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Save Me, Good and Hard

The problem with making my own decisions? I might make a mistake. That’s not good for me, is it? So what you government boys ought to do is make me scrape and bow and beg for permission. Make me fill out more forms, struggle with invasive new privacy-invading requirements. Make

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California, “the U.S. state most synonymous with all varieties of growth — vegetal, technological, and human — is at the precipice of its first-ever population decline,” writes Derek Thompson of The Atlantic. And folks in other states like Texas and Idaho are none too happy.  You see, the Californians fleeing

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The Anti-Worker Ism

Progressives who lean socialist used to hide their worst intentions. Now they are letting it all hang out. There have always been overt socialists in the U.S., of course. They would sometimes protest the reluctance of fellow travelers to fully embrace socialism’s moniker. But the sentiment “Ah, screw it, let’s

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Nixed Ski Trek App Flap

In Colorado, like other states, the people’s ingenuity often surprises. And in the Rocky Mountain State, like elsewhere, governments are known to worry about what free people do — and, unsurprisingly, often get in the way. A popular new ride-sharing app, called TreadShare, hit the market last month, designed to

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The Gig Is Up

Eventually, champions of government intervention, of all forms of thwarting independent judgment and killing dreams, find themselves under assault. From the public.  And you don’t need an economics degree to grasp why.  Initially, an intervention prevents other people from pursuing projects, getting jobs, earning a living. Then, finally, government meddling

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Disemploying Des Moines

Remember during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, when she promised “to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”?  She seemed surprisingly surprised that coal miners were so displeased.  Have no fear, however — quickly she highlighted her $30 billion plan to provide sustenance and re-training

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Politicians & Pain

Whenever a new panic runs through corporate media and the grapevine — and especially when the lesson is supposed to be ‘we’ve gotta do something!’ — it is time to slow down. And look at the facts. The opioid crisis is one of those panics. The almost immediate reaction from

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Income Inequality Takes Leave?

While addicts of partisan politics overdosed on impeachment, the Trump Administration wheeled and dealed with Congress to give more than two million federal workers 12 weeks of paid family leave and start up plans to establish a new and separate military service, the Space Force. “It is long overdue. It

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Gloating Time?

“The freak-out was something to behold,” I wrote two years ago. Newly appointed chair of Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, had just nixed ‘net neutrality,’ and reactions from the left end of the political spectrum were overwhelmingly negative. I, on the other hand, prophesied good times ahead. But we free-market

Whither Away?

“All around the world, earnest fans of socialism insist it has never failed, as critics claim, since ‘true socialism has never really been tried,’” the New York Post editorial board wrote on Tuesday. But socialism has been tried. It just doesn’t turn into the utopia socialists promise.  And the State

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Plunger Politics

President Donald Trump may win re-election because he dares speak the truth about toilets. A Washington Post tweet presents the president talking about the insanity of American plumbing: “People are flushing toilets ten times, 15 times, as opposed to once. They end up using more water.” Jeffrey Tucker, in a

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The New Arms Race

We who grew up in the time of the Apollo missions are more than aware of the arms-race angle to the Soviet and American forays into Earth orbit and beyond.  Now, we must recognize that the space race is no longer mere ornamentation over earthly military competition. “The United States

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