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  • Deyshia Hargrav, superintendent, schoolboard, Vermilion Parish school board, free speech, government, local government, Lozman v. Riviera Beach, Florida, Supreme Court
    Lock Her Up

    “Who Are We?” I asked Sunday at Today’s question: What have we come to? Under a seemingly click-bait headline in The Atlantic, “Can Government Officials Have You Arrested for Speaking to Them?” Garrett Epps examines last week’s outrageous handcuffing and arrest of a Louisiana teacher, Deyshia Hargrave, for speech

  • California, pension, crisis, canary, cage, coal mine, spending, taxes
    Babylon Goes Broke

    A few Babylonian, er, California cities going bankrupt — Stockton, Vallejo, and Bell — should be seen as more than dead canaries in a coalminer’s care. Indeed, you don’t need special prophetic gifts to see the dangers posed by over-promising cushy pensions to government workers. Californians are coming around. And

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    Townhall: Who Are We?

    Where do the NGO’s go? To the SHC’s — as [allegedly] designated by our current president (SHC stands for S***-H***-Country). But is America in danger of sliding down into that very same status? Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here. Washington Post: Video shows Baltimore hospital patient discharged

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    The Repeating Crossbow

    We may be entering a new era of home-made invention and production. Some of this is being driven by 3-D printing technology. But good old-fashioned backyard innovation still has much to be said for it. And if you are interested in unregulated weaponry, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, or just

  • earmarks, ear marks, pork, Congress, spending, corrumption, deals
    Earmark This Bad Argument

    With President Trump endorsing a return to earmarks, House Republicans too are reportedly “reconsidering” their usefulness and pondering “how they might ease back into the practice.” Lawmakers fret that they have lost too much power by giving up this instrument of corruption. (Not their characterization.) Wikipedia defines “earmark” as a

  • tax cut, trickle down, supply side, taxes, jobs, employment
    Hey, It’s Your Money

    I leave it up to you how to spend your own money. You decide, based on your own circumstances and priorities. Oh, you don’t need my permission? Of course not. But some people think that if you spend your own money on your own priorities in accordance with your own

  • Tom Paine, Thomas Paine, Laurent Dabos
    general freedom
    Happy Birthday, America!

    What? Oh, sure, I know the United States of America has its birthday on July 4th, that day in 1776 when the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. Let’s agree I’m early. (Oh, how I wish it were July.) But the interesting thing about history is how we get

  • marijuana, constitution, intrastate, rights, legalization, decriminalization
    The Ninth and the Tenth of It

    When Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Obama Administration enforcement guidelines regarding the states that have legalized (in their 29 different ways) marijuana, last week, supporters of freedom expressed some worry. But we had to admit, one excuse for Sessions’s nixing of the mostly hands-off policy seemed to make sense

  • College Football Playoff National Championship, University of Alabama Crimson Tide, University of Georgia Bulldogs, Central Florida Athletic Director Danny White, Peach Bowl
    Win On the Field

    Tonight, the College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship Presented by AT&T will pit the University of Alabama Crimson Tide (12-1) against the University of Georgia Bulldogs (13-1). Millions of Americans will tune in to see the game’s winner declared “national champion.” Regardless, University of Central Florida Athletic Director Danny White,

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    Townhall: Children of the Spurned Nozzle

    Oh, the Nanny State sure changes some folks’ beliefs . . . about what they themselves are capable of doing. What no one is capable of doing is altering the very nature of reality. So, for at most the slightest alteration of your grasp on reality, click on over to

  • video
    Trump vs. Bannon, Fact vs. Feelings

    Ben Shapiro on the hilarious Trump vs. Bannon twitterstorm: Ben Shapiro interviewed by Dave Rubin:

  • gas, Oregon, freedom, invisible hand, law, pump, control
    crime and punishment
    Beaver State Bliss

    The Great State of Oregon is not at DEFCON 1. Nor are Beaver State residents gnashing their teeth over a new law that went into effect earlier this week. News reports proclaimed: “People in Oregon are freaking out about the thought of pumping their own gas under a new law.”

  • USSR, Soviet Union, communism, socialism, apologist, New York Times
    The Times Must Change

    “Political leaders prefer to project a noble history, sometimes by turning complicity in atrocities into claims of victimhood,” the New York Times informed us last Sunday. “In Russia, Mr. Putin and many of his lieutenants came from the K.G.B. and resisted fully confronting its repressive history. And they, like many

  • Maine, petition, signatures, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, ranked choice voting
    How to Prevent Democracy

    Quick — what is the very first thing government should do this year? Maine’s Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap has urgent legislation. And just so you don’t get the wrong idea, “It’s really not a shadow effort to restrict the people’s right to petition their government,” he insists. “That is

  • Al Franken, apology, resignation, exit, sexual, misconduct, disgrace, excuse, guilt
    Where Have You Gone, Al Franken?

    Today, finally, is the day. Barring some last-minute hijinks in the extended resignation ritual announced almost four weeks ago by Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), the comedian turned cad turned politician turned pervert leaves his U.S. Senate seat. And hopefully keeps his mitts off other people’s seats to boot. Even without

  • New Year, 2018, Tom Paine, beginning, rebirth, renew
    general freedom
    Happy New Year!

    As we turn the page to a new calendar year, here’s hoping that 2018 is (a) as interesting as the year just past, while being (b) a bit more productive of freedom, accountability, and all the good stuff we strive to achieve in our personal, family, business and community lives.

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    Townhall: How Can We Miss You, Senator Franken, If You Won’t Go Away?

    Resign already? We wish Al Franken a firm adios — click on over to Townhall, then come back here. Urban Dictionary: Pervnado The Huntingtons (music video): How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away? Relevant part of Simon & Garfunkel (music video): Mrs. Robinson “Where have you gone,

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    For the New Year, Be It Resolved

    Funny from Reason and Andrew Heaton — funny because true:

  • best of times, worst of times, 2017, 2018, optimism, pessimism
    general freedom
    A Tale of Two Sectors

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” begins Charles Dickens’ popular 1859 novel, A Tale of Two Cities. The British master was not prophesying our times. He was describing the period of the French Revolution. But the judgment feels awfully familiar. Over at the Foundation

  • Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, boarding pass, United, airlines
    Queen Sheila: Terror of the Skies

    What’s all the fuss? Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.) was escorted ahead of all the other passengers onto a United Airlines flight from Houston to Washington, D.C., taking seat 1A in first class. The congresswoman described it as “nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary.” Meanwhile, Jean-Marie Simon possessed a

  • Illinois, corruption, exit, vote with your feet, taxes
    The Biggest Loser

    Government is supposed to serve everybody . . . according to good, old-fashioned republican theory. But most governments serve some more than others. We can define as “corruption” any attempt to make government serve a few at the expense of the many — or the many at the expense of

  • IRS, I.R.S., corruption, taxes, budget, tears
    Been Burned

    “They’ve been burned. They’ve been hammered. They’ve been bludgeoned,” George Washington University law professor Miriam Galston explained to the Washington Post. “They’re trying to survive.” In this heartbreaking discussion at this special time of year, the “they” are the poor, long-suffering folks . . . at the Internal Revenue Service. According

  • general freedom
    Merry Christmas, America

    In addition to the religious significance of Christmas, Americans share an excellent historical reason to celebrate this day. In January of 1776, Thomas Paine published his smash hit, “Common Sense.” This pamphlet galvanized public opinion in favor of the American Revolution, which had begun the previous year at Lexington and

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    Townhall: The Scandal That Must Not Be Named

    We have the names of the bureaucrats responsible. But the scandal? Don’t call it that! (Says the insider press.) Click over to Townhall for the precise words to describe this sad recent history. If you return here you can read more on the subject: Washington Post: Fallout from allegations of

  • video
    How Many ”Killy Things” Do We Need?

    Defense spending is one of those “games” that it is not really possible to know what is the optimal level: spend to little, you are dead or enslaved or struggling within chaos; spend too much and you are broke or in hock above your eyebrows or … struggling within chaos.

  • Trump Derangement Syndrome, hysteria, Donald Trump, progressives, leftists, Democrats, taxes, tax bill
    The Hyperbole Is Falling

    A mad killer is on the loose! That is one way to get attention . . . The sky is falling! You are getting the idea . . . Trump is literally Hitler! Extravagant hyperbole is not necessary to criticize the current President. Indeed, as Chicken Licken and the Boy

  • Amtrak train derailed, Seattle, I-5, infrastructure, Donald Trump
    A Good Tragedy Not Wasted

    No matter how “not as bad as we feared” President Donald Trump may be appearing, as we close out the year let’s remember why some of us did not trust him in the first place: his knee-jerk reactions are too often witlessly statist. The speeding Amtrak train that derailed over

  • Tim Eyman, doll, petition, taxes, Washington, initiative, democracy, voters
    What Unlimited Government Costs Us

    “Olympia can’t restrain itself,” Tim Eyman wrote the other day, a judgment on legislative irresponsibility hardly unique to the Evergreen State. Citizens around the country have cause to lament the difficulty of obtaining anything close to a good legislature. Too often the merely “bad” would constitute a significant improvement. Which

  • education, school, panic, hysteria, play, gun, toy, private, competition
    Leave Them Kids Alone

    This just in: oblivious little boys still play cops and robbers. Just as in days of old. Wait. Hold on. Breathe. Just breathe. This sociological fact doesn’t mean that we’re a nation of incipient international terrorists but for the galumphing grace of grumpy zero-tolerant schoolmasters. Common sense says you don’t

  • Google, search results, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, bias, influence, tampering, election, democracy
    The Online Manipulation of Democracy

    There exist many sneaky ways to get other people to do what you want, voluntarily — effectively blurring the line between legitimate persuasion and fraud. When large, almost unavoidable private companies apply those techniques to targeted groups of voters, that blur might look something very much like election fraud. Harvard psychologist

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    Townhall: Freak-Out, Death Threats, and…Neutrality?

    It’s been quite the furor — over the FCC’s removal of the Net Neutrality regime that the Obama Administration FCC had placed upon the Internet. Is it really an expression of legitimate outrage over a grave policy . . . mis-step? Injustice? Faux pas? Could it be the end of the Internet?!?!?!? Maybe it

  • video
    Who Benefits from the Tax Bill?

    Separating the wheat from the chaff in the tax reform bill.

  • encryption, freedom, Chen Sho Uli, China, Chinese, Orwell, repression
    crime and punishment
    No Joking Matter

    He thought he was just horsing around. Using the popular app WeChat, a Chinese construction worker supervisor Chen Sho Uli made a gossipy joke about government officials while chatting in a chat group. But being too casual about what you say — and where — can be dangerous in China.

  • Evergreen, students, protest, Heying, Weinstein
    education and schooling
    The Common School Agenda

    The rise of campus radicalism, write Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein in the “Washington Examiner, appears to “validate every fantasy the Right ever had about the Left.”* Heying and Weinstein, who have resigned their positions at Washington State’s public liberal arts college, Evergreen, detail what went wrong at the college

  • Doug Jones, Alabama, Roy Moore, election
    Another Election “Against”

    As I write, Democratic candidate Doug Jones has just taken the stage to declare himself the winner of the Alabama Senate race, the one in which Roy Moore became more infamous than famous, and better known for the worst kind of reasons. The final counts are not in, and I

  • Democrats, Republicans, reform, democracy, primary, primaries, presidential
    general freedom
    Democracy — or Too Much Government?

    The Democratic Party’s Unity Reform Commission met last week to concoct measures to pull the party from the brink of madness and oblivion. The commission’s main recommendation? Limit the role of “superdelegates” in the nomination process. Great — a first step I’ve long advocated. But the whole system needs more

  • harassment, sexual, assault, public, private, training, Al Franken, John Conyers
    New Standards?

    “This is a country trying to establish, and certainly a U.S. Senate trying to establish new standards for acceptable behavior,” Peggy Noonan told her fellow panelists on Meet the Press yesterday. She is at least half mistaken. Groping a woman who is stuck posing for a photo with you at

  • links
    Uninterrupted Playership

    To find out what Washington incumbents really want — and what really bugs them — click on over to Townhall. Then click back here. For the background. Fox: Conyers announces retirement, endorses son to succeed him CBS News: Rep. John Conyers announces retirement, endorses son to run for seat Politico:

  • video
    Bitcoin — whew!

    The cyber/crypto currency Bitcoin has been going through downs and ups, recently. This discussion from a few weeks ago might help unpack some of the issues:

  • Michigan Congressman John Conyers, scandal, resignation, term limits, nepotism, congress, experience
    The Great Dood Drain of ’17

    How can we expect the federal government to continue to function at its usual peak efficiency without the awesome 52 years of experience and institutional knowledge supplied by Michigan Congressman John Conyers? American government faces a congressional brain drain, Conyers’s resignation in the wake of accusations of sexual harassment not

  • Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, Supreme Court, civil rights, first amendment
    crime and punishment
    A Cakewalk Case?

    The Justices seem split — on the “gay cake” case. A Christian baker had no trouble selling a gay couple a pre-made cake, out of his showcase, but balked at selling a custom wedding cake of any kind. According to NPR’s Nina Totenberg, the couple understood that requesting a “gay”

  • Matt Furie, meme, Pepe, alt-right, frog, copyright
    general freedom
    Memed Into the Public Domain?

    When the definitive history of the 2016 presidential election is written, the central figure may turn out to be . . . a frog. “Pepe,” to be precise. The cartoon frog with red lips started out as a minor figure in a Matt Furie webcomic, but came to symbolize so

  • Ballou High School, corruption, cheating, scandal, WAMU, DCPS, Washington D.C. , D.C. Public Schools
    Learning to Cheat

    Months ago, Ballou High was widely lauded for posting impressive gains in graduation rates — from a abysmal 51 percent two years ago to a much less terrible 64 percent this year — and for the even more remarkable feat of getting every single graduate accepted by a community college

  • Standard Oil, monopoly, merger, antitrust, Aetna, CVS Health Corp
    What’s the Big Deal?

    Big news: in a $69 billion deal, CVS Health Corp. plans to buy Aetna Inc. The AP story by James F. Peltz says the move “would shake up healthcare industry.” Should we worry? Because corporations aren’t cancerous, growth and consolidation are not to be feared as such. But speaking of

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    Townhall: Teaching Students How to Cheat — and Fail 

    How not to get better results in school. Get “schooled” at Townhall — and come back here for more. NPR: What Really Happened At The School Where Every Graduate Got Into College Washington Post: D.C. plans probe of Ballou High School following report questioning standards Washington Post: There’s something familiar

  • video
    Free Speech for Nazis?

    This out-take from a formal panel debate contains some good stuff, and helps give a basic set of perspectives in current ideological argumentation:

  • Illinois, Supreme Court, term limits, initiative, democracy, gerrymandering
    Illinois’s Chicken-and-Fish Supreme Court

    A constitution is the law of the land only to the extent that it’s enforced. And in Illinois, the right of citizen initiative — provided for in the state constitution — is not enforced. The constitution’s wording is explicit: “Amendments . . . may be proposed by a petition signed

  • The Onion, satire, humor, CFPB, bureaucracy
    Peel Back the Onion

    Yesterday, an Onion title caught my attention: “Hooded Members of Congress Drown Another Love Child in the Potomac to Prevent Affair from Getting Out.” This is not funny because it is true, but because it is so close to the truth. Too close for comfort. A similar story, the day

  • cronyism, Amazon, taxpayers, black hole
    Cry Me an Amazon

    My idea of a “free market” is not our politicians’. Their idea is to give away free stuff to their new and old business buddies . . . at everyone else’s expense. That sort of “crony capitalism” has been writ large per Amazon’s search for a location for a second

  • cfpb, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, director, Richard Cordray, Mick Mulvaney, deep state, administrative state, bureaucracy
    Invulnerable Government

    As of this week, there are two heads of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Two claimants to the throne, so to speak. The bureau’s previous director, Richard Cordray, resigned last week, and as he left he appointed a deputy director, Leandra English. Ms. English sent out a nice Thanksgiving email,

  • term limits, sexual abuse, sexism, accountability, settlements, taxpayer, hush money
    Power Abuse

    At the core of sexual harassment and misconduct is an unchecked power dynamic permitting the abuse. No surprise, then, that our unaccountable Congress is rife with it.  What to do? Our sicko congressmen must immediately stop using taxpayer funds to provide “hush” money to keep their victims from telling their stories,

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    Townhall: Not One Taxpayer Cent for Sexual Abuse Hush Money

    The sex abuse hush money/slush fund story just gets bigger and bigger. And so does our responsibility. Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for . . . more abuse? Politico: Congress’ sexual harassment system, decoded CNN: Lawmakers . . . don’t know how widespread sexual harassment is

  • video
    YouTube’s “Mess” — Screwed-up Priorities

    Long after conservative, libertarian and alt-right (and often just mildly controversial news reportage) videos were infamously “de-monetized” by Google’s YouTube service, a wave of advertisers have pulled out of the service entirely, because of disgusting, pedophile-related child-exploitation content … which somehow had escaped oversight.

  • Apple, “vice president of diversity and inclusion,” Denise Smith race, equality, diversity, hiring,
    Don’t Think Different

    What do we know for sure about the resignation of Apple’s “vice president of diversity and inclusion,” Denise Smith? She is a black woman who landed in hot water for saying that a group of blue-eyed blond men can also be “diverse,” because “they’re going to bring a different life

  • White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Thanksgiving, press, outrage
    Ingrates of the Fourth Estate

    Today is Thanksgiving. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone. It ought not. But modern humans can be pretty touchy. “This will be our last press briefing before the Thanksgiving holiday . . .” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Monday, “so I want to share a few things

  • Trump, Democrats, liberal, anti government, small government, influence, virtue signallng,
    Common Sense
    A Revolutionary Turn-around

    Donald J. Trump, 45th President under the Constitution of these United States, may be re-establishing some constitutional order. “The president has the power to veto half-baked legislation,” explains Josh Blackman at the National Review. “If Trump returned a bill to Congress, stating in his message that it failed to include

  • Deplorable radio, censorship, hate speech, tranny, University of Minnesota-Morris
    Trouble in Transmission

    Weeks ago, students Brandon Albrecht and Tayler Lehmann hosted a weekly program on their university-funded, 225-watt FM station. But not anymore. “We have a group here called the Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future,” Albrecht told his University of Minnesota-Morris audience. “It’s kind of like our version of Antifa

  • National Organization for Women, NOW, Toni Van Pelt,, sexual assault, hate speech, Southern Poverty Law Center
    Yesterday’s NOW

    Once upon a time, the National Organization for Women winked to President Bill Clinton and scorned his accusers Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and others. This all came back to me while discussing powerful men sexually harassing and assaulting women, at Townhall yesterday. NOW’s current president, Toni Van Pelt, spoke with

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    Townhall: Congress’s Sexual Assault on Taxpayers

    One needn’t rake the muck to access it, these days. The further we go in, the deeper it gets. It just sort of pours forth from the nation’s capital, as from Hollywood. Our “cup” seepeth over. Click on over to Townhall for an analysis of the muck’s consistency. Then click

  • video
    Fair Shares?

    Some data about who is and is not paying their alleged ”fair share“ in taxes:

  • Suyash Dixit, Bir Tawil, freedom, country, seasteading, @KingSuyashDixit.
    general freedom
    Desert Royalty

    I know people who are trying to set up their own countries. Folks at the Seasteading Institute, run by Milton Friedman’s grandson, Patri, are preparing for a floating civilization. But that scheme depends on homesteading the open sea. Land would be easier, no? Trouble is, there is not much land

  • sexual harassment, Congress, House Page, Washington, DC, hypocrisy, corruption, taxes,
    Congress Bites Taxpayers

    Is it even humanly possible to be sleazier and more disgusting than the Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood? Sadly, and clearly . . . yes. There is the U.S. Congress. In 2011, after 175 years in operation, the House page program — whereby young people came to work and learn in the

  • Keurig, coffee, capitalism, Media Matters, Trump, Hannity, Roy Moore, Alabama
    Coffee in the Age of Covfefe

    You might think that that coffee could not be spoiled by today’s politics, but, well, consider the Keurig line of coffee-related products. I’m a Starbucks man, myself, but one of the great things about capitalism is that I can have my tall (or grande) latte and you can have your

  • responsibility, Denmark, education, welfare, socialism, Bernie Sanders, freedom
    Eternally Postponing Responsibility

    There is a common sense element to economics. We ignore it at our peril. So let’s take a cue from the Democratic Party’s current and de facto leader, Bernie Sanders. Turn to Denmark for a model. The Nordic state has what Bernie wants: higher education “free for all.” But there

  • Second Amendment, gun control, freedom, Washington Post, Elizabeth Bruenig, pope, Middle Ages
    crime and punishment
    The Good vs. Freedom?

    Politicians regularly argue for new “gun control” laws, even while ignoring the execution and enforcement of laws already on the books. Exhibit A, as I wrote at yesterday, is the failure of the military to provide the FBI with the information that would have blocked the Sutherland Springs church

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    Townhall: Shooting from the Hip . . . with Blanks

    What should Congress do? Legislate anew every tragedy, atrocity? Or maybe . . . something else? Click on over to Townhall to obtain the full context. Come back here for more: Common Sense: “A Hero, In His own Words,” interview with Stephen Willeford by Steven Crowder Reason: “Gun Control Failures

  • video
    A Hero, in His Own Words

    Last week, Sunday, a mass murdering shooter was himself shot, thereby stopped in his murderous rampage. Here is an in-depth interview with the man who confronted the killer.

  • Star Spangled Banner, anthem, PC, slavery, political correctness, war, violence
    general freedom
    To Anachronism in Heaven

    Symbols sure seem important in politics and government. I love the Statue of Liberty. Others may cherish the Lincoln Memorial and Mount Rushmore more. I’ve even heard people wax poetic on the images we find on our coinage. But what about “The Star-Spangled Banner”? The lyrics are not general at

  • gun control, shooting, church, government, violence, 2nd Amendment, rights
    Government Control

    “When do we say enough is enough?” asked California Senator Kamala Harris after Devon Patrick Kelley murdered 26 churchgoing Texans in cold blood, last Sunday. “The terrifying fact is that no one is safe so long as Congress chooses to do absolutely nothing in the face of this epidemic,” argued

  • George Orwell, Kaya Henderson, Washington D.C., equal, Animal Farm, favors, corruption, crony, cronyism, politicians,

    “All animals are equal,” wrote George Orwell, “but some animals are more equal than others.” That was the regime’s final slogan in Orwell’s allegorical novella, Animal Farm . . . and it currently serves as the operating principle for local government. Well, at least in Washington, D.C., our country’s pig trough. Washington Post

  • Twitter, freedom, social media, bluebird, government, internet, speech
    The Owners of Twitter Have Rights

    Roger Stone is suing Twitter for kicking him out. Without saying exactly why they booted him, Twitter implies that the reason is abusive language. For his part, Stone accuses the social media giant of targeting right-wing tweeters while letting left-wing tweeters off the hook for the same or worse alleged

  • Dianne Feinstein, First Amendment, free speech, censorship
    Our Royals Are Not Amused

    “You created these platforms,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) informed the top legal minds at Facebook, Twitter, and Google, “and now they’re being misused.” “And you have to be the ones who do something about it — or we will.” Take that as a threat. But also take it as the

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    Townhall: Happy Halloween, Racist Scum

    O, what a horror show our lives have become! So of course Halloween is now a battleground. Click on over to Townhall; come back here for the joys of the season. Washington Post: A Halloween display or a faux lynching? A hanging figure creates tensions in one neighborhood. Townhall: Hate

  • video
    Late Onset Autism?

    A comic confronts the anti-free-speech Left: Very funny as well as insightful. Some R-rated language, so a parental (or self) advisory is hereby suggested.

  • Antifa, fascist, fascism, November 4, protest, coup, overthrow, violence,
    crime and punishment
    Five Fascist Things

    Mass protests have been planned for this Saturday in many major cities across the country. “On November 4, 2017,” says the Refuse Fascism website: Take To The Streets And Public Squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night — not stopping —

  • Halloween, Southern Poverty Law Center, lynching, doxing, racism, hate speech
    crime and punishment
    The New Ortho-Doxing

    “What a nice Halloween,” my wife remarked as we turned out the lights.  Well, not in nearby Oakton, Virginia, where Jamie Stevenson walked past her neighbor’s home last Saturday and saw “a racist display.” “She knew it was a Halloween decoration,” the Washington Post reported. Heedless, she contacted her homeowners

  • special prosecutor, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Russia, corruption, Trump, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates
    Stranger Counsels

    The office of special counsel, like that of the special prosecutor in days (and administrations) of yore, is a strange one. Not mentioned in the Constitution, it is institutionally slippery. An executive branch position designed to investigate the executive branch — there is no way it cannot be . .

  • term limits, Congress, 74%, polls, Rasmussen Poll
    Agreeable America

    Americans actually agree on a lot of things; it’s a pity that today’s media and political debates play up the discord. Or so argues A. Barton Hinkle at The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Sure, he admits, “[a] lot of people seem willing to tear your head off over the smallest thing.” But

  • exit, term limits, experience, Congress, oversight, Senators Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Bob Corker
    Our Experience with Experience

    It seems exceedingly plausible that the longer one serves as a legislator, the better legislator one would become. Yet voters back home have noticed something: the longer in office, the less representative their so-called representative tends to become. No wonder that in those states where Americans have been permitted to

  • links
    Townhall: Cowardly Careerists in Congress

    Congress has flaked out. But Sen. Jeff Flake, preparing to take leave of Congress, has not. There is hope for him yet. Click on over to Townhall for this weekend’s long-form Common Sense. Then back here for the back-up. Daily Caller: Jeff Flake On Retirement—‘Couldn’t Run A Campaign I Could

  • video
    Overcoming Prejudice to Become Open to Equal Rights

    In this TEDx presentation, documentarian Cassie Jay explains how she overcame her bigotry to consider a point of view she thought was … evil. And how she changed her mind, altering her ideological viewpoint. In an age where the ideological lines are hardening, proof that people can open themselves up

  • draft, registration, conscription, women, war
    crime and punishment
    Daughter Draft

    “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”  For years, the Selective Service System — the friendly folks who bring us the military draft — used the above slogan to portray registering for the draft as a rite of manhood.  If macho draft registration is now expanded to women,

  • debt, spending, Congress, term limits
    It’s the Stupid Spending

    These United States are approaching a crisis. Mounting debt seems increasingly unpayable. Sovereign default and financial chaos are “in the offing” — drifting from the (future) horizon to the (present) shore. The costs of our debt load have been accommodated as astute economists predicted, with the weakest recovery in American

  • Senator Jeff Flake, Senate, term limits, conservatism, Conscience of a Conservative, Arizona
    Sic Transit Gloria Flake

    Yesterday, a major American politician gave up. Sort of. Senator Jeff Flake, the junior member of the upper chamber from the State of Arizona, took to the Senate floor to announce that his “service in the Senate will conclude at the end of my term in early January, 2019.” Actually,

  • Democratic Party, gubernatorial nominee, governor, Frank Northam, Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, racism, politicians
    Omission of Character

    One downside to jumping to the wrong conclusion is that the failure to even look for the correct, accurate conclusion inevitably follows.  This sleepy odd-year campaign for governor of Virginia has recently been riled by charges of racism. Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee Frank Northam made the “mistake” of “omitting” the

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