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  • trump-oscar
    Townhall: The Stars of Sexist and Racist Hollywood Shine Bright Tonight

    On behalf of the Academy of Motions Pictures Arts and Sciences, we’d like to extend a little advice to Hollywood’s best and brightest. Click to Townhall; come back for more abuse. Salon: “Hollywood is a cesspool of misogyny and racism. Bring on the lawsuits” Newsweek: Daniel Radcliffe says Racism In

  • dollars, cents, questions
    Rand Paul Promises a Quick End to (and Replacement of) ObamaCare

    The replacement for ObamaCare that Rand Paul is pushing looks a lot better than his previous statements had led some of us* … to fear: It is mainly a freeing up of the system. Mainly. It is government getting out of the way. Of course, it is packaged so to

  • CalExit, secede, secession, California, divide, partition, self determination
    general freedom
    Adios, California?

    Californians account for more than one of every ten Americans. For now. Three years ago, an initiative sought to split the mega-state up. Had that measure succeeded, the U.S. Congress would have decided whether to permit the Golden State to become six separate states — with ten more U.S. Senators.

  • White Rose
    general freedom
    Freedom’s Friends

    Yesterday marked a solemn anniversary. Seventy-four years ago — on Feb. 22, 1943 — three German students at the University of Munich were tried for treason by the Nazis, convicted and then executed via the guillotine, all in one day. Days earlier, Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie had been

  • Ami Horowitz, Sweden, Tucker Carlson, terrorism, terrorist, violence, immigrants
    Stockholm Syndrome?

    Can we handle the truth? Governments and media professionals don’t always think so. Journalist Ami Horowitz, whose interview with Tucker Carlson caught President Trump’s attention last week, noted that, despite what he learned (and recorded) at street level in Sweden, Swedes in general and government personnel in particular* seem resistant

  • Trump, Sweden, terrorism, attack, immigrant, refuge, terror attack
    No-Go Zones

    “We’ve got to keep our country safe,” President Donald Trump said last week at a rally in Melbourne, Florida. Hardly objectionable. It was what he said next that baffled . . . some. “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden —

  • By any means necessary, BAMN, protest, free speech, fascist, first amendment, censorship, violence
    crime and punishment
    Wolves Crying Wolf

    People have a right to defend themselves. Right? Especially against rape and murder. “This is not about free speech,” Yvette Felarca yelled to the crowd at the University of California-Berkeley, gathered weeks ago to “shut down” a scheduled speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, the controversial Breitbart editor. Felarca, a national organizer

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    Townhall: Hate Is Our Business

    As conflict grows week by week, month by month — left vs. right, black vs. white, insider vs. outsider — and as good will is quickly being abandoned for fear, hatred, and loathing, one American organization is dedicated solely to tracking “hate groups.” Or is it? Click on over to

  • Dave Rubin
    Leaving, Left

    Dave Rubin explains his odyssey:

  • FEC, debates, presidential, Commission on Presidential Debates, Lawsuit, libertarian, green
    Remember the Rigged Election?

    Remember the 2016 presidential election? You know, the contest that still bedevils us? The one allegedly rigged by the Russians and fake news? The one the outcome of which Michael Moore (and others) suggested, even this week, should be overturned by “the courts” simply by installing Hillary Clinton as president?

  • Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, Obama, Trump, Sanders, debate, CNN
    Tough Luck, Chumps

    Advertised as a big deal ahead of time, the debate didn’t get much play afterwards. Especially from the Left blogosphere. Why? Billed as about the “future of ObamaCare,” it was really about what should replace ObamaCare. The CNN debate pitted Sen. Ted Cruz, well-known Republican opponent of the Affordable Care

  • civil asset forfeiture, forfeiture, police, abuse, theft, Trump, corruption, incentives, illustration, money, cops
    Watcha Gonna Do?

    At a White House meeting last week between President Trump and law enforcement officials, a Texas sheriff raised a concern about legislation introduced by a state senator to require a conviction before police could take someone’s property. Mr. Trump asked for that senator’s name, adding, “We’ll destroy his career.” The

  • Prince George, council, county, Maryland, graft, corruption, car
    Of Protests & Politicians

    Last Friday, I applauded massive protests that erupted in Romania — over a since-rescinded governmental decree to decriminalize graft up to $47,000. On Sunday at Townhall, I wondered why there weren’t similar demonstrations against the corruption afflicting Prince George’s County, Maryland. The county, bordering the nation’s capital, lavishes its nine

  • ecomomics, economist, tariff, trade, protectionism, Trump
    free trade & free markets
    The Skinny on Trumponomics

    President Donald Trump does not trust economists. So he is demoting the Council of Economic Advisors, booting out of the Cabinet the Council’s chairperson. If this were only because economists as economists cannot do what he has been able to do — make a big success in business and trade

  • dollars
    Townhall: Paying and Paying and Paying for Politicians

    The high cost of our public servants can be shown beyond their mere inflated paychecks. Click on over to Townhall, then come back here. Washington Post: This suburb spends more than $110,000 a year on cars for its lawmakers Fox-5 (D.C.): Prince George’s County Council Member Mel Franklin charged with

  • Edward Snowden
    Video: Snowden on a Possible Putin Gesture

    Katie Couric asks E. Snowden a significant question:

  • Romania, no-confidence vote, Bucharest, democracy, protest, corruption
    The Confidence Game

    Romania’s parliament has confidence in . . . itself. Sorta. A parliamentary no-confidence vote failed, despite 161 lawmakers voting for the resolution and only eight voting with the government. Confused? The no-confidence measure failed because the Social Democrats, controlling nearly two-thirds of the 465 seats in parliament, abstained on the

  • Audi, Super Bowl, advertising, advertisement, wage gap, feminism
    The Advertising Hypocrisy Gap

    “What do I tell my daughter?” So begins the Audi advertisement millions of Americans saw last Sunday during the yearly super celebration of commercials that, sandwiched in between them, included one of the most exciting football championship games ever.  The ad shows a father watching his young girl racing go-carts

  • black pot, black kettle, pot calling the kettle black, Trump, Putin, Russia, interview, Super Bowl, killing, guilt, blame
    No Innocence Abroad

    After establishing, during the big Super Bowl day interview, that President Donald Trump respects Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Bill O’Reilly asked why. After all, the Fox News star challenged, “Putin’s a killer.”* “We’ve got a lot of killers,” Trump replied. “What, you think our country’s so innocent?” This disturbed just about

  • Henry Louis Mencken, Black bloc, Antifa, protest, terrorist, violence, Milo Yiannopoulis, Gavin McInnes
    crime and punishment
    God Knows You’re Good

    “The trouble with fighting for human freedom,” wrote H. L. Mencken, “is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels.” Henry Louis Mencken (1880 – 1956), master prose stylist and social critic, knew whereof he wrote. But he also penned things to which few would give their hearty assent.

  • bargaining, dickering, negotiating, free trade, price, illustration, Buying Power
    No Set Prices?

    “Paul,” an old boss of mine used to say, “there are no set prices.” He meant that when a vendor said it would cost x, my choice wasn’t just yes or no. Negotiate. I could say, “Boy, I’d sure like that, but golly, I can’t afford to pay x. Any

  • BerkeleyMilo565
    Townhall: Mob Violence and Its Defenders

    The Bishop Berkeley (1685 – 1783) famously advanced strange notions about the nature of ideas and existence . . . and proof of the latter on the grounds of the former. This weekend’s column has nothing to do with that. It is about the Berkeley anti-Milo riots. And free speech

  • milo565
    Milo Y / Anti-Milo Why-Nots

    Berkeley, home to the Free Speech movement in the “olden days,” was home this week to violence and mayhem that “successfully” blocked the free and peaceful exchange of ideas. As you consider how a free people should respond, here are various voices from the scene of the crime. First, a

  • violence, peaceful, meme, protest, Milo, Berkeley

    The purpose of the demonstration was to shut down a speech. The speech would not have been shut down without the presence of violent protestors. The peaceful protestors are claiming a victory that wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of violent protestors.

  • Berkeley, Milo, violence, speech, politics, photos, comment, analysis
    crime and punishment
    The Silence of Violence

    “The Free Speech Movement is dead.” So said the Berkeley College Republicans after violence Wednesday night forced cancelation of a sold-out speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, the Greek-born British author, now a senior editor at Breitbart News. The reference, of course, is to the University of California’s history as a haven

  • EPA, environment, pollution, climate change, Trump
    Sledgehammer to a Bureaucracy

    The media hysterically pushes the line that the new Trump administration is so much “in chaos” it even frightens seasoned (salt-and-pepper?) heads in the Republican Party. But perhaps folks at the Environmental Protection Agency have more reason to panic. “It looks like the EPA will be the agency hardest hit

  • Neil Gorsuch, Perry Mason, Supreme Court, Judge, nomination, Trump
    crime and punishment
    Perry Mason for the Court

    Legend has it that a juror once ran up to attorney Neil Gorsuch, after Gorsuch won a case proving a gravel pit owner had been cheated, declaring, “You’re Perry Mason.” These days, Gorsuch sits on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and is President Donald Trump’s nominee for the late

  • March for Life, Women's March, abortion, choice, pro-life
    ideological culture
    Women and Men for Life

    At Townhall on Sunday, I applauded the Women’s March on Washington for being peaceful, despite Madonna’s F-bomb laden speech, culminating with her daydream of “blowing up the White House.” We’ll never know how many more folks marched in that much-heralded event than attended last weekend’s pro-life march, because the mainstream

  • democracy, freedom, ranking, The Economist, pure democracy, republic
    Deplorable Distrust?

    The United States is no longer a “full-fledged democracy.” According to a New York Post story, our union is, instead, a “flawed democracy.” Hmmm. Where to begin? Despite the article’s featured photo of President Trump, the downgrading of America’s democratic status occurred prior to the billionaire’s swearing-in. Technically, of course,

  • Anarchists trash Trump
    Townhall: Anarchists, Tea and Sympathy

    You have seen the signs, you know the times. But where do you stand on protest vs. rioting? Paul Jacob plies his common sense trade at Townhall, addressing precisely this issue. Why not join him, then click back here? Red Alert Politics: Limo torched in DC protests belongs to Muslim

  • Rand Paul and Donald Trump on torture
    Torture Works?!?

    The new president believes torture “works” . . . and Sen. Rand Paul disagrees: Sen. Rand Paul is correct: (a) torture doesn’t work, (b) torture is illegal, and (c) we might end up torturing innocent folks. But I oppose the use of torture for two other reasons: (d) torture is

  • Donald Trump, president, landslide, election, votes, popular, electoral college
    ballot access
    Trumping Popular Vote?

    A friend, who loves to talk football, sometimes boasts that his team “crushed” the other team, gaining more yards and rolling up more first downs, before dejectedly acknowledging that his team didn’t score as many points as its opponent. They lost. When a Democrat gloats that Donald Trump lost the

  • Obamacare, ACA, Trump, Chickens home to roost
    Out of Our Misery

    Obamacare may be on the way out. According to The Atlantic, “the powers of the incoming Health and Human Services secretary are broad enough to cripple the [Affordable Care Act] so it has to be replaced.” Which is significant since the new President has just “signed an executive order empowering

  • socialism kills, redistribution, how socialism kills, why socialism kills, meme, illustration
    ideological culture
    How Socialism Kills

    3 Ways That Socialism Kills: state enforced redistribution requires violence (even if some participate willingly, it’s guns and gulags for everybody else) central planning produces starvation a state powerful enough to enforce socialism is an irresistible temptation to those who would abuse power All the good intentions in the world

  • Sutton, Maine, Petition, Urban, Rural, signatures,
    The Unfairness of Losing

    Maine’s citizen initiative process is unfair, claims State Rep. Paula Sutton. “[R]ural Mainers are left out of the equation,” Sutton tells readers of Knox County’s Village Soup, “and Portland dictates public policy for the rest of the state.” Hmmm? Every Mainer eligible to vote currently has the equal right to

  • Washington, corruption, big government, too much government, book
    Bring Back the Eunuchs?

    “Everybody knows that ordinary Americans are a bunch of idiots,” a Health and Human Services official told Benjamin Ginsberg. “Why do you need to do a survey to find that out?” Actually, he was not surveying Americans for their IQs and knowledge levels. He was surveying Washington insiders. Like her.

  • term limits, senate, house, Congress
    Promises & Limits

    Last year, Americans — everywhere from Montgomery County, Maryland, bordering the nation’s capital on the east coast, to sunny Santa Clara, California, on the west coast — voted to impose term limits on their elected officials. There were 40 separate local votes to enact term limits or, conversely, measures put

  • The Trump Apocalypse
    Townhall: Get Over It

    Partiers party, protestors protest, rioters riot, and reasoners . . . go to Townhall and read the latest Common Sense column from Paul Jacob. Particularly impassioned reasoners might wish to return for more perspective: CNN: Donald Trump’s Inaugural Address NPR: President Trump’s Inaugural Address, Annotated Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Inaugural Address

  • trumptermlimits565
    What President Trump Says He’ll Do First

    President Donald Trump has gone on record setting up his first hundred-days agenda. What’s first up? “FIRST, propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.” Why might that be a priority? Well, here: Inside-the-Beltway journalists tend to be clueless about the subject, of course: Pity

  • Price, Warren, hearings, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Price
    We Demand Inefficiency

    It’s all about the money. Well, that is what Senator Elizabeth Warren believes. Grilling Republican Congressman Tom Price, the physician turned congressman Donald Trump picked to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, Warren demanded that Price answer a simple question: would he swear on a stack of medical books

  • Trump, president, inauguration, democracy, election, protest
    Don’t Trump the Gun

    The 2016 presidential election will go down in history as a doozy. The Trump win was a surprise, even shocking many of his supporters. But the most obvious lesson we learned pertains to the modal Obama-Hillary voter. Well, make that lessons. Plural. Today’s most vocal Democrats don’t seem to understand

  • Mexico, oil, nationalize, socialism, neoliberalism
    Oil’s Bad that Ends Bad

    Sometimes socialism seems reasonable. Emphasis on “seems.” Take natural resource socialism. Ores and oil are “just there in the ground” and “belong to everybody.” So it “just makes sense” that “the people” should “own” the mining and drilling and refining industries, and run these operations to share the profits to

  • David Roland, Freedom Center of Missouri, Girl Scouts, Jennifer
    crime and punishment
    The Man from Freedom

    In the Show-Me State, an attorney is showing us government held accountable. He leaves folks inspired about their freedom, wondering . . . who was that masked attorney? Well, no. Against my advice, he won’t wear a mask to court, nor leave behind silver bullets. (He says they’re too expensive.)

  • black, father, racism, children, race
    The Damage Done

    In his Washington Post op-ed, “The dangerous myth of the ‘missing black father,’” Mychal Denzel Smith argues that “responsible fatherhood only goes so far in a world plagued by institutionalized oppression.” He asks: If black children were raised in an environment that focused not on bemoaning their lack of fathers

  • arkansasstaterepmicah-neal565
    Townhall: Term Limits vs. Corruption

    Fighting corruption in government is a never-ending task. But it looks like there are certain institutional practices that can help us, year in, year out. Click on over to Townhall for the latest lesson in this ancient wisdom, pried from newspaper headlines. Then come back here for those headlines: Arkansas

  • Democratic Socialism, meme, problems, solve
    free trade & free markets
    Is Denmark Socialist?

    First… some definitions: Socialism advocates the public ownership (or control) of business and industry in service of a more equal distribution of wealth. Bernie Sanders and his version of “democratic socialism” places emphasis on redistribution and downplays the public ownership and control part of the system. However… Bernie seems never to have met a government monopoly he didn’t

  • Liberty Talk Radio (with Paul Jacob)
    by Paul Jacob
    Liberty Under Trump

    Here is a fairly long interview with This Is Common Sense’s Paul Jacob, from a recent radio show: The first 33 minutes give a pretty coherent picture of the politics of common sense today. If you stop there, no one would think ill of you.

  • Calaveras Big Trees State Park is famous for its hollowed-at- the- trunk Pioneer Cabin Tree, a sequoia
    Common Sense
    A Tree Fell In a Forest

    It’s neither “iconic” nor “ironic.” “Storm fells one of California’s iconic drive-through tunnel trees, carved 137 years ago,” Travis M. Anderson’s title informs us. Calaveras Big Trees State Park is famous for its hollowed-at-the-trunk Pioneer Cabin Tree, a sequoia you have seen in hundreds of photos. It fell, almost certainly,

  • corporations, influence, corporation, democracy, power, government, big government, meme, Common Sense, illustration
    Corporate influence. . .

    Corporations can buy unfair favors from government…because government has unfair favors to sell. Big Government is the problem. Click below for a high resolution version of this image:  

  • Tom Woods
    Common Sense
    Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

    Nullification begins with the axiomatic point that a federal law that violates the Constitution is no law at all. It is void and of no effect. Nullification simply pushes this uncontroversial point a step further: if a law is unconstitutional and therefore void and of no effect, it is up

  • corporations, government, power, danger, government vs. corporation, which is more dangerous, law, corruption, meme, illustration, Jim Gill, Paul Jacob, Common Sense
    crime and punishment
    Which is more dangerous?

    Corporations cannot and do not tax, conscript, and kill under claim of legal authority to do so. Only governments do that.  Click below for a high resolution version of the image:

  • Hillary Clinton, Podesta, list, quota, illustration
    The Shadow of Incompetence and Racism

    Just when you thought it was safe to ignore Hillary Clinton . . . Out from the Land of Might Have Been blurps the “news from nowhere” as to what Mrs. Clinton’s cabinet would have been. Some are calling it the “ghost cabinet,” the sadder version of a shadow cabinet.

  • big government, abuse, war, drug war, bureaucracy, libertarian, libertarianism, liberty, statism, statists, meme, illustration, Common Sense, James Gill, Paul Jacob
    general freedom

    You can’t feed a part of it without feeding the whole damn thing. Click below for a high resolution version of this image:  

  • Arkansas, corruption, term limits, Jon Woods, GIF
    Politicians Bearing GIFs

    Yesterday, we discovered that the biggest term limits opponent in Arkansas — former state senator Jon Woods — also allegedly led an elaborate legislative fraud scheme, whereby he and a state representative traded tax dollars for cash bribes. For now, Woods is an unindicted co-conspirator. But last week, the representative

  • Arkansas State Rep. Micah Neal, Independent Citizens Commission, Senator Jon Woods
    Hog-Wild Corruption

    Former Arkansas State Rep. Micah Neal pled guilty last week to a felony charge of conspiring “with an Arkansas state senator to use their official positions to appropriate government money to certain nonprofits in exchange for bribes.” Neal, who embraced graft his first month in office, received $38,000 in “legislating-around”

  • Tom Paine
    Tom Paine’s Pamphlet

    On January 10, 1776, Thomas Paine published Common Sense.

  • Bernie Sanders, plan, socialism, government, efficiency, progressivism, collage, photomontage, cartoon, illustration, Paul Jacob, Jim Gill, Common Sense
    Don’t Worry!

    Bernie’s plan will SAVE MONEY through Government Efficiency! Click here for high resolution image:  

  • Obamacare, ACA, Healthcare, reform, replace, policy, insurance
    free trade & free markets
    Best Plan Is No Plan

    “Republicans would create chaos in the health care system because they are stuck,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says, “between a rock and a cliché.” Oh. Off by a word or two. But I don’t need to fix it. What needs to be fixed is the whole system. “Head clown”*

  • Democratic Socialism, Big Brother, socialism, vote, voting, egalitarian, meme, Jim Gill, Paul Jacob, Common Sense
    Common Sense
    Democratic Socialism. . .

    Because BIG BROTHER is okay as long as enough people vote for him! CLICK BELOW for a high resolution version of this image:  

  • painMeds565
    Townhall: ObamaCare, Dead Plan Walking

    Just how deep in whose mess are we in? Click on over to Townhall for an answer. Then come back here. Melanie Hunter, CNS — Schumer: GOP Plan to Repeal Obamacare ‘Will Make America Sick Again’ AM New York — Trump’s Tweets: ObamaCare Was a Lie, Schumer Is Democrats’ Head

  • Greenwald Interviewed on Democracy Now
    Greenwald on Fake News @ the Post

    Begins with Assange, continues with Greenwald:

  • regulations, rule of law, control, bureaucracy, law, meme, Common Sense, Paul Jacob, Jim Gill
    “Regulation” should not be confused with “rule of law”

    A “rule of law” is based on general principles, and makes room for — or, better yet, is based upon — the protection of individual rights. It used to be common to say, “a rule of law, not of men”; it was even as common in political oratory as was spouted

  • fake news, media, lies, journalism
    Fake News Friday

    Thirty-three years past 1984, we’re living in an Orwellian world of “fake news.” In November, the Washington Post informed readers that a “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during [the] election,” proclaiming a conclusion reached by “independent researchers.” The Post story noted, “There is no way to know whether

  • political, Progressives, regulations, meme, corporations, outrage, collage, photomontage, poster, picture, illustration
    Progressives – Useful Enablers of Corporate Power

    Outraged progressives…writing regulations…that only rich corporations can afford to follow! Progressives: useful enablers of corporate power for over 100 years! Don’t believe it? Check out the writings of the esteemed leftist historian Gabriel Kolko… Shared ideas matter. Please pass this along to friends. Get a high-resolution screensaver of this image. Click on

  • capitalism, progressivism, progressive, politics, child labor, 8 hour work day, living wage, achievements, accomplishment, meme, illustration
    Common Sense
    Funny how that happened…

    Funny how none of the progressive “achievements”happened before capitalism made them possible. Click below for high resolution version of the image:  

  • socialism, childlike faith, government, power, progressivism, Paul Jacob, Jim Gill, Common Sense, meme, illustration
    general freedom
    A Childlike Faith. . .

    SOCIALISM… The childlike faith that a powerful, ever-growingGovernment couldn’t possibly pose a threat to freedom. Click here for a high resolution version of the image:  

  • Term Limits, Paul Jacob, Donald Trump
    Trump’s Trump

    President-Elect Donald J. Trump wasn’t my choice. Yet, as with any president of these United States, I say: work with him when he’s doing right. And Mr. Trump is doing right by pushing Congress to vote on term limits. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day

  • The Meaning of "Liberal"
    The Meaning of “Liberal”

    Once upon a time “liberal” meant opposition to authority. Now “liberal” means the worship of government. Do you see the problem here? Shared ideas matter. Please pass this along to friends. Get a high-resolution screensaver of this image. Click on the thumbnail picture below to open a large version that you can download.  

  • Bernie Sanders, The good kind of socialism, presidential race, progressivism, progressive, socialist, education, meme, cartoon, illustration, Jim Gill, Paul Jacob, Common Sense
    “The Good Kind of Socialism”

    Don’t worry… Bernie only wants “the good kind of socialism.” Click here for a high resolution version of this image:  

  • chained, West Virginia, poverty, welfare,
    Town, County, Stasis

    The savvier economists (and intellectuals like Steven Pinker) like to remind us that it is progress that must be explained; poverty is natural. But when you see poverty settle in like an infestation of slime mold, staining a whole modern city or region, you begin to wonder. As Ron Bailey

  • reich_doublespeak_022515
    Robert Reich, Mythed Up

    onsumer sovereignty is the idea that in markets consumers call the shots. In capitalism, most mass production is indeed for the masses, and the masses have a big say in what gets done. All profits and wages of successful businesses come from consumers. But don’t take this too far. Consumers

  • education, parents, children, Virginia, freedom
    Parents in Context

    Consider the intersection of freedom and decontextualized fragments. The specific “decontextualized fragments” in question appear in great and not-so-great works of literature, assigned in public schools for young adults to read: a graphic rape scene in Toni Morrison’s Beloved; racial slurs in Huckleberry Finn; sex, violence. “Virginia regulators are drafting

  • CAUTION_DontOverFeed
    general freedom
    Over-Feed At Your Own Risk!

    Caution: Do Not Over-Feed Government! Get a high-resolution screensaver of this image. Click on the image below to open large version that you can download.  

  • Thomas, Sowell, intellectual, race, Common Sense
    general freedom
    The Pattern Here

    Thomas Sowell, who retired from his syndicated column last week, may be the greatest public intellectual of our time. Though he is “an original,” an iconoclast, his work is best seen as the carrying on of a tradition. Or two. Consider his most famous research area: race. An African-American, Sowell

  • Trump cocktail
    Townhall: Terrorists in Plain Sight

    Should we “err on the side of security”? We shouldn’t err at all. That gets us nowhere. And unthinkingly sticking to failed notions of security is not helping avoid mistakes. Click on over to Townhall. Then back here for more intel. The Intercept: From Paris to Boston, Terrorists Were Already

  • Dan Hannan, Krist Novoselic, and an image provided by Gad Saad
    Video: 2016 — best year ever?

    Lots of people are saying that 2016 was “the worst.” Dan Hannan disagrees: Krist Novoselic, my colleague at, here gives a little talk about how we can change our democratic processes for the better. “We’re getting there,” he says, about the organization’s substantial election reform — a non-partisan variety

  • terrorism, surveillance, privacy, fingerprint, targeted, illustration
    In Plain Sight

    The Berlin terrorist attack just a little over a week ago fit a noteworthy pattern. German authorities had investigated Anis Amri — the Tunisian man who drove that large truck into a crowded Christmas market, killing 12 and wounding 56 others — and found “links with Islamic extremists.” Later killed

  • Rockettes, democracy, inauguration, Trump, media, entertainment, illustration, association, voluntary
    ideological culture
    Democracy — Oh, My!

    The President-elect has had some difficulty booking celebrity acts for his inauguration. And instead of taking this as a cue to trim down on celebratory excess, his team has extended the guest performer list to include New York’s world-famous chorus line dancers, the Rockettes. The leggy, sequined showgirls might seem

  • Tampa, initiative, corruption, Mayor, Mike Deeson, Mayor Bob Buckhorn
    Rules for Rulers?

    Politicians in Tampa, Florida, have forced citizens there to vote for term limits, and then vote to keep those term limits again and again — against attempts to repeal or weaken the limits. So I keep my eye out for news from the city. Earlier this month, Mike Deeson, an

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture, crime, drugs, marijuana, stealing, theft, police abuse
    Stealing Now Unpopular

    Civil asset forfeiture is stealing. So, why is it still happening? Police seize boats, cars, houses and cash that they allege were used in the commission of a crime or were proceeds from the crime. Sometimes they simply take cash found on a motorist in a normal traffic stop, claiming

  • horse before the cart, strategy, Democrats, Clinton, backwards, voters, white, Trump
    Common Sense
    They Don’t Need No Stinkin’ White Men?

    All informed, concerned adults should vote. If they want to. Yes, I am all for ballot access, and suggestions that we must minimize the vote in any election elicit a shiver: calls for voter participation reduction give me the creeps. But that does not mean that every push for increased

  • Christmas, Common Sense, American, freedom, Paul Jacob, patriotic, citizen, illustration, Christmas Card
    Townhall: This Old Man’s Wish List

    Merry Christmas! Oh, and before you get too comfortable, click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for more nog: The Sentinel: Ficker surprised by size of term limit win U.S. Term Limits: Municipal Election Results (2008-2014) Time: See How Donald Trump’s Proposed Term Limits Would Eliminate Half of

  • washingtondelaware565
    by Paul Jacob
    Video: Christmas 2016

    A holiday message from Paul Jacob:

  • Christmas, Common Sense, American, freedom, Paul Jacob, patriotic, citizen, illustration, Christmas Card
    general freedom
    Capturing Christmas

    The festival of Hanukkah begins tomorrow at sundown; Christmas is on Sunday. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a time to spend with family and friends, to appreciate what’s most important in life. And maybe even to forget about politics for a bit. But remember one political or

  • gun, control, gun control, freedom, Confucius, disarm, defense, Mencken, illustration
    crime and punishment
    The Truth About Gun Control

    Confucius said that our first task is to “rectify the language.” That amounts to word control, but we probably should not take that too literally. We cannot “control the language.” Instead, we should take caution: error often rests upon improper word choice. Take as an example not word control, but

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