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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to a Quorum

On Friday, the talking heads and Twitterati excoriating Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kent.) were so scandalized that they couldn’t quite get to telling us what terrible thing he had done. “GOP’s Massie outrages House,” screamed The Washington Post headline. The paper informed that “the Republican from northern Kentucky has frequently voted

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A Policy Misadventure

The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service released its report today, advocating that Congress should force our daughters to register for the military draft. “The commission recommended that the United States keep a draft option in place,” explains The New York Times. Commission chair and former Nevada Congressman

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Bring the Bozos Home

“Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced Sunday he has covid-19,” The Washington Post reports, “and four other GOP senators are quarantined. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) disclosed Monday that her husband, too, is infected with the virus.” Social media was not uniformly brimming with support for the Kentucky senator, of course, and

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Protector Protection

Government organizations are here to help. How do we know this? They have names that say so! Take the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Great name. It is all about protecting consumers, right? Created as part of the Dodd-Frank legislation that was pushed through Congress following the 2008 financial implosion, the

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Deep State, Deeply Fake

Is there a good, presumptive reason to believe what the government tells us? Not when it comes from the “intelligence” agencies. One of the more breathtaking developments of recent years has been the transformation of Democratic Party politicians and activists from skeptics of alphabet soup intelligence agencies — CIA, NSA,

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Sinkhole States

What do citizens lack most at all levels of government? Truth in accounting.  So Sheila Weinberg really has her work cut out. This very morning, her Chicago-based research-tank called, not coincidentally, Truth in Accounting released its annual Financial State of the States report. The new data shows that “the total


Listen to the Warm

I like publicity stunts as much as the next activist. But haven’t we had enough of the whole Greta Thunberg bit yet? On Wednesday, the 16-year-old Swede provided testimony on an apt stage, let us grant her that — the U.S. House of Representatives’ foreign affairs subcommittee joint hearing on

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The 911 call released last weekend is . . . hard to forget. It is the one where, as The New York Times reports, “The dispatcher, Donna Reneau, repeatedly told a sobbing Ms. [Debbie] Stevens to calm down.” With a tone — condescending and worse. As television station KATV informs,

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Representative or Reprehensible?

Seventy-seven million.  That is the dollar amount of “financial errors” that North Dakota State Auditor Joshua Gallion discovered in the last year, after launching performance audits at twice the rate of his predecessor.*  So, uncork the champagne! Huzzahs all around! Back slaps. But the back-slappers in the state legislature took

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Salty Tears of the Guilty

The Mueller report has not calmed the partisan enmity roiling Washington. Many in Congress complain about Mueller not reaching a prosecutorial decision on the issue of obstruction of justice, thus leaving Attorney General William Barr to determine that actions by President Trump did not reach a criminal threshold.  But who

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Fair Share Unpaid

The CNN onscreen contributor who snuck debate questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign in advance of the 2016 presidential debates is now a talking head on Fox News. “I am excited by the opportunity to share my perspective and views with the Fox News audience and to help shape the dialogue at this

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Long Gone Rogue

Back in the 1990s, we used to talk about “rogue agencies” of the U.S. Government. And for good reason: the Branch Davidian massacre and the Ruby Ridge fiasco were hard to forget. After 9/11/2001, however, we cut the agencies some slack. Why? Their incompetence and our hope. But it became

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