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Defend and Evade

Resist Criminal Attacks

Are you ever too old to stop a mugger? Not if your mobility scooter is ready to go. This conclusion is informed by the example of 92-year-old Eileen Mason, who was with her 75-year-old friend, Margaret Seabrook, when a mugger tried to make off with the contents of a scooter

Children in a police state

Police State Blues

No reason anymore to even feign surprise at today’s police state insanities. At Townhall yesterday, I bemoaned the six-hour kidnapping of a 10-year-old Maryland boy and his 6-year-old sister for the terrible crime of peacefully walking home from a public park. The children were grabbed just a couple blocks from


Times Misfires

Time to revise the Times’s motto? Should “all the news that’s fit to print” read “misprint” instead? Maybe, after the New York Times’s latest editorial snafu, charging the NRA with hypocrisy for banning arms-bearing at its April convention. According to the editorial, “none of” the attendees were allowed to “come

Lois Lerner

Latest Learned About Lois Lerner

Is it time to spell out the IRS as the Internal Revenue Scandal? The IRS has so many scandals under its belt. But the biggest, from a broad, threat-to-the-republic point of view, surely remains the agency’s targeting of Tea Party and conservative organizations seeking 501c(3) and 501c(4) nonprofit status. Agents

Rand Paul

Defeat the Machine

Standing with Rand, as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced yesterday his candidacy for the U.S. Presidency? A banner: “Defeat the Washington Machine — Unleash the American Dream.” I know and like Rand, both personally and politically. I love that message. Yet, today, I come not to praise Dr. Paul but

The Tax Trick

The Taker’s Gift

Say a mugger robs Ed instead of you. Has the mugger given you a present of your stuff by not taking it? Is his non-taking a “giveaway”? No. If you possess something you have honestly earned, it is yours by right, not as a special gift from each person who

Overburdened Pack Mule

Taxation Rules

It turns out the United States is a tax haven. Haven? Heavens! I live here. I don’t feel that low-tax feeling when April 15 rolls around. But the Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell, an expert on all things tax-policy — a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it — says “The

LIons and Lambs

Lions and Lambs

“March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.” Tell that to Indiana Governor Mike Pence, whose signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into law at the end of March created a roaring controversy. Does the law enable discrimination? Or protect religious freedom? Or both? Neither?

Ten Commandments

Commanding Controversy

Is “Thou shalt create controversy” one of politicians’ Ten Commandments? Is “Thou shalt pass a law to solve every problem” their eleventh? Meet Arkansas Senate Bill 939, which would authorize placing a monument to the Ten Commandments on capitol grounds. It passed the state senate last week, 27-3, and is

Water Shortage

All Wet

Which is worse, paying for stuff you use . . . or being constantly harassed for using it? One consequence of widespread failure to charge market rates for water turns out to be hyper-regulation of hydro-usage, and the penalizing — even criminalizing — of using “too much” H2O. To deal


Big Brother Rides Along

Hertz has begun installing cameras in their rental cars as part of a system called NeverLost. But don’t worry, they’ve got no plans (they say) to use them (yet). “The camera feature has not been launched, cannot be operated and we have no current plans to do so,” Hertz spokesman

Patrick Henry

Everything That Could Be Done

Two hundred forty years ago, the situation was dire. In the Virginia Colony, not too far from where I live, representatives to the Second Virginia Convention were debating the problems they were having with their “masters” in Britain — and the more dangerous, violent situation that was developing to the

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