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Finns Fail at Fix

Finland’s government-run health care system is a mess.  This normally wouldn’t faze me much. I have to navigate our American mess, er, system. But Finland’s medical service delivery system is relevant to Americans — as is Denmark’s and Norway’s and Sweden’s — because the current crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls

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Seriously Not Serious

While one segment of the voting public regards President Donald Trump as a heaven-sent savior, a louder mob treats Trump as the Beast, a veritable Anti-Obama.  I am in neither tribe. To me, Mr. Trump must be judged on what he does. Nominating Neil Gorsuch? A-plus. But The Donald has

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The Hilarity of a Serious Threat

Is today’s politics tragic or comic? Take the current Democratic Party obsession with socialism. There is nothing more tragic than full-blown socialism: mind-control and the snitch society; purges and mass starvation, with millions upon millions dead. But give them credit: the trendy new Democrats say they’re only for the Nordic

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Warren’s No Socialist

Senator Elizabeth Warren knows that when people trade, both sides gain. She made that clear last year, in a fascinating interview in The Atlantic. But then she went blithely on, saying that she could fix markets by creating a “level playing field.” Markets create value, but Mrs. Warren asserts that

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New York, Pre Scission

What might be the pluses and minuses to splitting New York State in two?  “Let’s look at it, get definitive figures,” says a first-term state senator, Daphne Jordan. Sen. Jordan serves a region in the eastern part of the state. Her proposal for an official study, as yet unsponsored in

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Green New Conscript?

It can happen here. Congress could simply identify a group of citizens and pass a law forcing them into servitude. At least, Congress thinks it has this incredibly abusive power . . . even though the 13th Amendment specifically prohibits it.* In fact, the idea of conscription — not merely

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Old Codger Draft

Stay calm. Dan Glickman has discovered serious problems.  “Washington is a divided town in a very politically divided nation,” Glickman wrote in The Hill last year. “From the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, to the extreme rhetoric on social media, to the bombs mailed to public officials, to the mass shooting

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Greenlighting Socialism

Can we blame U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), really?  A decade of quantitative easing, along with trillion-dollar annual deficits run up recently by congressional Republicans, have paved a debt-ridden road upon which she hopes her massive Green New Deal (GND) might glide. We can derisively point to the now-withdrawn FAQ,

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Socialism Doesn’t Work, But…

“Socialism” — we all want to be sociable, right? Last week’s anti-socialist moment was not limited to the president’s promise that America would never go socialist, as I noted this weekend there was also Panera Bread’s abandonment of its quasi-charitable Panera Cares (“pay-what-you-want”) fast food chain. Isn’t that a bit

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Beautiful Canary

New hope for Venezuela: A direct constitutional challenge against the horrific reign of socialist strongman Nicolás Maduro enjoys massive popular support and has quickly gained international recognition. If 35-year-old National Assembly President Juan Guaidó, who launched the campaign, succeeds in restoring a democratic government, he should also restore term limits

First Things First

Surely there’s something good in the first legislation put forth by the brand-new Democratic House majority — though nothing jumps to mind.  The 571-page smorgasbord bill “addresses voting rights, corruption, gerrymandering and campaign finance reform,” writes Thomas Edsall in The New York Times, “as well as the creation of a

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