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Doom Fails to Arrive on Schedule

Doom is not always bad. I’d appreciate the doom of nonsensical doomsaying, for instance. . . although I doubt that that glorious day will dawn anytime soon. Equally unlikely is an apology from ABC and Chris Cuomo for pitching, back in 2008, a muddled ABC special, “Earth 2100,” about all

NSA Hydra

Safety, Savings and Symbolism

How can the U. S. save $2.5 billion a year, reduce the federal workforce by 4,000 hires, and engage in a symbolic act of undoubted patriotism, all at the same time? Get rid of the Department of Homeland Security. Matt A. Mayer, a former DHS employee who claims to have


Prophecy Failed

In the first week of June we were told to expect egg shortages. The avian flu had infected millions of hens: egg production would plummet. This was news, reported as “Egg Rationing in America Has Officially Begun.” The Washington Post cited a few signs in Texan retail groceries warning customers

Magna Carta Nation

Under the Law, Not Beneath It

Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta Libertatum this week, I noted how a document intended to serve the very upper classes, by limiting each others’ powers, led to liberty for all. The Nation, on the other hand, used it to excoriate the Citizens United ruling. “Magna Carta reminds

Free State

A Spring in Their Step?

The “Free State” — Maryland — just got a little freer. Deborah Ramelmeier, Social Services Administration head honcho, has laid forth from her mighty public perch in Maryland’s Department of Human Resources an official directive to the state’s Child Protective Services (CPS). She finally addressed the issues in the Meitiv

College Safe Zones

Learning Zone or War Zone

Given the stated purposes of the university — discovering, learning, teaching, engaging in open intellectual discourse — you might suppose that the pitched battles on campus would be primarily intellectual in nature. Persons set forth a view, others criticize it or elaborate a positive alternative, etc. Open intellectual change, however


Political Theatrics

Our suspicions have been proved: the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) doesn’t secure much of anything; it is mere “security theater.” After revelations that TSA screeners failed to find weapons and other deadly contraband in 96 percent of tests, David A. Graham, writing for The Atlantic, asked “what kind of theater


Raise Your Hand, Dry and Secure

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a splash last week with an off-the-cuff comment. “You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country.” The candidate whose initials are “B. S.” doesn’t call himself a Socialist

Free Range Kids

Under Their Thumb

What if police grabbed your children off the street and held them for five hours? Alexander and Danielle Meitiv of Silver Spring, Maryland, have been investigated three times. First, when their children were discovered playing by themselves in a park a block from their home. The second time when police

Veterans and the political class

Memorial Day Questions

What do we owe to those who fight and give, as President Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg, “their last full measure of devotion”? More, surely, than appreciative applause for the troops on airplanes and at professional sporting events . . . with their high-priced, taxpayer-paid military promotions. First, vets are entitled

Thieve's Loot

Thieves Caught, Return Loot

Lyndon McLellan, a convenience store owner, was robbed. The marauders took $107,000 of his honestly earned money. We don’t need the police to find out who did it (and no, the police themselves are not the culprit, not this time). The IRS took the money, suspecting that he “structured” his

Crying Children

It’s a Disgrace

State-powered Puritanism is alive and well in the west. And freedom of speech is in its death throes. Or so it seems in Great Britain. And the U.S. isn’t far behind, suggests Brendan O’Neill. O’Neill, editor of the London-based Spike, recounts recent absurd assaults on freedom of speech, so frequent

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