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Crime and Terror and Panic

Many people think crime is going up. But it’s going down. Similarly, many people think terrorism is “an existential threat” to our very civilization. Could the latter folks be wrong for the same reason the former folks are? Because news reporting concentrates on crime, covering it intensely, incessantly — if

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The Other Half of the Truth

Another terrorist event. And another. Douglas A. French, of the National Review, while writing about Islam and terrorism, innocently drew up a half-truth: “In Saint Cloud, Minn., Dahir Adan’s family identified him as the man who stabbed eight people in a mall before being shot and killed by an armed

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10 Out of 10

10 out of 10 terrorist Jihadists agree… American gun rights must be restricted!  

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A Suit of a Different Color

Donald Trump has threatened to use lawsuits against people he says are lying about him. Even if elected President. Well, enter the third Mrs. Donald Trump, Melania. She is suing Britain’s Daily Mail* for suggesting that she may have worked as a “part time escort in New York,” explains the

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A Practical Vote Against Racism

“Marijuana is only legal for white people, in California,” explains Lynne Lyman of the Drug Policy Alliance. Talking with Zach Weissmueller, on, she clarifies the situation regarding California’s currently legal medical marijuana, and why Prop. 64, a ballot measure sponsored by Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform, is so necessary.

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Loose Cannon as Prez

“If I order the killing of someone,” Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said last Friday, “you cannot arrest me: I have immunity.” Yikes. Nearly everything negative imputed, perhaps dubiously, to Donald Trump applies double to Duterte, without a hint of dubiety. Ordering killings with impunity? Only the U.S. president can do

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Freddie’s Dead

Marilyn Mosley is frustrated. This State’s Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland, angrily dropped charges against the remaining three police officers not already acquitted in the death of Freddie Gray, who died from injuries sustained while in police custody. Clearly, Mosley lacked the evidence to convict these officers of murder, manslaughter, false

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Too Much – Part 2

Yesterday, we discovered that modern America asks police to do “too much.” Which prompts the next question: What should police stop doing? Here are two immediate reforms where police can do less, while protecting the public more:      (1) End the War on Drugs. Preventing violence and fraud is

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Too Much

When President Obama said, “[W]e ask the police to do too much,” at the memorial service for the five slain Dallas policemen, he was echoing an idea previously expressed. “We’re asking cops to do too much in this country,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters a day earlier. “Every

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A Private Party

Virginia delegate Beau Correll won’t cast his first ballot vote at the Republican National Convention for Donald Trump, and won’t go to jail, either. As discussed last Thursday, at issue is a state statute requiring* delegates to vote for the plurality winner of the party’s primary. On the Republican side,

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Delegates Imprisoned

Can you go to jail for voting for the wrong person? We may find out today, in a federal court in Richmond, Virginia. Judge Robert Payne will hear motions in the case of Correll v. Herring. Attorney General Mark Herring is being sued in his official capacity by Beau Correll,

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The Servers of the Self-Serving

Feel like Charlie Brown? That football . . . yanked away again. Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey announced he’s not recommending prosecution of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate. “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information,”

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