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A Public Fraud in the Midwest

The standard case for government-run industry runs like this: some goods, by their very nature, are best provided by government . . . to ensure high quality and low cost. City sewers, firefighting, roads and education are traditionally explained as requiring government operation, organization, and tax funding. The trouble is,

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Diversity Double-Talk

“Black teachers flee schools, leading to concerns about diversity,” warned the Washington Post headline. I’m less concerned about “diversity” and more about why teachers — black or otherwise — would “flee.” The study found a significant drop between 2002 and 2012 in the percentage of teachers who are black in

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Another Leaf Out of Gov’t’s Playbook

Could government be a suck-hole for intelligence? Could one’s proximity to government reduce one’s IQ? America’s public (read: government) schools too often serve as Wisdom-Free Zones. The Ahmed Mohamed story shocked a lot of people. A kid with a clock was mistaken for a terrorist with a bomb and the

Teacher's Union

Money (for Us) Good, Profit (for Them) Bad

“One thing that we’ve done,” Dennis McBride of Support our Schools-Wauwatosa told a crowd at a free event hosted by the non-profit Wisconsin Public Education Network, “is we’ve made sure every time one of our legislators pops up his or her head above the foxhole, we’re there to shoot at

Lunchroom Black Market

The Pushers

When I was a teenager, my mom attended nursing school and became very interested in nutrition. This had consequences. She stopped buying sugary cereals, for instance. Well! We could not supinely accept this. My younger brother hid Cap’n Crunch and other stuff like that under his bed; and when we

Bloomberg Votes

The Bloomberg Limit

Afraid that scandal-alluring Hillary Clinton may prove too flawed a presidential candidate, some Democrats are talking to billionaire and former three-term New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg about a 2016 presidential run. Mrs. Clinton’s “slide is accelerating,” writes New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin. “A damaging new poll goes to

College Safe Zones

Learning Zone or War Zone

Given the stated purposes of the university — discovering, learning, teaching, engaging in open intellectual discourse — you might suppose that the pitched battles on campus would be primarily intellectual in nature. Persons set forth a view, others criticize it or elaborate a positive alternative, etc. Open intellectual change, however

Vouchers Work

Private School Choice Works

Private school choice is “in,” writes Patrick Wolf. “Far from being rare and untested, private school choice policies are an integral part of the fabric of American education policy.” Now, these “new ideas” really upset some folks. I’m not one of them. School choice is greater freedom. Freedom works. Public schooling,

Free Range Kids

Under Their Thumb

What if police grabbed your children off the street and held them for five hours? Alexander and Danielle Meitiv of Silver Spring, Maryland, have been investigated three times. First, when their children were discovered playing by themselves in a park a block from their home. The second time when police

Pop Tart Criminal

Pop Gun Tart

America is often said to be a land of second chances. Just not for 7-year-olds. At least, not when they’re in the public school system. Back in 2013, a boy then in second grade in Anne Arundel, Maryland, was suspended for two days for what was deemed a “gun-related” offense.

Well-Substantiated Insanity

Well-Substantiated Insanity

In what sort of place are children taken from their parents, or parents investigated by the authorities with that in mind, because they allowed their 10- and 6-year-olds to walk to a park to play? Not a forced 20-mile march across Death Valley, mind you, but a Saturday stroll of

The Education Nightmare

Ever have a nightmare . . . about school? I can’t remember enduring a “dog ate my homework” or “naked in front of the class” dream recently — it’s been a long time since graduation — but economist Bryan Caplan discusses a different variety on EconLog: those nightmares in which one “realizes” that

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