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  • education and schooling
    Down the Up Staircase

    or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Disadvantage This weekend at Townhall, Paul Jacob elevates the college admissions discussion. Click on over, then back here for further education upgrades: “The SAT will assign a new score that factors in where you live and the crime level in your neighborhood”

  • by Paul Jacob
    The Florida Squelch

    The second part of Paul’s video from last weekend:

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    Bertrand de Jouvenel

    There are philosophers who have given their minds to the phenomenon of disregard of laws and have sought out its causes. Much more surprising, however, is the opposite phenomenon of respect for laws and deference to authority. . . . It is as true today as it was ten thousand

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    education and schooling
    Gaming a Newly Rigged System

    Education is important. I want my young adult offspring to get into a great college or university. Sadly, my bribery fund is empty. Must she, then, rely only upon working hard for good grades and preparing for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)?  No. There is a workaround: find a way

  • North Dakota, State Auditor,
    Representative or Reprehensible?

    Seventy-seven million.  That is the dollar amount of “financial errors” that North Dakota State Auditor Joshua Gallion discovered in the last year, after launching performance audits at twice the rate of his predecessor.*  So, uncork the champagne! Huzzahs all around! Back slaps. But the back-slappers in the state legislature took

  • Jeff Bezos, moon, luna, conspiracy,
    Bezos’s Big Breakaway

    Something big may be about to happen.  Trump impeachment? Financial collapse? War with Iran? — each is all-too-likely, none desirable. But I am referring to space. In The Economist, May 14th, we read of Jeff Bezos’s itch to live off-planet.  The article is “Amazon’s boss reckons that humanity needs an

  • Common School, education, values, American, public school, law, lawyer,
    education and schooling
    Top School Fails

    Illiteracy, innumeracy, low standards, grade inflation — signs of a general failure of education, sure, and of public schooling in particular. But for the worst failing, look no further than Harvard University. The Ivy League school just caved to a student mob.  “Harvard said on Saturday that a law professor

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    general freedom
    Motherhood, Baseball & Life

    “Baseball is life,” say fans, meaning not merely that “the rest is just details,” but also that there are broader lessons to be gleaned from the game. Yesterday, on Mother’s Day, I told my mom how big a fan of hers I am, and the two of us Detroit Tigers

  • by Paul Jacob
    The “I Don’t Know” Law

    Florida’s Legislature has passed a law that would prohibit citizens’ initiative petitioners from receiving payment on a per-signature basis. They say it is to prevent fraud against the State. But is that really what they are doing? Paul Jacob says No.

  • video
    “You won’t escape judgment”

    Lindsay Shepherd, famous for being ganged up on by bullies (university administrators), defends her decision to devote herself to taking care of a baby while working jobs and not a career.

  • Bernie Sanders, 15, minimum wage, magic,
    free trade & free markets
    Pick a Number

    Is the number 15 “magical”? The “democratic socialists” now dominating the Democratic Party first went for the $15 national minimum wage notion. Now it’s a cap on consumer credit interest rates, at 15 percent. What’s next, 15 mph speed limits? Age 15 allowed to vote?  Fifteen men on a dead

  • U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross
    ideological culture
    The Very Opposite of Force

    One persuasive trick is to say the exact opposite of the truth, and say it with confidence.  What is that?  The proverbial “big lie”? Gaslighting? A “reality distortion field”? Whatever you call it, U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross (D-N.J.) used it at a hearing of the U.S. House Education and Labor

  • Venezuela, quagmire, mud, Maduro, socialism,
    For Freedom in Venezuela

    Last week’s coup in Venezuela flopped, it’s reported. But “coup” isn’t quite right: a popular rebellion failed to spark defections from key military commanders, who have become the end-all and be-all of Nicolás Maduro’s reign-at-rifle-point and rule by decree.  Anyone with open eyes can see the illegitimacy of the Maduro

  • Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, war, MSM, mainstream media,
    general freedom
    Bellicose Exclusions

    “Jones and his Infowars nutritional supplement sales empire are having a bit of a rough moment,” wrote Justin Peters last year at Slate, “since the bellicose conspiracist has recently been banned from several social media and podcast platforms due to his hostile and hateful behavior.” Like much of the commentary

  • Florida, Governor, Ron DeSantis, initiative, referendum,
    initiative, referendum, and recall
    Swampy Moves

    Late Friday, in the closing hours of Florida’s legislative session, an amendment “was thrown onto the lifeboat of a different, unrelated bill in a last-ditch effort,” reported the Miami Herald, “to limit citizen-driven ballot initiatives.”  With poisonous provisions appended, House Bill 5 rushed through both chambers in mere hours with

  • video
    Major Disaster Ahead?

    Repeatedly on this site, you have read warnings: civil unrest is not something we should yearn for, whether on political or racial or religious grounds. It could get ugly. Deadly. Yet rumors of civil war are spreading. Independent journalist Tim Pool covers the growing possibility of violence. And the growing

  • Jeapordy, Alex Trebek, James Holzhauer
    individual achievement
    Brave New Jeopardy World

    Answer: Television’s most intelligent game show. Question: What is Jeopardy? The show tests non-trivial knowledge, with the twist being that contestants are given the answer and must buzz-in quickly to supply the question.  Longtime viewers are most concerned these days about beloved host Alex Trebek’s battle with stage 4 pancreatic

  • democratic party, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, DCCC, Bill Lipinski, primary challenger,
    The Incumbency vs. Progressives

    “The Democratic Party leadership is choosing machine politics,” charged Alexandra Rojas, the young executive director of Justice Democrats, “over ushering in a new generation of leaders and the fundamental idea of democracy.” She specifically assails the DCCC’s blacklist of political professionals working for Democratic Party candidates who dare to challenge

  • Venezuela, guns, 2nd Amendment, self defense. socialism, rights,
    media and media people
    MSNBC Goes Caracas?

    Expressing the surprise in some quarters that Venezuelan despot “Maduro is hanging on,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell went to reporter Kerry Sanders to make sense of the tense situation in Caracas, that nation’s capital. “Not only hanging on, but he appears to still control the military,” Sanders replied, explaining: “You have

  • Congressman Joe Heck, draft, selective service, volunteers, national service
    general freedom
    Hypothetical Cowardice?

    We must treat real threats realistically.  But what to do with bizarrely hypothetical ones? Last week, former Congressman Joe Heck (R-Nev.), chairman of the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service, addressed witnesses at a hearing in Washington: “So I want to pose a hypothetical scenario and ask your

  • Gavin Newsom, Governor, California, gas, tax, prices, folly,
    A Fake Mystery

    California’s new top banana is playing politics the old-fashioned way: passing the buck. Last week Governor Gavin Newsom directed the California Energy Commission (CEC) to look into the state’s higher-than-average gasoline prices. “Independent analysis suggests that an unaccounted-for price differential exists in California’s gas prices and that this price differential

  • video
    Trump Dumps Media Grumps

    President Donald Trump skipped the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. This is hardly an affront to the First Amendment or openness in government, but that is the way some spin it. Fox’s Greg Gutfeld isn’t having any of it. To him, the jokes-for-charity event has gone from a light-hearted, friendly roast,

  • Putin, Trump, VEEP, collusion. NPC,
    ideological culture
    Vasily Goloborodko for President?

    Vladimir Putin may not be as powerful as feared. Not only does he apparently not pull the strings of the much-accused-of/now-cleared-of-collusion “Trump Puppet,” Putin also does not write comic lines for the “acting” president of Ukraine. You see, a few days ago Ukrainians held a run-off election to choose a

  • general freedom
    No Need

    “So, my bottom line is there is no need to continue to register people for a draft that will not come; no need to fight the battle over registering women, and no military need to retain the MSSA.” The MSSA is the Military Selective Service Act. It authorizes the Selective

  • slavery, reparations, blacks, guilt, white
    initiative, referendum, and recall
    The Cost of Reparations

    Nearly 180 years ago, the Jesuits who ran Georgetown University sold 272 enslaved persons to save the institution from insolvency. In a non-binding referendum earlier this month, the university’s undergraduate students voted to impose a student fee of $27.20 per semester to fund reparations for the descendants of those slaves.

  • UBI, universal basic income, $1000, welfare,
    ideological culture
    The Debate Begins?

    The Green New Deal? So yesterday!  “Millionaires and billionaires” paying “their fair share”? Well, after Bernie Sanders’ millionaire status hit the news, Democrats have some reason to shy away to . . . the Universal Basic Income! “UBI” for short. Right now the big pusher of the panacea is a

  • crying smiley, Congress, Independent Counsel, Willam Barr, The Mueller Report,
    Salty Tears of the Guilty

    The Mueller report has not calmed the partisan enmity roiling Washington. Many in Congress complain about Mueller not reaching a prosecutorial decision on the issue of obstruction of justice, thus leaving Attorney General William Barr to determine that actions by President Trump did not reach a criminal threshold.  But who

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    Townhall: Flavor-of-the-Month Leaves Bad Taste

    What Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Buttigieg repeatedly offers as a bold new idea is contradictory, and, because of that, dangerous.  For your kids’ lives and liberties. Click on over to this weekend’s column. “Pete Buttigieg Pushes National Service To Boost National Cohesion” with Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) April 15, 2019 “Pete

  • Paul Jacob, the draft, selective service, registration
    by Paul Jacob
    Save the Young

    A week ago or so, Paul Jacob participated in an online seminar regarding the draft: Freedom Hub Working Group – Paul Jacob – Liberty Initiative from MyAHE on Vimeo.

  • Ron Calzone, Missouri, free speech, lobbying, 1st Amendment,
    First Amendment rights
    Deep Show-Me State

    Worried about the Deep State undermining democracy in Washington? What about the Deep State in Missouri? Today, Ron Calzone will sit in a St. Louis courtroom with his wife, Anne, intently listening to arguments in his case, Calzone v. Missouri Ethics Commission, before the entire Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

  • Jimmy Dore, Tucker Carlson, Russia, julian assange,
    media and media people
    The Real Scandal Continues

    The Mueller Report goes public today, and though some hope to find within it a splinter of kindling upon which to light the bier for President Trump, odds are high for a fizzle, a wet firecracker on a Fifth of July morning.  Still, the whole Russiagate issue has not lacked

  • Buttigieg, draft, selective service, national service, involuntary servitude, slavery, Rachel Maddow,
    general freedom
    Big Issue 2020

    “National service will hopefully become one of the themes of the 2020 campaign,” said Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and Democratic Party presidential candidate. Why? Talking to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Mayor Buttigieg explained: “we really want to talk about the threat to social cohesion that helps characterize this

  • Donna Brazile, Fox, corruption
    Fair Share Unpaid

    The CNN onscreen contributor who snuck debate questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign in advance of the 2016 presidential debates is now a talking head on Fox News. “I am excited by the opportunity to share my perspective and views with the Fox News audience and to help shape the dialogue at this

  • Rep. Ted Lieu, Candace Owens, TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, racism, Hitler
    ideological culture
    In Lieu of Good Judgment

    Politicians often dare . . . too much.  But what did Rep. Ted Lieu dare to be last week? Candace Owens’ appearance before the House Committee on the Judiciary caused quite a stir. The subject was hate crimes and white nationalism, and she offered a wider perspective: “We’re not talking

  • video
    The Julian Assange Arrest

    While the big story early in the week was the Ted Lieu hit job on Candace Owens, later in the week another issue came up:

  • Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe, Donald Trump, Russia,
    media and media people
    Morning Mind-Probe

    There’s news reporting, done well or not, and opinion, with which one can agree or disagree. But on MSNBC’s Morning Joe you get something even more illuminating: mind-reading. Yesterday, the show addressed U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s testimony the previous day before a Senate subcommittee. Viewers were shown The Washington Post’s succinct front-page headline: “Barr

  • Joe Biden, licensing, salon, Occupational licensing, cosmetology, license
    free trade & free markets
    Hairdressers Unbound?

    Joe Biden, late of the U.S. Senate and Blair House, is not someone I typically rush to for policy advice. Were I looking for a weather vane to indicate whence bad ideas come a-gusting, in full poisonous gasbaggery, Biden might serve as well as any of the budding socialists now

  • ask not, draft, selective service, slavery, National Commission on Military, public service, involuntary servitude
    general freedom
    Save the Young

    Freedom is good, sure . . . for most of us, most of the time.  But the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service was funded by Congress to study whether perhaps just a smidgen of short-term slavery for young people might be a smart program, a nice change

  • white privilege, Jussie Smollett, Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal
    Systemic Refocusing

    Everyone comes into this world with advantages and disadvantages.  In the last century, public morality focused on the disadvantaged. Government policy changed dramatically, aiming to help those lacking many obvious advantages. But that focus got fuzzier and fuzzier as the ranks of disadvantaged people remained, even grew larger. Progress was

  • Chuck Schumer, Rachel Maddow, deep state, Donald Trump
    Long Gone Rogue

    Back in the 1990s, we used to talk about “rogue agencies” of the U.S. Government. And for good reason: the Branch Davidian massacre and the Ruby Ridge fiasco were hard to forget. After 9/11/2001, however, we cut the agencies some slack. Why? Their incompetence and our hope. But it became

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    Weekend With Basketball: Big Woman on Campus

    Gender equality — a concern that has come to sports.  Click on over to this weekend’s scoring of arguments, then come back for a few more free throws: “Notre Dame women headed back to title game after late rally to knock off Connecticut,” by Mike Bernardino (USAToday, April 4, 2019)

  • video
    Coming Full Circle on Segregation?

    Progressives have gone so far in the “safe space” direction that they are re-introducing segregation into the cultural center. “Separate but equal” is becoming more and more acceptable. “Normed,” as they say. But not everyone is on board:

  • Lori Lightfoot, Chicago, mayor, term limits
    term limits
    My Kind of Mayor?

    Chicago, the nation’s fabled “second city” — though, now the third largest incorporated metropolis in these United States — sports a new mayor. On Tuesday, Lori Lightfoot won the city’s mayoral runoff by a whopping 47 points, tallying 73 percent of the vote.  As reported, she is a mayor of

  • socialism, magic wand, economics, healthcare, prescription drugs, drugs,
    free trade & free markets
    Just Like That!

    “We will do that,” he said. Do what? “We will look at the average costs of prescription drugs in Canada, the UK, Germany, Japan and France,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders (I/D-Vt.), “which are 50 percent lower than they are in the United States,” he told Margaret Brennan on Face the

  • Matt Pitsch, Arkansas, initiative, citizen, ballot,
    ballot access
    The Rest of the News

    Reid Wilson’s very welcome reporting in The Hill, recently, was headlined, “GOP legislators clamping down on voter initiatives.”  This disrespect for the people and their basic, democratic check on legislative power is far too common, and something about which people need to know. For instance, ballot measures in Florida already

  • Democrat, incumbent, fairness, AOC
    AOC Right, DCCC Wrong

    “AOC is right as rain here,” I re-tweeted Sunday. And what was the usually all-wet U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) right about? “By stymieing primaries,” the freshman representative had tweeted at her own party’s congressional leaders and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), “you deny most voters their best chance

  • Joe Biden, creepy Joe, Uncle Joe, sexual, inappropriate
    Kiss Biden Goodbye?

    Lucy Flores was standing in front of the twice-elected Vice President of these United States at a 2014 campaign rally when, “unexpectedly and out of nowhere,” she recounts, she felt “Joe Biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my

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    Charity vs. Gum-Flapping

    This weekend at Townhall: real help as more meaningful than political posturing. Click on over, to read Paul’s Sunday column, if you haven’t already. But make sure to come back here, to donate (see below)! “DeVos Defends Plan to Eliminate Special Olympics Funding,” Washington Post (March 27, 2019) “Betsy DeVos is still

  • video
    AOC Misfires on Guns

    A paradigmatic Tweet gets a thorough examination.

  • Betsy Devos, education, special olympics, funding, budget, debt, spending,
    education and schooling
    Make Others Pay?

    Special Olympics has found a way to get kids and young adults with disabilities to feel something important: Able. Three decades ago, as part of a community service requirement, I spent one day each week working with physically and intellectually-challenged adults at Easter Seals in Little Rock, Arkansas. I loved

  • Alan Clark, Arkansas, term limits,
    initiative, referendum, and recall
    Catnip for Arrogant Politicians

    Arkansas Sen. Alan Clark pretends that his bill, Senate Joint Resolution 15, would toughen the term limits that apply to him. Clark’s masterpiece, which sailed through the Senate 27–3 on Tuesday, most certainly does not. While it purports to toughen term limits from 16 years to 12 years, read the

  • Nancy Pelosi, New Green Deal, aspirations,
    Awful Aspirations

    A funny thing happened on the way to voting on the Democrats’ Green New Deal (GND). With ‘earth in the balance,’ the proposal for fixing climate change — and so much more! — was granted its first procedural vote in the GOP-controlled U.S. Senate. It failed, 0-57. Sen. Edward Markey

  • Idaho, initiative, ballot, Senate Bill 1159, democracy, voting,
    ballot access
    Holding All the Trumps

    Last week, Idaho’s Senate Bill 1159 — “the bill to make it much harder to qualify a voter initiative or referendum for the Idaho ballot,” as the Idaho Press summarized it — passed the Senate on the narrowest 18–17 vote. Now headed to the House, the legislation would  nearly double

  • Rachel Maddow, Russia, investigation, Mueller Report,
    ideological culture
    The Anti-Orange Man Cult

    How do you know you are in an end-time cult? When you won’t accept the complete and utter failure of your prophecies when they come a cropper. So, am I talking about the classic Leon Festinger, Henry W. Riecken, and Stanley Schachter study in social psychology, When Prophecy Fails: A

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    Court-packing Pols

    The Democrats have their eyes fixed upon the prize: the Supreme Court. They are even making promises.  Click on over to, then come back here for even more of their plans. Left-wing group tries to raise money with a Supreme Court-packing fantasy, by Philip Wegmann, Washington Examiner Meet Pete Buttigieg,

  • incumbents
    “Everyone can be replaced”

    The Young Turks take note of an ominous sign from the party the progressives think is theirs. A leftist take on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s smoke-filled room machinations. Ana Kasparian spoke the line quoted in the title, above; John Iadarola spoke, sarcastically, the words used here as caption to

  • Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Venezuella, freedom, privacy, cash, money
    free trade & free markets
    Bitcoin to the Rescue

    I own no Bitcoin; it’s not my thing. The blockchain concept Bitcoin is based upon seems clever, sure, but I often curse at my “devices,” so only my politics prevents me from full-blown Luddism.  Besides, when I think “the people’s money” I don’t think “private fiat currency.” Which is what

  • ethics, post-modernism, age, science, academy, college
    ideological culture

    Joona Räsänen is a Finn and a “bioethicist” who teaches philosophy at the University of Oslo. But we are not going to talk ontology or mereology or modal logic, here — not intentionally, anyway. The subject is “trans-ageism.” A hotter topic in philosophy? Räsänen has had a paper published in

  • Bernie Sanders, Finland, health care, socialism, single payer, costs, spending
    free trade & free markets
    Finns Fail at Fix

    Finland’s government-run health care system is a mess.  This normally wouldn’t faze me much. I have to navigate our American mess, er, system. But Finland’s medical service delivery system is relevant to Americans — as is Denmark’s and Norway’s and Sweden’s — because the current crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls

  • Supreme Court, NPC, packing the court, FDR, law, justice, constitution
    national politics & policies
    The Court-Packers

    “What if there were five justices selected by Democrats,” presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke explored at an Iowa campaign stop, “five justices selected by Republicans, and those ten then pick five more justices independent of those who picked the first ten?” Beto, meet FDR. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried something similar

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Green New Deal, socialism, Greta Thunberg,
    ideological culture
    The Ominous Linkages

    What does a 16-year-old Swedish girl have in common with a popular 29-year-old U.S. Representative? Environmentalism and socialism. The young woman is Greta Thunberg, who spear-headed a “global movement of schoolchildren striking to demand climate change action.” The Representative is AOC, er, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who last month launched her

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    Townhall: Dear Fellow Peasant

    The core idea behind the institutions of representative government — state legislatures, city councils, Congress — is that lawmakers, sometimes referred to as “representatives,” should endeavor to implement “the will of the people.” Right? Stop laughing.  To be such a ‘servant of the people’ necessarily entails knowing the public’s preferences.

  • video
    CNN Sued for $275 million

    The Covington Catholic students’ Lincoln Memorial brouhaha has reached the next level of extremity: There has been much analysis of the suit. Timcast’s is worth checking out. Another worthwhile interview about the subject was conducted by Dave Rubin.

  • Government Property, draft, selective service, slavery, commission,
    general freedom
    There’s a Word for It

    The word is “effrontery.” With shameless boldness, two gentlemen testifying for mandatory “National Service” at a recent hearing of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service pitched the notion that social dysfunction and directionlessness among the young could be best solved by forcing them to work for government

  • Trump, deficit, spending, military, cuts, budget
    national politics & policies
    Seriously Not Serious

    While one segment of the voting public regards President Donald Trump as a heaven-sent savior, a louder mob treats Trump as the Beast, a veritable Anti-Obama.  I am in neither tribe. To me, Mr. Trump must be judged on what he does. Nominating Neil Gorsuch? A-plus. But The Donald has

  • licensing, license, permission, work, labor, regulations
    free trade & free markets
    Opportunity for . . . All?

    Simple pleasures are the best. So are simple questions. Senate Bill 2306 in North Dakota “would make it easier for spouses of military personnel to transfer their existing occupational licenses for use in North Dakota, provided they are in good standing and licensed by a reasonable entity,” explains Rob Port

  • Great Britain, British, England, knives, violence, freedom, surveillance,
    crime and punishment
    Porn, Video Games and British Crime

    British freedom is eroding. The attack comes from two directions. First, there is the over-bearing police-state style, surveillance-everywhere government. Second, there is the increasing violence. Thing is, the justification for Britain’s mass surveillance, as well as for strict gun controls, was to prevent crime. Oops. So of course the Labour

  • North Dakota, initiative, citizen initiative, ballot initiative, democracy, suppression
    March Sanity

    “A public debate on the merits of a measure can reveal its flaws,” the Bismarck Tribune calmly and reasonably editorialized yesterday, “and then we have to trust voters to do the right thing.” “Why are some legislators so afraid to allow North Dakota voters to decide what is in their

  • Bernie Sanders, climate change, global warming, extremism
    Green New Extremism

    Citation is here. And here.

  • Resist the Draft, Paul Jacob, National Service
    by Paul Jacob
    Congress Considers the Draft

    Yes, “mandatory national service” is a live topic — again! Mandatory National Service? on Vimeo. But the situation is not hopeless. This is not a “done deal.” Indeed, there is something you can do to prevent universal, intersex/all-gender mandatory conscription. Click here to find out more. Why not click right

  • surveillance, metadata, Snowden, Edward Snowden
    Fourth Amendment rights
    Snowden Won?

    “The phone records program” that Edward Snowden risked life, limb and freedom to expose “had never thwarted a terrorist attack,” the New York Times informs in a somewhat startling bit of reportage published on Monday. But that isn’t the startling part.  The National Security Administration’s unauthorized metadata phone-records collection program

  • Donald Trump, 4d Chess, strategy, Michael Cohen, investigation, Russia
    national politics & policies
    The Cohen Conspiracy?

    The whole “Russia conspiracy” charge, relentlessly picked at and hyped since Donald Trump’s election in 2016 — and, more relevantly, since Hillary Clinton’s loss — suggests that Trump’s an evil mastermind. The infamous “dossier” that included tales of Russian harlots in a suite Barack Obama stayed in, suggests that Trump’s

  • NEA, 1976, National Emergenncy Act, Congress, standards,
    national politics & policies
    A Congress-Proof Wall?

    When members of Congress run for the Presidency, they often talk a good game about acting within the boundaries set by the Constitution . . . but maybe we should roll our eyes, at least a bit, when senators like Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker complain about President Trump’s Executive

  • citizen's initiative, democracy, mob, North Dakota, initiative
    initiative, referendum, and recall
    Meet the Mob

    North Dakota faces a serious problem: The Mob.  “The point of being a republic is so that Mob doesn’t rule,” warned Chris Berg, host of Point of View on Fargo, North Dakota’s Valley News Live. “If you live in a true democracy that’s where Mob can rule.” Berg called citizens

  • socialism, comedy, tragedy, Bernie Sanders, democratic socialism
    ideological culture
    The Hilarity of a Serious Threat

    Is today’s politics tragic or comic? Take the current Democratic Party obsession with socialism. There is nothing more tragic than full-blown socialism: mind-control and the snitch society; purges and mass starvation, with millions upon millions dead. But give them credit: the trendy new Democrats say they’re only for the Nordic

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    Townhall: Socialist-ic

    This weekend at Townhall: The rise of self-proclaimed socialists within the ranks of the Democrats is alarming. But is it only tragic? Might not it be a little bit comic? Here you can find some context: Human Freedom Index (Cato Institute) Bernie’s Bogus “Medicare for All” (Common Sense), Paul Jacob (January 19, 2016)

  • video
    Gatekeeper Platforms?

    Social media is a jungle. The most popular platforms are engaged in gate-keeping practices we usually associate with edited publications, not open platforms. And now it is proven that Facebook is conspiring against some of its users for the benefit of an ideology. Proven? Well, there is this, courtesy of

  • Elizabeth Warren, housing bubble, crash, regulations, finance
    ideological culture
    Warren’s No Socialist

    Senator Elizabeth Warren knows that when people trade, both sides gain. She made that clear last year, in a fascinating interview in The Atlantic. But then she went blithely on, saying that she could fix markets by creating a “level playing field.” Markets create value, but Mrs. Warren asserts that

  • New York, Five Boroughs, split, division,
    general freedom
    New York, Pre Scission

    What might be the pluses and minuses to splitting New York State in two?  “Let’s look at it, get definitive figures,” says a first-term state senator, Daphne Jordan. Sen. Jordan serves a region in the eastern part of the state. Her proposal for an official study, as yet unsponsored in

  • Thomas Jefferson, term limits, democracy, Democratic-Republican,
    term limits
    Democratic-Republican Day

    “We live in a republic,” I often hear, “not a democracy!” Sometimes it seems like we live in neither. Today is the first National Term Limits Day. Its proponents aim to style February 27th as an annual event.  It’s a new thing.  But term limits themselves are not new. For

  • Paul Jacob, draft, registration, selective service, slavery, freedom
    general freedom
    National Disservice

    Common Sense focused on the draft, last week, specifically the idea of “national service,” too often portrayed as a wonderful enriching experience. My midweek commentaries “Old Codger Draft,” “The Opposite of Freedom,” and “Green New Conscript?” pinpointed the plethora of problems with enslaving folks.  On Thursday, I traveled with two

  • Bill Clinton, impeachment, sexual, #metoo, sex, scandal

    “Will Democrats regret if they don’t open an impeachment investigation?” NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked Heather McGhee, a distinguished senior fellow at Demos. “It’s important, right?” Ms. McGhee responded. “And we can have, you know, Bill Clinton impeached for obstruction of justice about a sexual affair,” she

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    Townhall: Uncle Sam Wants to Nationalize You!

    …this weekend at Townhall…. Some folks cannot leave well enough alone. They want not only your money and access to your property. They want you. And seek to compel you. To do what they want. And they see this because . . . freedom? Universal Service Hearing of National Commission

  • by Paul Jacob
    The Coming Draft?

    With talk of forcing young people to provide a year of “national service” to the government, why was Paul Jacob offering this exalted congressionally-established Commission advice about their website address?You must watch to discover.Sure, Congress may not be quite on the verge of legislating a mandatory year of national service

  • Sophie Scholl, White Rose, Nazis, Germany, Third Reich
    general freedom
    Ever Again?

    Today marks a solemn anniversary. Seventy-six years ago — on Feb. 22, 1943 — three German students at the University of Munich were tried for treason by the Nazis, convicted and then executed, all in one day. The method of execution: guillotine. Days earlier, Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie

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