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  • Margaret Sanger, population, progressivism, panic, birth rate,
    The Ex-Explosion

    When I was a kid, the trendy worry was “the population bomb.” Now we are supposed to worry about a population . . . fizzle? “The U.S. birth rate has hit a new record low,” writes Peter Dockrill in Science Alert, “with women in nearly every age group giving birth

  • Karl Marx, communism, socialism, death, failure, China, Chinese, German city of Trier
    China Marks Marx Anniversary

    The Chinese government has sought to honor the birth of Karl Marx (1818-1883) by giving a giant bronze statue of the social philosopher and pseudo-economist to the German city of Trier, his birthplace. Agreeing that Trier and Marx should be thus honored, local officials shamefully accepted the donation. Marx was

  • right to try, treatment, healthcare, Rights, FDA, democrats, Congress, medicine, experimental,
    Hooray for Congress!

    When Congress behaves badly, I criticize. When it works well, I applaud. I’ve waited a long, long, long time to put my hands together in polite applause. It happened yesterday. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a Senate bill, largely along party lines, to give those facing a terminal illness

  • guns, gun control, second Amendment, school shooting,can we do nothing?
    crime and punishment
    What to Do

    Another school shooting — more dead and injured, many more terrified by the violence. And, in its wake, more demands for gun control, schools as hardened targets, and mental health initiatives. Oh, and finger-pointing at video games, too. So what should we do? Stop publicizing the names of these school

  • North Dakota’s junior U.S. Senator, Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat, FCC, Rob Port, censorship, freedom of speech, 2nd Amendment
    The Steps Beyond Argument

    Rob Port’s job is to have an opinion. Opinions breed counter-opinions. Unfortunately, they sometimes conjure up concerted campaigns to pressure opinion-makers to shut up. So, no surprise that his reporting — on his radio talk show and in print — on the doings and not-doings of North Dakota’s junior U.S.

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    Townhall: Port in the Storm . . . of War

    Here is a new story. New news, because not something that has received a lot of coverage. Sure, it is about a political fracas in North Dakota. But if it seems eerily familiar, that’s because it is: the story serves as a microcosm of the current chaotic ideological macrocosm. Click

  • video
    Google “Mind Control”

    Can the behemoth help itself? Is there nothing it will not contemplate?

  • Rand Paul, John McCain, Vladimir Putin, balanced budget, spending cap
    Working for Whom?

    Two articles on Sen. Rand Paul appeared in my Reason feed the other day. Up top. So it was hard not to look. They were “John McCain: It ‘Wasn’t Incorrect’ to Say Rand Paul Was ‘Working for Vladimir Putin’” and “Rand Paul’s Plan to Balance the Budget by 2023 Will

  • Scot Peterson, Parkland, police, pension, Broward County, Florida, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, guns, gun control, second amendment
    Cowards All Around

    Just-retired Scot Peterson is a millionaire, thanks to the generous taxpayers of Broward County, Florida. You know Peterson as the sheriff’s deputy assigned to protect students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, who, instead of entering the building where the shooter was mowing down 17 unarmed students and teachers, protected

  • guns, cars, regulations, meme, gun control, second amendment
    Simplistically Wrong

    A clever “meme” made the rounds earlier this year showing, in two columns, what it would be like were guns regulated like cars. How reasonable that would be! “Title and tag at each point of sale”; “Driver training”/“Gun training”; Liability insurance on each vehicle/gun”; etc. It seems sound, no? No.

  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Seattle, taxes, homeless tax, business
    Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Is …

    A half a year ago, when trying to make sense of the much-publicized search for Amazon’s “HQ2” — a second headquarters city, away from Seattle — I concentrated on the subsidies that cities and metro areas were apparently throwing at Amazon. It all seemed desperate, indecent. But there was a story

  • schools, corruption, D.C., Washington, education, cheating, incentives, teachers, union
    Reading, Writing & Racketeering

    When I attended a public school — many decades ago, in a galaxy far, far away — teachers told students that cheating was unacceptable and would be punished. Harshly. Today, the idea has students laughing — all the way to graduation. Last year, after DC Public Schools officials breathlessly announced

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    Townhall: A Little Rebellion Is a Good Thing?

    The burgeoning decentralization story is bigger than could be told on Thursday. So click on over to Townhall for more hints at how big this story is. Then come back here and leap into the issue Big Time. . . . Theory and History: Common Sense with Paul Jacob: Two

  • video
    Don Boudreaux Explains It All

    An excellent conversation with the economist perhaps most widely known for his fantastic letters to the editors of various major publications and for the blog Cafe Hayek:

  • public schools, education, democracy,, propaganda, ignorance
    education and schooling
    Grading Democracy on the Curve

    Voters, we are told, are amazingly ignorant. So, what to do? “Ultimately, the ideal democracy is one in which as many citizens as possible vote,” writes Dambisa Moyo at The Guardian, “and the voters are armed with the most objective information. Yet today only a fraction of the electorate are

  • decentralize, centralize, federal and state and county, power, nullification, distributed
    crime and punishment
    A Sanctuary from Centralization

    Defiance . . . nullification. It is a trend. I take it as a sign of our contentious times that we now witness states in open rebellion against centralized control from the Imperial City of Washington, D.C., while cities and counties are also rattling the chains set by their respective

  • tin foil hat, D.C. Councilman Trayon White, climate control, conspiracy, jews, antisemitism
    Low Bigotry Expectations

    “Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation,” explained Washington, D.C. Councilman Trayon White back in March. White (who is black) went on to accuse “the Rothschilds” (who were Jewish financiers) of “controlling the climate

  • Trump, dictator, war powers, Congress, Executive, power, incompetence

    “For some time now,” writes Sen. Rand Paul for The American Conservative, “Congress has abdicated its responsibility to declare war.” Kentucky’s junior senator knows how unconstitutional this is. “The Founders left the power to make war in the legislature on purpose and with good reason,” Rand Paul explains — correctly.

  • prom dress, cultural appropriation, racism, political correctness, Keziah Daum
    education and schooling
    The Propriety of Cultural “Appropriation”

    Young Keziah Daum committed a terrible crime. She wore a traditional Chinese dress and displayed it online. No wonder she was chastised by hordes of frothing guardians of cultural purity. Many Chinese themselves say they find the criticism baffling. Perhaps they are burdened by common sense. They are probably not

  • Milo Yiannopoulis, Democratic Socialists of America, Churchill Tavern, New York, Nazi
    Townhall: Mobs Against Our Rights

    Over at Townhall, the logic of “inclusion” is examined — and the examination includes an explanation for why exclusion is the usual tactic of the inclusionists. Click back here for the back-up. Yelp: Churchill Tavern Fox News Insider: ‘Nazi Scum, Get Out’: Milo Yiannopoulos Heckled by Crowd, Driven Out of

  • video
    The Racist/Fascist in the White House

    A perspective on presidential racism and fascism:

  • Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods, corruption, Arkansas, conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering
    Sweet Schadenfreude?

    Yesterday, jurors convicted former Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods on 15 felony counts consisting of conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering. Woods was at the center of a corrupt scheme to reward cronies at Ecclasia College and AmeriWorks with GIFs — state General Improvement Funds — in return

  • Studio System, antitrust, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon
    crime and punishment
    The Studio System: The Sequel

    Evermore virtue signaling, everless virtue — that pretty much encapsulates Oscars’ night. The industry that brought us Harvey Weinstein and the occasion for #MeToo made the 90th Academy Awards two months ago unwatchable for most of us. Now, as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences loses touch with

  • free speech, Trump, First Amendment, rights, college, campus, tolerance
    Exit Strategy Advised

    The First Amendment applies only against governments, but our free speech rights can be violated by nearly anyone. These days, these rights are most notoriously and routinely violated by mobs of students . . . attending colleges and universities nearly all of which depend upon taxpayer subsidies. David E. Bernstein,

  • Spencer Byrd, crime, asset forfeiture, police, Chicago, law enforcement, theft, stealing, government
    Guilty of Innocence

    If you are innocent of a crime, should you be punished as if guilty? Despite no arrest, no trial, no conviction? If you say “Yes,” raise your hand. I see no raised hands among my regular readers. But my readers don’t include the wicked Chicago officials who impounded the automobile

  • Milo Yiannopoulis, Democratic Socialists of America, Churchill Tavern, New York, Nazi

    The right of free assembly is central to a free society. Not everyone understands this. Last week, conservative/“cultural libertarian” provocateur Milo Yiannopoulis went into the Churchill Tavern in New York to dine with fellow gay journalist Chadwick Moore. Also in the establishment? The New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists

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    Townhall: Indefensible Human Beings

    In the late 19th century, with the rise of union rioting, socialist agitation, and the anarchists’ “propaganda by the deed,” politics got ugly. Perhaps the reason Progressives came into power through both major parties was as a relief valve to civilize the tide of leftist violence. We are witnessing this

  • video
    A Historic Moment, Minimum Snark

    The Young Turks is a leftist-progressive YouTube news commentary outfit whose main commentators are Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. They are resolutely anti-Trump. But here we see a second-string panel handle the Korea unification story, and it is droll to note that they have so little occasion to attack the

  • Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, minimum wage, jobs, anchor, bait and switch, negotiation, bargaining
    How Bernie’s Like Trump

    Yesterday I made fun of Bernie Sanders’ jobs guarantee idea. Today, let’s take it seriously. Not as policy, mind you. As propaganda. It’s not worth talking about as a policy because there is no policy yet. “It is not clear when Sanders will announce the plan,” Fox News relates, “and

  • Citizen Kang, Simpsons, Bernie Sanders, socialism, health care, income, welfare
    Twirling Towards Freedom?

    Does Bernie Sanders remind you of “Citizen Kang”? Vermont’s [S]ocialist Senator is whipping up a new plan for America: to “guarantee a job with at least a $15-per-hour wage and health benefits to every adult American ‘who wants or needs one,’” we are told. What was it that the slavering

  • UK, British, politics, parties, centrist, left, right, partisan
    ideological culture
    The Centre Cannot Hold

    The British may spell their words in funny ways, but their political problems do not seem all that foreign. Their left-of-center party has gone far left, Marxoid left; their right-of-center party has gone ultra-incompetent. A healthy majority of Brits disapprove of both parties. So, no wonder many Brits are looking

  • Cuba, New York Times, communism, socialism, freedom, slavery
    general freedom
    The Cuban Slavery-and-Freedom Sandwich

    How easy is it to mix freedom with just the right amount of slavery? New York Times reporter Azam Ahmed regards the attempt to mingle political opposites as noble or at least understandable. He doesn’t call Cuban Communism and its destructive effects “bad” — it’s a “unique tapestry.” He wonders,

  • De-Escalate Washington, Tim Eyman, Initiative 940, initiative, democracy, shootings
    Principle and Compromise

    Last Friday, Tim Eyman — the Evergreen State’s best-known ballot initiative practitioner — won an important court case. But he also scuttled an amazingly impressive compromise between state legislators, police, and the proponents of Initiative 940. The measure was written and promoted by De-Escalate Washington, a group that includes several

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    Townhall: The Man Who Saved the Evergreen Constitution

    A major win — a double win! — for citizens-in-charge government. Click on over to Townhall for the big story. And the come back here for a little more: The Stranger: Eyman Wins, Judge Orders Deadly Force Initiative to Go on the November Ballot Seattle Times: Washington lawmakers violated state

  • video
    Tom Sowell on Schooling, Discrimination, Everything

    An excerpt from Dave Rubin’s recent big interview with Thomas Sowell: And here is the first part of that interview:

  • term limits, elections, voting, limits, white lines, yellow lines, democracy
    ballot access
    The Yellow and White Lines

    If I’ve heard it one million times, I’ve heard it ten: “We already have term limits; they’re called elections.” A statement usually offered as the beginning and end of wisdom regarding the problems term limits are designed to tackle. Equally “profound” is the collateral claim that “the only term limits

  • draft, selective service, conscription, war, slavery, servitude, Congress, hearings
    crime and punishment
    Leave Those Kids Alone

    Congress created The National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service “to consider and develop recommendations concerning the need for a military draft, and means by which to foster a greater attitude and ethos of service among American youth.” Is it possible that Congress and the commissioners have never considered

  • deep state, shallow state, free speech, censorship, first amendment, law. university
    The Shallow State

    Amidst all the talk of The Deep State, we are in danger of losing track of a parallel problem: the Shallow State — which, despite lack of depth, is very wide. I am referring to government employees who increasingly abandon any pretense of impartiality. And the public institutions that protect

  • union, labor, France, brick, busting, scab, President Emmanuel Macron,
    Less Bullying, S’il Vous Plaît

    I oppose unions. Or, to speak more precisely, I oppose those tactics too often used by unions intended to render societies hostage to their demands — as we’re seeing in France. For the last few months, a series of strikes has been conducted by various unionized workers in protest of

  • Congress, Facebook, hearings, control, regulations, Mark Zuckerberg, censorship, censor, regulate
    That Something You Do

    Congress grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, last week, and as usual ended up roasting itself. “Zuckerberg has already experienced the worst punishment of all,” quipped comedian Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. “He had to spend four hours explaining Facebook to senior citizens.” Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, retiring after his

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    Townhall: Don’t Fiddle with the Franchise

    Well, the march to lower the voting age proceeds apace. Click on over to Townhall for Paul’s expanded thoughts from Thursday. Then come back here to expand thoughts on your own: Washington Post: Youthful March for Our Lives revives push to lower voting age to 16 in D.C. Washington Post:

  • video

    Well, this clears it all up: But questions remain: This time they are absolutely sure of their proof of evilness of the enemy: We really can trust them this time.

  • national debt, debt clock, Mercatus Center, economics, economy, folly,
    While the Clock Ticks

    Pushing annual federal spending over a trillion bucks into the red? It has consequences.   “Our debt is growing, and it’s growing fast,” writes Veronique de Rugy at Reason. “Though it’s a shame that lawmakers passed tax cuts without cutting spending to offset short-term losses in revenue, there’s no doubt

  • voting age, democracy, elections, adult, maturity
    ballot access
    Fiddling with the Franchise

    In 2013, Tacoma Park, Maryland, became the first place in the U.S. to allow 16-year-olds to vote in local elections.* Now, Washington, D.C., Councilman Charles Allen, “inspired by the high-schoolers who are campaigning for gun control and filled D.C. streets last month in a massive protest that mesmerized the country,”

  • Syria, Donald Trump, Trump, war, wag the dog, diversion, antiwar, gas, gassing, chemical, chlorine, false flag
    Wag the Wolf

    Once upon a time, President Donald Trump was against attacking Syria merely on grounds that its dictator is a murderously bad guy — despite numerous chemical attacks on civilians in opposition-occupied and -contested areas that had been blamed on Syrian dictator Bashar Hafez al-Assad. Almost exactly a year ago, a

  • Maryland legislature, pork, Amazon, tax break, Jeff Bezos, Senator Roger Manno
    Selling Us Out

    Last week, Maryland’s Legislature enacted an $8.5 billion package of tax breaks and infrastructure improvements to lure Amazon into building its second corporate headquarters in Montgomery County, Maryland, bordering Washington, D.C. State Senator Roger Manno, the only legislator from the county to vote against the subsidy, dubbed it “a $5

  • GAO, racism, race, boys, Roseanne, schools, education, bias
    crime and punishment
    Bias and Blindness

    Neither stretching the truth nor ignoring it helps beat back implicit or explicit racism.  Yesterday, my column took the Washington Post to task for misstating the results of a recent GAO report. The GAO noted wide discrepancies between the percentage of students facing disciplinary actions who are black, male and

  • links
    Townhall: Race, Sex and Media Bias

    It would be very helpful if our professional reporters and journalists would just state the truth, and not mislead us with evasions and misdirection. Click on over to for a recent and quite significant example. Washington Post: Implicit racial bias causes black boys to be disciplined at school more

  • video
    Talking with Protesters

    An interesting approach to reporting on American opinion: The interviewer interviewed:

  • NRA, monolith, March for our Lives, members, gun control, guns
    The Myth of the Monoliths

    According to organizers of the “March for Our lives,” the National Rifle Association is wholly evil, a corrupter of democracy, a malign presence straight out of Mordor, bent upon murder — a monolithic influence responsible for every mass shooting event. The clearest expression of this is by young David Hogg,

  • Veterans Administration, health care, VA, waste, waiting time, Secretary Dr. David Shulkin, Donald Trump,
    You’re Fired!

    If government were reality TV — and it is — this current administration would obviously be The Apprentice. Who do you most want fired? Last week, President Trump gave Veterans Administration Secretary Dr. David Shulkin the heave-ho, after a “damning” Inspector General’s report not only charged Shulkin with misusing tax

  • Roseanne Barr, sitcom, sit-com, comedy, Television, controversy, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, satire
    ideological culture
    The Sitcom Society

    If we are entering a new Golden Age of television, it is for the most part passing the legacy TV networks by. So, Roseanne Barr to the rescue! The reboot of ABC’s Roseanne — a hit situation comedy of the late 1980s and much of the 1990s — should put the

  • USPS, Post Office, monopoly, competition, Amazon, discounts
    The Post Office Scam

    The President of the United States says that the U.S. Postal Service is scamming us by offering shipping discounts to Amazon, the mail-order giant. “Post Office scam must stop.” President Trump is hovering in the vicinity of the right idea. But what about government-required discounts for shippers? Are these scams

  • free range, freedom, Utah, children, walk, outside, law, hysteria
    crime and punishment
    Ecstatic with Independence

    Utah’s legislature unanimously passed it; the governor signed it — the nation’s first measure protecting what’s become known as “free-range parenting.” It was once known simply as “parenting.” Certain activities are now exempt from a state law criminalizing child neglect. Children may legally “walk, run or bike to and from

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    Townhall: Evil Weed or Good Cash Crop?

    What a mess: the War on Drugs; marijuana legalization; the very words we use to talk about either or both. Click on over to for more clarification. Then come back here to check the references — a few of which might clear up some of the confusions that may

  • video
    Arms Against Tyranny

    For those who need to be reminded (or remind others) that government can be dangerous, and that this fact is relevant for discussions of citizen armament rights, this short video may help. Caution: irony is part of the method to this vlogger’s very smart presentation. Do not give up on

  • planned parenthood, left, Trump, extremism, radical, Trump, funding
    The Abortionists’ Cartoon Advice

    Let it not be said that Planned Parenthood lacks for principles. When Donald Trump offered a deal, last year, to fund Planned Parenthood only if the organization would stop doing abortions, the company immediately clarified the situation. “Offering money to Planned Parenthood to abandon our patients and our values is

  • hemp, marijuana, legalization, prohibition, THC, CBD, Mitch McConnell
    crime and punishment
    High on Hemp?

    Hemp is not marijuana. And yet it is. Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he will introduce legislation to legalize industrial hemp. He is not concerning himself with marijuana, which is what we call the plant Cannabis sativa when cultivated for its Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, the principal

  • mass transit, metro, cars. low income, recession
    Bailing on Mass Transit

    Around the country, our major metropolitan transit systems have hit the skids. “Between 2016 and 2017, ridership fell in each of the seven largest transit markets,” the Washington Post informs. You might guess that the reason for declines in ridership might have something to do with bad planning and poor

  • Craigslist, HR 1865, "FOSTA", Trump, Congress, censorship, liability
    crime and punishment
    Unlovely Congress

    If you recently tried to post a personal ad on Craigslist, the popular classified-ad site, you were in for a shock. Craigslist has suddenly discontinued all personals. You can still sell your used rototiller, but forget about telling the world you’re lost in Louisville looking for love. The company doesn’t

  • Trump, Congress, budget, 2nd Amendment, guns,
    national politics & policies
    Was the Line Crossed?

    Everybody has a limit, a point after which they reach for the nearest weapon and fire. Or, in normal politics, withdraw support and go on the attack. But it is not normal politics right now. In mid-March, a Congressman from Long Island expressed his frustration with the Trump administration by

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    Townhall: I Call BS

    This weekend over at, the subject is guns, gun violence, and protest. Oh, and “BS” — and the calling of same. Click on over, then come back here for more hits of wisdom: Washington Post: A school shooting could happen anywhere. That’s why students from everywhere are marching. CNN:

  • video

    The 2200-page $1.3 trillion Omnibus bill at least one senator is trying to read before voting on it. That man? Sen. Rand Paul, of course. He speaks of an “unholy alliance” to engage in evermore spending. There is, he says, not too little but, instead, “too much compromise” in Washington:

  • gaslight, gas-light, delusion, reality, Resist
    Bipartisan Planks

    When a partisan discovers that opposition leaders engage in blatant, bald-faced lying, do you find it charming . . . or sad? Donald Trump and his “administration are gaslighting us,” writes Ariel Leve. “It’s a term we are hearing a lot of right now.” Of course we are. “The term

  • Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, data mining, hack, hacking, elections, democracy, meddling
    The Real Democracy Hack

    A whistleblower in a British data company called Cambridge Analytica accuses his company of stealing as many as 50 million Facebook profiles. This is the latest version of the “hacked the election” meme pushed by the establishment after Trump’s 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton. Cambridge received data on 270,000 Facebook

  • Blaine Gaskill, school shooting, gun, gun control, Maryland, defense, 2nd Amendment
    crime and punishment
    Good Guy With Gun

    Short version of the story: a good guy with a gun at a Maryland high school stopped a bad guy with a gun. In less than a minute. How? Because the good guy had a gun and was inside the school with the gun. The bad guy was able to

  • South Africa, land, expropriation, reform, genocide, refuges, media, racism
    crime and punishment
    Governments Gone Wilding

    I was late to the story, and had a hard time finding information on the anti-white violence in South Africa — farm families raped, pillaged, slaughtered, beheaded. And I wasn’t at all aware of the “land reform” that South Africa’s Congress is voting on, the explicit aim of which is

  • Florida, Proposal 97, Constitution, democracy, voting, initiative, Constitution Revision Commission
    ballot access
    New-Fangled Vote Counting

    Call me old-fashioned, but when you go to the pols to cast your vote on a ballot measure, your Yes vote should count for yes and your No vote for no. And if you choose not to vote, your non-vote should count for neither yes nor no. That’s just common

  • equality, freedom, Milton Friedman
    general freedom
    Equality vs. Freedom

    “A society that puts equality—in the sense of equality of outcome—ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.” —Milton and Rose Friedman, Free to Choose, p. 148.

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    Townhall: Career, No Career (A Tale of Two Pols)

    What does it take to make a difference in politics? Is the thirteenth year the magic number, or does time in office guarantee nothing but corruption? Click on over to Townhall. Come back here for more information and perspective. YouTube: Nick Freitas Announces Senate Run to Unseat Tim Kaine Washington

  • video
    “The Family Makes Us Free”

    Ezra Levant and Andrew Klavan chat about anti-family indoctrination:

  • blackboard, sheep, public schools, indoctrination, protest, guns
    education and schooling
    Civic Engagement Activities

    I love a good protest. My first was in Mrs. Grubb’s third grade class, after a substitute teacher gave us a ton of math homework. During recess we organized and delivered a written statement  announcing a student strike against doing the math. Believe it or not, the assignment was withdrawn,

  • Nick Freitas, Republican, Virginia’s House of Delegates, libertarian, conservative freedom
    general freedom
    Liberty Rising?

    “Let me make something very clear,” Nick Freitas stated unequivocally. “I don’t have a political career.” Freitas, a Republican member of Virginia’s House of Delegates announcing his candidacy for the United States Senate, was responding to advice that running against incumbent Sen. Tim Kaine “could hurt [his] political career.” It’s music

  • Christina Hoff Sommers, Lewis & Clark Law School, Federalist Society, fascism, free speech, censorship, no platform
    education and schooling
    The Critique of Pure Intolerance

    If you are older than 50, you probably remember when “liberal” meant free speech advocacy to the point of absolutism. “I may disagree with what you say,” stalwart liberals pledged back in the Sixties, “but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Nowadays, if you are under

  • Facebook, censorship, censor, first amendment, free speech, Citizens United, elections
    First Amendment rights
    Why They Hate the First Amendment

    Does banning Facebook in the weeks leading up to an election sound like freedom? “The corrosive effect of social media on democratic life,” writes The New Republic’s Jeet Heer, “has led both French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make the same threat to Facebook: self-regulate

  • Oklahoma State Senator, Mike Schulz, term limits
    Too Ignorant to Lead

    I’m convinced. Oklahoma State Senator Mike Schulz, leader of his chamber, has persuaded me that he just can’t do his job. He should have resigned years ago. Too late now, alas; he’s about to be termed out of office. Well, better late than never, I always say. Schulz burbles that

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    Townhall: Trump’s Tariffs, Congress’ Cowardice

    Trade policy and a do-nothing Congress, a match made in hell … read about it at Townhall. And come back here for more kindling: National Review: Congress Handed to the President the Power to Level Tariffs Townhall: Lifetime Tenure — Or Longer? CRS: Congressional Careers: Service Tenure and Patterns of

  • video
    When Doomsday Fails to Arrive on Schedule

    Daniel Hannan tells a classic tale from the history of social psychology, and draws a Brexit lesson: The story he tells was written about, originally, in the classic treatise by Leon Festinger, Henry Riecken and Stanley Schachter, When Prophecy Fails (1955).

  • pig, pigliets, crony capitalism, Delta, NRA
    Georgia on My Dime

    After the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, followed by pressure from gun control advocates, Delta Airlines announced it would end its corporate relationship with the National Rifle Association, whereby NRA members were given discounts on travel.* Meanwhile, Georgia legislators were in the process of passing legislation to give Delta

  • matchbook, Congress, term limits, legislative, power
    Like Motel Matches

    When President Trump announced he was slapping a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum, a friend asked me how the president could possibly possess such unilateral authority.  That was my first thought, too, before surmising that Congress had again given away its constitutional power, as

  • trade war, fractured, division, Alex Jones, censorship, boycott, civility, civil discourse
    The Other Kind of Trade War

    President Donald Trump’s promise — threat? mere negotiating gambit? — to add a 25 percent tariff on steel could usher in a new international trade war, which he says is “easy to win” but which in reality could lead to a cascade of tariff increases worldwide, throttling trade and plummeting

  • Timothy Locke, Cherry Hill High School East in New Jersey, gun, gun control, 2nd Amendment, hysteria
    Insufferable Common Sense

    Sometimes common sense and open discourse can’t be suffered — or won’t be, anyway. So discovered Timothy Locke, a popular teacher at Cherry Hill High School East in New Jersey, after discussing the possibility of arming teachers to help protect adults and kids from would-be mass-murderers. Locke also suggested that

  • Donald Trump, comedian, stand up, kidding, term limit, dictator, joke, humor, King
    Jokesters in Power

    Ronald Reagan was known to make a jest or two. After being shot, he joked with his surgeons about their partisanship. In front of a hot mic, he shocked the media by saying he had “signed legislation to outlaw Russia forever,” and that bombing would begin “in five minutes.” The

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    Townhall: Justice Post Blindfold

    Sometimes law is just politics. But must it be so? Make a motion over to Townhall, and then make your appeal back here. Washington Post: Scalia embraced compromise on unions. Today’s Supreme Court should, too. (editorial) Liberty Justice Center: Janus v. AFSCME SCOTUS: Oral Argument (Audio ) (Transcript) Illinois Policy

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