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Doing Anti-Racism Wrong

The number of crazies out there may be fewer than they seem. This weekend, at Townhall, I wrote about the University of Ottawa’s suspension of a free yoga class. What was deemed “problematic” was the class’s “cultural appropriation” of an ancient discipline. But why was yoga a problem, -atic or

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Bitter Pill

When Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, announced his August acquisition of Daraprim, the only available version of the anti-parasitic pyrimethamine, and his plan to raise its price from under $14.00 to $750 per dose, I did not comment. Everybody else seemed to know exactly how evil the man was,

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Candid Camera

Support for criminal justice reform, especially the common sense use of body cameras for police, marks a bright spot for the Obama Administration. Or so I thought. The president has called on local police to don the video devices. He has even offered $75 million of his own hard-earned money

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Drive Free or Die

Ever told your kids to share? That’s aiding and abetting, you know. Sharing is illegal. At least, it is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire . . . regarding Uber. The popular ride-sharing company may be widely heralded as the flagship of the new sharing economy, but a Portsmouth city ordinance effectively

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Trick-or-Merry Christmas?

So I’m sitting in Starbucks for a few hours, waiting for my youngest to emerge from a concert. I like Starbucks. Good coffee — at least “good enough,” though pricey. Good wireless Internet — at least good enough . . . and for free. But, ’tis the season — the

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Democratic Socialism. . .

Because BIG BROTHER is okay as long as enough people vote for him! CLICK BELOW for a high resolution version of this image:  

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The Uber-Huge Mistake

Uber’s challenge to old-fashioned ride service — to the taxi industry — is at least twofold. One, it shows government regulation to be counterproductive and kind of witless. Two, it shows that innovation — particularly by decreasing transaction costs — can rapidly transform a market for the good of consumers.

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Funny how that happened…

Funny how none of the progressive “achievements”happened before capitalism made them possible. Click below for high resolution version of the image:  

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“No Boots on the Ground”

Obama has put “boots on the ground” in Syria after promising 16 times that he would not put “boots on the ground” in Syria. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner seems to have trouble staying out of wars.   U.S. Sends Ground Troops to Syria. Here Are 3 Reasons Why That’s Bad.

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A More Perfect Turkey

Let’s talk Turkey. Not the bird, the country. America has fallen behind in yet another category: preposterous promises by politicians. It’s becoming clear that Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s independent “democratic socialist” U.S. Senator and now Democratic Party presidential contender, is a piker, a penny pincher, a cheapskate, a tightwad, a Scrooge.

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Progressive Logic

Government is so corrupt that its power to intervene in the market can be bought and sold by the rich… …Therefore government should be bigger and more powerful. Click here for a large resolution version of this image:  

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