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Townhall: The Stars of Sexist and Racist Hollywood Shine Bright Tonight lotw0245lotw0245 02/26/201702/26/2017   
Rand Paul Promises a Quick End to (and Replacement of) ObamaCare votw0281 02/25/2017   
Adios, California? CS4361 2/24/2017 Open PDF 
Freedom’s Friends CS4360 2/23/2017 Open PDF 
Stockholm Syndrome? CS4359 2/22/2017 Open PDF 
No-Go Zones CS4358 2/21/2017 Open PDF 
Wolves Crying Wolf CS4357 2/20/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Hate Is Our Business lotw0244 02/19/2017   
Leaving, Left votw0280 02/18/2017   
Remember the Rigged Election? CS4356 2/17/2017 Open PDF 
Tough Luck, Chumps CS4355 2/16/2017 Open PDF 
Watcha Gonna Do? CS4354 2/15/2017 Open PDF 
Of Protests & Politicians CS4353 2/14/2017 Open PDF 
The Skinny on Trumponomics CS4352 2/13/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Paying and Paying and Paying for Politicians lotw0243 02/12/2017   
Video: Snowden on a Possible Putin Gesture votw0279 02/11/2017   
The Confidence Game CS4351 2/10/2017 Open PDF 
The Advertising Hypocrisy Gap CS4350 2/9/2017 Open PDF 
No Innocence Abroad CS4349 2/8/2017 Open PDF 
God Knows You’re Good CS4348 2/7/2017 Open PDF 
No Set Prices? CS4347 2/6/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Mob Violence and Its Defenders lotw0242 02/05/2017   
Milo Y / Anti-Milo Why-Nots votw0278 02/04/2017   
The Silence of Violence CS4346 2/3/2017 Open PDF 
Sledgehammer to a Bureaucracy CS4345 2/2/2017 Open PDF 
Perry Mason for the Court CS4344 2/1/2017 Open PDF 
Women and Men for Life CS4343 1/31/2017 Open PDF 
Deplorable Distrust? CS4342 1/30/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Anarchists, Tea and Sympathy lotw0241 01/29/2017   
Torture Works?!? votw0277 01/28/2017   
Trumping Popular Vote? CS4341 1/27/2017 Open PDF 
Out of Our Misery CS4340 1/26/2017 Open PDF 
The Unfairness of Losing CS4339 1/25/2017 Open PDF 
Bring Back the Eunuchs? CS4338 1/24/2017 Open PDF 
Promises & Limits CS4337 1/23/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Get Over It lotw0240 01/22/2017   
What President Trump Says He'll Do First votw0276 01/21/2017   
We Demand Inefficiency CS4336 1/20/2017 Open PDF 
Don't Trump the Gun CS4335 1/19/2017 Open PDF 
Oil’s Bad that Ends Bad CS4334 1/18/2017 Open PDF 
The Man from Freedom CS4333 1/17/2017 Open PDF 
The Damage Done CS4332 1/16/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Term Limits vs. Corruption lotw0239 01/15/2017   
Liberty Under Trump votw0275 01/14/2017   
A Tree Fell In a Forest CS4331 1/13/2017 Open PDF 
The Shadow of Incompetence and Racism CS4330 1/12/2017 Open PDF 
Politicians Bearing GIFs CS4329 1/11/2017 Open PDF 
Hog-Wild Corruption CS4328 1/10/2017 Open PDF 
Best Plan Is No Plan CS4327 1/09/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: ObamaCare, Dead Plan Walking lotw0238 01/08/2017   
Greenwald on Fake News @ the Post votw0274 01/07/2017   
Fake News Friday CS4326 1/06/2017 Open PDF 
Trump’s Trump CS4325 1/05/2017 Open PDF 
Town, County, Stasis CS4324 1/04/2017 Open PDF 
Robert Reich, Mythed Up 3838 02/25/2015 Open PDF 
Parents in Context CS4323 1/03/2017 Open PDF 
The Pattern Here CS4322 1/02/2017 Open PDF 
Townhall: Terrorists in Plain Sight lotw0237 01/01/2017   

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