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Trumping Popular Vote?

A friend, who loves to talk football, sometimes boasts that his team “crushed” the other team, gaining more yards and rolling up more first downs, before dejectedly acknowledging that his team didn’t score as many points as its opponent. They lost. When a Democrat gloats that Donald Trump lost the

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More Forced Registration

Voting’s a right, not a duty. So voter registration and actual voting should be made easy. But I’m not for mandating that people vote, or for registering them involuntarily. Which is why I oppose the Automatic Voter Registration Initiative (AVRI), an indirect Nevada initiative that state officials just announced has

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Votes Without Poison

Strange election. So . . . round up the usual suspects! Immediately after Hillary dried her tears and conceded, out came the Tweets, then the analyses: the “third parties” are to blame! Over the weekend, I focused* on one such election post-mortem. The basic idea is not altogether wrong: minor

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Vote Early & Often?

Voted yet? The Pew Research Center thinks about 50 million Americans have, representing 38.5 percent of the voter turnout forecast. I’m for making it as easy as possible for people to cast a ballot. Who isn’t? Well, I mean who among normal people isn’t? I’m not counting politicians and their

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A Brexit Effect?

Before the Brexit vote, the likelihood of British secession from the European Union garnered a mere 25 percent chance. That was according to European betting markets, which are usually more accurate. In June, the Brits voted Brexit. Donald Trump has made much hay of this, understandably. On Tuesday, the odds

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Question 5 Fixes Flaw

This week, Krist Novoselic, rock-n-roll bassist of Nirvana fame and fellow board member of, appeared on Fox Business’s Kennedy to explain ranked choice voting. Krist compared a single ranked ballot under the proposed system to two ballots under the current method. Often, a voter will mark the ballot for

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Four Measures for Rogue Government

Rule of thumb: don’t enact today laws that, had they been obeyed by folks in the original 13 states of our union, would have prevented independence. Voters in Missouri, South Dakota, and Washington have the “opportunity” to enact such laws this November. In “Beware of Anti-Speech Ballot Measures,” Tracy Sharp

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The Two-Product Economic System

What if our economy worked like our political system? Only two major companies would provide any particular product for sale. But don’t worry — we’d still have a solid choice between “This Product Is Obnoxious” and “I Don’t Trust This Product.” Those two companies would create a non-profit entity —

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Serving the Voters

Who will choose the next president of these United States? Voters? A private non-profit organization? The media? The Electoral College? The U.S. House of Representatives? Russian hackers? No joke, that last. Beyond the suspected Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee, the FBI warned last week that hackers, likely Russian,

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The Stupidity of 15

Most Americans think there are only two choices for the presidency. And will thus vote for either Clinton or Trump. They are wrong. There are two popular minor party contenders, and one will even be on all 50 state ballots. In other election cycles, one could argue that a “third

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Delegates Unbound

An article in Politico calls Curly Haugland a “rule-mongering crank,” a “gadfly,” “stubborn” (twice), a “pain in the ass,” and a “pedantic curmudgeon.” And merely in the first paragraph! Who is this Curly fellow, you ask? Haugland’s a successful small businessman in Bismarck, North Dakota, and a member of the

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Adults for America

The answer to what ails us is . . . us. Oh, we can say it is the fault of politicians — and we’re not wrong — but turning to the cause of a problem for its solution is . . . problematic at best. Our politics is a tug-of-war,

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