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Free Range Kids

Under Their Thumb

What if police grabbed your children off the street and held them for five hours? Alexander and Danielle Meitiv of Silver Spring, Maryland, have been investigated three times. First, when their children were discovered playing by themselves in a park a block from their home. The second time when police

Drug war results

Judge by the Results

The law exists to ensure responsibility. When someone does wrong, the police and courts are here to correct for the lapses and crimes. That’s how law “holds us responsible” for our actions. The War on Drugs is fought, it has been argued, because recreational drug use makes people irresponsible. So

Thieve's Loot

Thieves Caught, Return Loot

Lyndon McLellan, a convenience store owner, was robbed. The marauders took $107,000 of his honestly earned money. We don’t need the police to find out who did it (and no, the police themselves are not the culprit, not this time). The IRS took the money, suspecting that he “structured” his

Ignore Leviathan

The Right to Ignore Leviathan

Charles Murray, author of Losing Ground and other controversial books, has a suggestion. For business people. Pillars of the community. Fine, upstanding citizens. Civil disobedience. He’s suggesting, says John Stossel, that we ignore the parts of government that don’t make any sense, all the nonsense in the big books of

Edward Snowden

Court Vindicates Snowden

Sometimes if you postpone something long enough, someone else will do the job. Last week, when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled the National Security Agency’s metadata collection program unlawful, I immediately saw it as a vindication of Edward Snowden and his “illegal” leaks. It will

Crybaby Bully

J’accuse, Chisholm

Shouldn’t we imprison anyone who dares criticize the conduct of abusive public officials? Panic not. You haven’t slipped through a portal into another dimension. This is still Common Sense. I’m still Paul Jacob. Interpret the initial interrogative, above, as my sardonic paraphrase of somebody else’s sentiment — that of a

Atrocious “Justice”

This week I traveled to South Dakota to release an 18-page report on Attorney General Marty Jackley’s prosecution of Dr. Annette Bosworth. In less than two weeks, Bosworth goes on trial facing 12 felony counts carrying a maximum penalty of 24 years in prison and $48,000 in fines. From my


Are They Reading This?

You’re a nice person, Gentle Reader; I’m glad to communicate with you in a public forum and listen to your responses. But we both expect limits to this mutual access. If we’re not legitimately suspected of being criminals, we expect to go about our business without strangers intruding upon us

Assault on Free Speech in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Raids Speak Volumes

Where’s the outcry among campaign finance “reformers”? Silence. In Wisconsin, laws regulating political speech, along with the clamor for stepped-up “enforcement,” have facilitated an awesomely powerful prosecutor to launch dawn SWAT raids, dragging men, women and children out of their beds, stealing their computers and cell phones and ransacking their

Defend and Evade

Resist Criminal Attacks

Are you ever too old to stop a mugger? Not if your mobility scooter is ready to go. This conclusion is informed by the example of 92-year-old Eileen Mason, who was with her 75-year-old friend, Margaret Seabrook, when a mugger tried to make off with the contents of a scooter

Children in a police state

Police State Blues

No reason anymore to even feign surprise at today’s police state insanities. At Townhall yesterday, I bemoaned the six-hour kidnapping of a 10-year-old Maryland boy and his 6-year-old sister for the terrible crime of peacefully walking home from a public park. The children were grabbed just a couple blocks from


Big Brother Rides Along

Hertz has begun installing cameras in their rental cars as part of a system called NeverLost. But don’t worry, they’ve got no plans (they say) to use them (yet). “The camera feature has not been launched, cannot be operated and we have no current plans to do so,” Hertz spokesman

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