDF 
Politicians Bearing GIFs CS4329 1/11/2017 Open PDF 
Hog-Wild Corruption CS4328 1/10/2017 Open PDF 
Best Plan Is No Plan CS4327 1/09/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: ObamaCare, Dead Plan Walking lotw0238 01/08/2017   
Greenwald on Fake News @ the Post votw0274 01/07/2017   
Fake News Friday CS4326 1/06/2017 Open PDF 
Trump’s Trump CS4325 1/05/2017 Open PDF 
Town, County, Stasis CS4324 1/04/2017 Open PDF 
Robert Reich, Mythed Up 3838 02/25/2015 Open PDF 
Parents in Context CS4323 1/03/2017 Open PDF 
The Pattern Here CS4322 1/02/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Terrorists in Plain Sight lotw0237 01/01/2017   

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