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Roman Rockets?

Is Big Government necessary to accomplish Big Things? Big government built the pyramids. Big government erected the Great Wall of China. Big government put Man on the Moon. But humanity could have reached Luna over a thousand years ago, had Roman civilization not gone into a death spiral. Bill Whittle

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Bitter Pill

When Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, announced his August acquisition of Daraprim, the only available version of the anti-parasitic pyrimethamine, and his plan to raise its price from under $14.00 to $750 per dose, I did not comment. Everybody else seemed to know exactly how evil the man was,

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Post Dated

What does a business do whose market share is decreasing, is billions of dollars in debt, and which incurred one-third of that debt just last year? Realistically, it cannot be sustained. Not as a normal business. Of course, the business in question has been struggling to reform, has been cutting

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Security vs. Compassion?

My family isn’t in a position to take in any Syrian refugees. Not that we’ve been asked. Months ago, President Obama simply announced that “we” would take 10,000 refugees. After last Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris, and upon evidence that one of the perpetrators came into Europe with other refugees,

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Democratic Socialism. . .

Because BIG BROTHER is okay as long as enough people vote for him! CLICK BELOW for a high resolution version of this image:  

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Which is more dangerous?

Corporations cannot and do not tax, conscript, and kill under claim of legal authority to do so. Only governments do that.  Click below for a high resolution version of the image:

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Not Plutonium

If Ohioans pass Issue 3 today, the days of pot prohibition will disappear like the smoke from a wild night’s last bong hit. That’s sorta what Nick Gillespie of Reason argued yesterday, anyway. “[I]f marijuana can be legalized in Ohio,” he wrote, “it can — and will be — legalized

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Biden His Time

Vice-President Joe Biden announced, yesterday, that he will not run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, ending many weeks of speculation. The Veep’s exit from a race he never entered benefits Mrs. Clinton, who in those same polls has a larger lead head-to-head against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Much of

Don’t Worry!

Bernie’s plan will SAVE MONEY through Government Efficiency! Click here for high resolution image:  

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All Those Egos, One Basket

In Tuesday night’s debate, Democrats  put all their egos in one ideological basket: progressivism. Even Jim Webb managed to sound progressive . . . until he identified his prime personal enemy — the man he shot in wartime. Bernie Sanders once again insisted on lecturing Americans on what it means

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Worth a Crackdown?

Charming. That is the best word to describe the “Little Free Library” movement. Haven’t heard of it? It is the practice by which just plain folks share their books by building these little birdhouse-sized free lending libraries that they place in their yards by the curb. Usually, the little “libraries”

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