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Why, Journalists, Why?

Complaints about “the mainstream media” are old hat. But that doesn’t mean the complaints have lost validity. I was struck by this while reading Matt Welch’s warning, at Reason: “Don’t Believe Any Headline Showing Hillary Clinton with a 12-Point Lead over Donald Trump.” “There is indeed a 51 percent to

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Not Buying a Stairway to Riches

I am not a writer by trade. I don’t make a living off of these daily and weekly writing gigs. I give this stuff away, for free. The donations I ask for are there to cover bandwidth, website expertise, artwork, etc. They don’t cover my contributions. But that doesn’t disqualify

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Digs at the Gig Economy

In Texas’s progressive enclave of Austin, the government has regulated Uber and Lyft out of the city. Massachusset’s uber*-progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren cautions that the “much-touted virtues”of the “gig economy” that these services represent are actually dark signs of the times, providing workers a false “step in a losing effort

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Hysteria, Assassination, and Big Government

The biggest political story of the month? Brexit. The people of Great Britain will vote, this week, whether to remain in, or exit, the European Union. (Britain+exit=“Brexit,” you see.) Establishment forces in Britain have engaged in hysterical, hyperbolic overkill, warning of grave disaster were Britain to leave the union. America’s

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What Doesn’t Fly

After the Orlando massacre, isn’t it finally time to get guns out of the hands of . . . licensed security guards? Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, who murdered 49 people and wounded 53 others in the Pulse nightclub, worked for the globe’s largest security firm, Britain’s G4S. He passed two

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Equal or Free?

On Tuesday, the Senate voted to force American women, in their early years, to register for the draft. Just like men have been required to do since 1980. The White House threatens to veto the bill, though perhaps on other grounds, since the bill also, in the words of Richard

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Beggar Thy Philanthropist

Making up petty rules and enforcing them is one thing governments do well. On Monday I warned about the dangers of asking too much from government. I think, today, I’ll make the opposite warning: of not asking enough. Mandatory seatbelt laws were enacted (sometimes by citizens initiative and referendum) to

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Nobody Could Make This Stuff Up

Today’s headline: Radical Islamist Stages Gun Massacre in LGBT Nightclub! Caring Progressives Demand that American Citizens be Disarmed!    

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A New Way to Steal

The fight against government theft of private property, through “civil forfeiture,” just got a little harder. There’s a new technology available: ERAD card scanners. And the Oklahoma City Police Department’s joint interdiction team has them, and can use the scanners to take money from you without your consent. What money,

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The Primary Lie

Are we being lied to? Donald J. Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for president. So presumes the news media and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, because all those delegates are bound to vote for Trump on the first ballot. But what if Republican delegates convening this July aren’t

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President Johnson?

An unusual year, far from over. This week, the Libertarian Party holds its presidential nominating convention in Orlando, Florida. Next November, after all the votes are counted, the party’s likely nominee, former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and his likely vice-presidential running mate, former two-term Massachusetts Governor William Weld,

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Fatherland, Socialism and Death!

The fall of Venezuela is an atrocity. The comic elements are clear enough — the further you remove yourself from the poverty, chaos, and collapse. We can wallow in a bit of Schadenfreude, taking glee as some American leftists squirm to explain why the socialist paradise they ballyhooed a mere

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