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Robert Reich, Mythed Up

onsumer sovereignty is the idea that in markets consumers call the shots. In capitalism, most mass production is indeed for the masses, and the masses have a big say in what gets done. All profits and wages of successful businesses come from consumers. But don’t take this too far. Consumers

A Ride on the Private Side

If you’d like to catch a flight without the usual delays and post-911 regulation-inflicted hassles, used to be you had to own your own plane, charter one, or buy a time share in one. Now you can use a smartphone app to book a seat on a private jet —

Job Growth in 2014

President Barack Obama takes full credit for the job growth in 2014. Democrats on the Internet relentlessly push these growth rates with typically goofy superlatives like “highest ever” or “highest growth rate in decades.” So, what did Obama and the Democrats do in 2013 and 2014 that led to the

Bye-Bye, Community Banks

The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law in 2010 by President Barack Obama. Its supporters said that would increase financial stability and transparency, prevent bailouts, and protect consumers from “abusive practices.” I’m dubious the new regulatory regime will accomplish any of these goals.  What

The Two Americas

Dear Reader: This “BEST of Common Sense” comment originally aired on July 4, 2007. A longer version published at was picked up by Rush Limbaugh and read on his radio show. —PJ Could Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards actually be right about something? Not where to go to get

Against Enabling Segregation

Rosa Parks, born February 4, 1913, became a symbol of the Civil Rights Movement for her actions on December 1, 1955. Ordered to move from the first row of the “colored” section after seats reserved for white passengers had filled up, Parks refused. “When that white driver stepped back toward us, when

Experience Denied

Jan Ellison is grateful for the low-wage jobs she had as a kid. “The difference from the way my own children are being raised is that I was acutely aware of the financial burden of these [educational and other] pursuits. . . . I made money of my own from age 11 onward.

Death by Metro

“Metro has a reputation for shoddy service and a history of not learning from its mistakes,” Aaron Wiener admitted in a column for The Washington Post. But this extremist zealot’s basic argument for government-run, taxpayer-subsidized mass transit might best be understood by its headline: “Metro’s a mess. All the more

Subsidy for Everybody!

According to Vice President Joe Biden, the debate is over. Health care, by which he means medical assistance, is a basic right — to be obtained through government, and made effective by the Affordable Care Act — not a “privilege.” By “right” he means  “something others are forced to provide,”

Rent Too High?

Remember Jimmy McMillan? He’s “the rent is too damn high!” shouting, six-time New York City mayoral candidate with the, er — Rent is Too Damn High Party. McMillan is at least partly right. It’s no mystery that rents are so high. Government policies are aimed at just that result. In

Rewarding Gruber

Revealing to all the world the contempt for the American people that Washington insiders possess might garner for Prof. Gruber a future Medal of Freedom. Perhaps by a president elected by the Irony Party. What Gruber is unlikely to get, however, is a Nobel Prize for Economics. Benjamin Zycher, writing

We Need iPads

Every once in a while somebody explains that “we” don’t need this or that product, however great it may be and however great the demand for it. For example, a tech reviewer dubs Apple’s latest iPad models “largely unnecessary,” given last-year models almost as capable. The charge of unnecessariness is

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