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Trump’s Dangerous Idea

A lot of people were impressed by the reasonableness of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech yesterday . . . despite the usual hyperbolic promises of “best” and “great” and “beautifully.” Its general tenor? Refreshing. Rejecting post-Cold War foreign policy for a return to “national interest” and “America first”? Long overdue.

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What’s Principle Got to Do with It?

Today’s Maryland Primary features a competitive race to replace Democrat Senator Barbara Mikulski, a 30-year veteran. Two House members, Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards, are seeking the Democratic nomination. “[T]his is a contest between two candidates,” National Public Radio’s Kojo Nnamdi notes, “who agree on 99 percent of the

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Bailed — Before Bailout

Last Wednesday, UnitedHealthcare Group Incorporated (UNH) announced that it will drop coverage of plans under Obamacare in all but a few states by 2017. The market signaled a thumb’s up: UNH stock prices shot up over 2 percent. The company, described in the news, somewhat vaguely, as the country’s largest insurer, is

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Story, Story, Story

David Brooks has a story to tell you. His New York Times op-ed, yesterday, “The Danger of Single Story,” builds on a good premise: “each individual life contains a heterogeneous compilation of stories. If you reduce people to one, you’re taking away their humanity.” Brooks puts a political edge on

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Money Means Nothing to Her

Campaign finance reform is surely dead . . . if Hillary Clinton is elected president. Which would be good. Not Clinton being elected, mind you. What would be good is the death of so-called campaign finance reform — the kind supported by Democrats, including Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

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Procrastinators’ Weekend

Usually, April 15 is the deadline date, in these United States, to file taxes or apply for an extension. This year it is April 18. Why? Many of us think of the Fifteenth of April as Tax Day. It seems strange and arbitrary when it is jiggered with. And kind

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The Hypocrisy Gap

You may have missed it. I wasn’t so lucky. This past Tuesday was “Equal Pay Day.” “[T]he typical woman who works full-time earns 79-cents for every dollar that a typical man makes,” President Barack Obama said, repeating what we have already been told ad nauseum about the “wage gap” between

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Cranks for President

Some of us who think of ourselves as populists — or just ordinary people, hence “outsiders” — are having a hard time this political season. The two most talked-about outsider candidates, billionaire Donald Trump and socialist Bernie Sanders, make for strange populists. A billionaire as a “man of the people”?

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Auto Destruct

Just when you thought it safe to go back into the loan market. . . . Yes, you guessed it: a bubble may be about to pop. There are actually several, but here’s one you might not expect: the automobile loan market. Though less regulated and tampered with than the

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Extremist Against Charity

Vermont’s favorite son, Senator Bernie Sanders, has a long history of saying strange things, comments that cast a shadow on his current spin that the socialism he favors is a “democratic” one. He really is (or has been) quite extreme, extremist. How extreme? He is against charity. You know, private

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Pincher, Pinchee

Limited government sports several rationales. The need for it pertains on many levels. One such level we don’t think about enough? This: Not every rights violation warrants calling in the law. Take the strange case of Breana Evans, 12-year-old assailant, charged with misdemeanor battery. What did she do? She pinched

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Incumbent Upon Heaven

Many who pledged to limit their terms in Congress have gotten elected and, then . . . actually kept their word. Yet, with the temptations of power, combined with the acute narcissism of politicians, not a few have flung their honor aside to break their promise. Four years ago, Oklahoma

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