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Out of control cops

Marauding Cops

Policemen who perpetrate acts like those I am about to describe should be imprisoned. That’s not an anti-police statement, it’s a pro-law-and-order one. Anybody who vandalizes the property of innocent people and pointlessly terrorizes them, whether flashing a badge as prelude or not, should be arrested, prosecuted, convicted and punished.

NSA Hydra

Safety, Savings and Symbolism

How can the U. S. save $2.5 billion a year, reduce the federal workforce by 4,000 hires, and engage in a symbolic act of undoubted patriotism, all at the same time? Get rid of the Department of Homeland Security. Matt A. Mayer, a former DHS employee who claims to have

Magna Carta Nation

Under the Law, Not Beneath It

Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta Libertatum this week, I noted how a document intended to serve the very upper classes, by limiting each others’ powers, led to liberty for all. The Nation, on the other hand, used it to excoriate the Citizens United ruling. “Magna Carta reminds


Political Theatrics

Our suspicions have been proved: the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) doesn’t secure much of anything; it is mere “security theater.” After revelations that TSA screeners failed to find weapons and other deadly contraband in 96 percent of tests, David A. Graham, writing for The Atlantic, asked “what kind of theater

Rand Paul vs. the Surveillance State

Rand to the Rescue

Nothing gets done in Washington? Tell that to Kentucky Senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul. Last night, he single-handily “repealed” Section 215 of the Patriot Act, ending the federal government’s mass collection of our phone records. At least, for the next few days. On the floor of the Senate, Paul

Free Range Kids

Under Their Thumb

What if police grabbed your children off the street and held them for five hours? Alexander and Danielle Meitiv of Silver Spring, Maryland, have been investigated three times. First, when their children were discovered playing by themselves in a park a block from their home. The second time when police

Ignore Leviathan

The Right to Ignore Leviathan

Charles Murray, author of Losing Ground and other controversial books, has a suggestion. For business people. Pillars of the community. Fine, upstanding citizens. Civil disobedience. He’s suggesting, says John Stossel, that we ignore the parts of government that don’t make any sense, all the nonsense in the big books of

More money for infrastructure!

That’s What They Want

The political class sings monotone, striking one note ad nauseam. The song is “Money.” One night an Amtrak train crashes, with fatalities; early the next morning a crowded chorus argues for amped-up spending on “infrastructure.” Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) pled to the MSNBC lens, “Is it going to take more

Gov. Rauner

Is He Serious?

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner ran for his state’s highest office while simultaneously spearheading a wildly popular initiative — a proposed constitutional amendment to place state legislators under term limits. Unfortunately, the amendment was blocked from voters. An appeals court ruled it outside the scope of the state’s initiative process, and

Crybaby Bully

J’accuse, Chisholm

Shouldn’t we imprison anyone who dares criticize the conduct of abusive public officials? Panic not. You haven’t slipped through a portal into another dimension. This is still Common Sense. I’m still Paul Jacob. Interpret the initial interrogative, above, as my sardonic paraphrase of somebody else’s sentiment — that of a

Unemployment Chimp

Chimps, Chumps, and the Minimum Wage

It’s time to talk minimum wage laws again! Confession: I tend to understand some issues on the level of logic — of, even, common sense. A prohibition (which is what a minimum wage law is, forbidding payment at a rate below the “minimum”) doesn’t spur productivity, and it’s from increased

Brothers' Keeper

The Rise in Unrest

On Monday, pushing an expansion of his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, President Barack Obama gave a talk about the recent rise in racial discord. Does he ever ask himself, “Under whose watch?” When the financial system melted down in 2008, candidate Obama — not without some justification — blamed President Bush and

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