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Hairdressers Unbound?

Joe Biden, late of the U.S. Senate and Blair House, is not someone I typically rush to for policy advice. Were I looking for a weather vane to indicate whence bad ideas come a-gusting, in full poisonous gasbaggery, Biden might serve as well as any of the budding socialists now

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Just Like That!

“We will do that,” he said. Do what? “We will look at the average costs of prescription drugs in Canada, the UK, Germany, Japan and France,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders (I/D-Vt.), “which are 50 percent lower than they are in the United States,” he told Margaret Brennan on Face the

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Bitcoin to the Rescue

I own no Bitcoin; it’s not my thing. The blockchain concept Bitcoin is based upon seems clever, sure, but I often curse at my “devices,” so only my politics prevents me from full-blown Luddism.  Besides, when I think “the people’s money” I don’t think “private fiat currency.” Which is what

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Finns Fail at Fix

Finland’s government-run health care system is a mess.  This normally wouldn’t faze me much. I have to navigate our American mess, er, system. But Finland’s medical service delivery system is relevant to Americans — as is Denmark’s and Norway’s and Sweden’s — because the current crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls

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Opportunity for . . . All?

Simple pleasures are the best. So are simple questions. Senate Bill 2306 in North Dakota “would make it easier for spouses of military personnel to transfer their existing occupational licenses for use in North Dakota, provided they are in good standing and licensed by a reasonable entity,” explains Rob Port

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A Former Economist

Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist and former economist, tested our patience last week with “Trump’s Big Libertarian Experiment.” How many non sequiturs will squeak past the Gray Lady’s editorial department?  Loads — and all about how the federal government shutdown gives limited government folks what they want: less government.

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Towards a Genealogy of Policy

If it seems like each new government program is more intrusive than the last, there’s a reason. That last one did not work as planned. So a new one gets concocted to fix its mess.  The latest? New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has established a new enforcement bureau,

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San Francisco Obstructionism

Bob Tillman wants to build a 75-unit apartment building in San Francisco. He owns the property — a laundromat. He just wants to convert it. But although there are no good reasons why he shouldn’t, city officials and activists opposed to the property rights of developers have been blocking the

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Creeping Bernie-ism

If you have been watching Tucker Carlson, recently, on Fox or in his bizarre interview with Ben Shapiro, you might have noticed something peculiar: the conservative newsman-commentator sometimes sounds awfully similar to Bernie Sanders. Both think that if some of Amazon’s and Walmart’s employees are not paid “enough” to live

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Christmas Is Coming

When I was a kid, every December day was like a rocket-launch countdown ’til Christmas. Republicans in the House of Representatives have fewer days to tick off: the days remaining to do something before Democrats take over. Days left in session? Eight. We know what Trump wants them to do:

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The Cheese Stands “Unprotected”

Governments tempt us — with special privileges and advantages.  You know what also tempts us? Cheese. Cheese? Yes. In the Netherlands, cheese is a big deal, as Baylen Linnekin relates in “Cheese Fight Ends With Court Declaring Producers Can’t Copyright Taste,” over at Reason — where I go for all

Socialists and Capitalism

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio helped snag Amazon for his city. Yes, the long-awaited destination of Amazon’s HQ2 has been determined. Amazon is not putting all its eggs into the Queens borough, though: there’s another headquarters . . . to be placed near Washington, D.C. The mayor seems quite

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