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Roman Rockets?

Is Big Government necessary to accomplish Big Things? Big government built the pyramids. Big government erected the Great Wall of China. Big government put Man on the Moon. But humanity could have reached Luna over a thousand years ago, had Roman civilization not gone into a death spiral. Bill Whittle

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Compatriots, We — For Liberty!

Thank you. It’s Thanksgiving, a good day to say so. What a great idea for a holiday — a thoroughly American one, unpretentious and unspoiled. Centered on family and friends, the day may be the most important of the year, something we all share, in no small part because it

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Bitter Pill

When Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, announced his August acquisition of Daraprim, the only available version of the anti-parasitic pyrimethamine, and his plan to raise its price from under $14.00 to $750 per dose, I did not comment. Everybody else seemed to know exactly how evil the man was,

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Post Dated

What does a business do whose market share is decreasing, is billions of dollars in debt, and which incurred one-third of that debt just last year? Realistically, it cannot be sustained. Not as a normal business. Of course, the business in question has been struggling to reform, has been cutting

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Drive Free or Die

Ever told your kids to share? That’s aiding and abetting, you know. Sharing is illegal. At least, it is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire . . . regarding Uber. The popular ride-sharing company may be widely heralded as the flagship of the new sharing economy, but a Portsmouth city ordinance effectively

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The Uber-Huge Mistake

Uber’s challenge to old-fashioned ride service — to the taxi industry — is at least twofold. One, it shows government regulation to be counterproductive and kind of witless. Two, it shows that innovation — particularly by decreasing transaction costs — can rapidly transform a market for the good of consumers.

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Which is more dangerous?

Corporations cannot and do not tax, conscript, and kill under claim of legal authority to do so. Only governments do that.  Click below for a high resolution version of the image:

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While the Ohio measure to legalize marijuana did not pass, this week, the Washington State measure to wrest tax limitations out of a recalcitrant legislature did indeed succeed, with a 54 percent win. Win some, lose some. But in both these cases, there is some evidence for a general smartening

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Funny how that happened…

Funny how none of the progressive “achievements”happened before capitalism made them possible. Click below for high resolution version of the image:  

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Progressive Logic

Government is so corrupt that its power to intervene in the market can be bought and sold by the rich… …Therefore government should be bigger and more powerful. Click here for a large resolution version of this image:  

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Why Protectionism

Why do so many people (especially politicians) favor high tariffs, “managed trade,” embargoes and domestic subsidies, all of which — first as “mercantilism” and then as “protectionism” — have been debunked, repeatedly (demonstrated as ineffective economic policy), since Adam Smith’s famous 1776 attack? Economist Donald Boudreaux, in an excellent defense

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Gold Leaf

The experiment in legalized marijuana begun by citizens in the states of Washington and Colorado has, from the beginning, faced a huge obstacle: marijuana is still illegal, federally. State nullification of federal law is not merely “problematic,” it’s hard to “get away with.” Take Colorado’s experience. The Centennial State, which

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