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Potluck Rites, and Rights

Progressives are becoming increasingly defensive about nearly all forms of Big Government, relentlessly telling us that we need government for everything from money and roads to food inspection and subsidies and . . . well, the list is endless. Food safety is one of their favorite subjects, but I’m increasingly

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The B. S. Theory

Bernie Sanders is worse than merely wrong about the rich not paying their fair share of taxes. It’s we, the much-lauded “Ninety-nine Percenters,” who don’t pay enough! At least, when we figure taxes paid against direct subsidies/services rendered: taxes minus transfers. And, according to the Congressional Budget Office, only the

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Giving Up on the Future?

Both Germany and Japan now transfer money, on net, from the young to the old. Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary, The Economist reports, do the same. The instrument of this transfer? Well, the elephant in the room: those nation’s entitlement programs — their versions of our “Social Security.” John O. McGinnis,

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Crony Corn

The presidential campaign officially begins in Iowa. The Hawkeye State is also the nation’s corn-growing champion. Each year, Iowans sell 47 percent of that crop to produce ethanol, which accounts for a not-insignificant 8 percent of the state’s gross product. Ethanol has friends in Washington, too. Congressional wizards have mandated

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Human Interest Story

“Local Moralist Doing His Part to End Income Inequality” Click below for high resolution version of this image: Mugger photo by Flikr user cometstarmoon  

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Why government is (almost) never the solution. . .

When you systematically reward failure, incompetence and irresponsibility…what results should you expect? Bank Bailout QE – Toxic Asset Government Purchases Moral Hazard Click below to get a high resolution version of this image:  

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Flint Water Crisis

Government failure checklist. . . Reference: The Government Poisoned Flint’s Water— So Stop Blaming Everyone Else Flint’s water crisis isn’t a failure of austerity. It’s a failure of government. Click below for high resolution version of this image.  

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Buying Quality of Life

People who spend other people’s money in Indiana are applauding their amazing ability to write big checks and hand them out. The Regional Cities initiative — enacted by the Republican legislature and heralded by the Republican governor — just awarded grants of $42 million of taxpayer dough to three of

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You can’t feed a part of it without feeding the whole damn thing. Click below for a high resolution version of this image:  

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Berating Bernie?

Bernie Sanders has risen in the polls. He may even beat Hillary Clinton in the first caucus and primary contests for the Democratic presidential nomination. A cause for celebration! Witnessing a huge hunk of Americans accept Mrs. Clinton, the consummate and corrupt insider, is too disheartening. Bernie Sanders, for all

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Junk the Law

Would your favorite presidential candidate force women to register for the military draft? A federal court case, National Coalition for Men v. Selective Service System, is bouncing around the Ninth Circuit. It challenges the male-only draft registration program as discriminatory against men. Thirty-five years ago, when yours truly was fighting

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