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The Awful Strain of Insurmountable Parody

What if “political correctness” were really a problem of rampant cowardice? University of Massachusetts Amherst administrators removed Catherine West Lowry from her 13-year gig as an accounting lecturer because of an extra-credit project.  She had shown a previous year’s student-produced parody video using the infamous Hitler breakdown scene in the

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A Flip-Flop, Not an Echo

“If I’m President, Betsy DeVos’s whole notion [of school choice], from charter schools to this, are gone.” That’s what Joe Biden, presidential candidate, had to say this December at an education forum. Charter schools are K-12 schools that are publicly funded but managed semi-independently— not by the standard educational bureaucracy.

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The Most Foolish Bank of All

There are few things more foolish than turning the Department of Education into a bank. “Congress never set up the U.S. Department of Education to be a bank, nor did it define the secretary of education as the nation’s ‘top banker,’” said Betsy DeVos, Trump’s controversial Department of Education secretary,

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Biden Under the Bed

Former Vice-President Joe Biden was put on the spot, again, about race. During last Thursday’s presidential candidates’ debate, ABC newscaster Lindsey Davis asked what responsibility Americans should “take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country?” Triple, Biden said, “the amount of money we spend. . . .” On

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Finna Be Lit?

On the face of it, it seems like a good idea.  After the horrific Columbine school shooting spree of 1999, “Safe2Tell” was invented to provide students, parents and schools a telephone/online interface (including iOS and Android) to report suspicious gun-related behavior. But the devil is in the . . .

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Sell College Short?

We are often lectured on the importance of a college education. The path to upward mobility is greased via higher education, we are informed, and all that investment in time and money pays off . . . with a lifetime of higher salaries and better opportunities. “The typical American with

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Taxing Panicsville

There is a big problem with Delaware school districts asking voters for additional tax money via ballot referendums. You see, sometimes the people don’t vote the way school officials and politicians want. Have no fear: Rep. Earl Jaques (D-Glasgow) has authored House Bill 129 to solve this thorny problem.  “This

Down the Up Staircase

or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Disadvantage This weekend at Townhall, Paul Jacob elevates the college admissions discussion. Click on over, then back here for further education upgrades: “The SAT will assign a new score that factors in where you live and the crime level in your neighborhood”

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Gaming a Newly Rigged System

Education is important. I want my young adult offspring to get into a great college or university. Sadly, my bribery fund is empty. Must she, then, rely only upon working hard for good grades and preparing for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)?  No. There is a workaround: find a way

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Top School Fails

Illiteracy, innumeracy, low standards, grade inflation — signs of a general failure of education, sure, and of public schooling in particular. But for the worst failing, look no further than Harvard University. The Ivy League school just caved to a student mob.  “Harvard said on Saturday that a law professor

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Make Others Pay?

Special Olympics has found a way to get kids and young adults with disabilities to feel something important: Able. Three decades ago, as part of a community service requirement, I spent one day each week working with physically and intellectually-challenged adults at Easter Seals in Little Rock, Arkansas. I loved

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Administrators Strike Back

The academic world is filled with “scholars” who write papers that are almost never cited, and which are so filled with gobbledygook and periphrasis that they are almost impossible to read. Without cracking up, anyway. A year and a half ago I wrote about one team who authored fake papers

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