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Draft Mom or Not?

“The biggest piece of opposition” to extending draft registration to women, former Nevada Congressman Joe Heck told The New York Times, “was, we are not going to draft our mother and daughters, our sisters and aunts to fight in hand-to-hand combat.” Yet, that seems precisely what the National Commission on

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A Policy Misadventure

The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service released its report today, advocating that Congress should force our daughters to register for the military draft. “The commission recommended that the United States keep a draft option in place,” explains The New York Times. Commission chair and former Nevada Congressman

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Pandemics — and Something Far Worse

Last week, I ventured into Washington for an important event, hoping not to get sick from the coronavirus swirling around the globe.  Nearly 200,000 people in 142 countries have been infected with COVID-19 and 7,866 have already died. “Both SARS and COVID-19 . . . appear to have emerged from

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Freedom’s Front Lines

Last weekend, riot police broke up a candlelight vigil for Chow Tsz-lok, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology student, who died back in November. He had fallen a story from a parking garage as Hong Kong police were “clearing a group of anti-government protesters.” “Police said they seized

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Are We Graduating from Plastic?

In The Graduate (1967), the young man played by Dustin Hoffman gets advice from an elder. “Just one word: plastics.” “Exactly how do you mean, sir?” “There’s a great future in plastics.” When the world bans all plastic in 2021, that will be the end of that market opportunity. Other

What Was I Thinking?

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Today is my birthday. I am 60, and thus begin my 61st year on this planet.  For the last four decades — my entire adult life — I’ve worked in politics. That might not seem like much fun. Politics is a constant struggle,

The Most Deadly Disease

Anyone knowledgeable about medicine — or history, for that matter — is taking very, very seriously the coronavirus outbreak in China, and its subsequent spread across the globe, including to the U.S. More than 70,000 Chinese have been diagnosed and over 1,700 have died, along with one death in each

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The Whistleblower Who Shall Not Be Named

“YouTube — Google, one of the largest, most powerful companies on the planet — has just censored political discourse from a U.S. senator on the Senate floor,” reports independent, online journalist Tim Pool.  The case refers to the alleged “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella, around whom hangs a sort of hush-hush infamy

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Draft Winds Blowing

A month ago, the U.S. drone strike against an Iranian commander in Baghdad sparked enough public concern over military conscription to overwhelm the Selective Service System’s website.  “With the ongoing military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan unlikely to end any time soon,” former Congressman Ron Paul writes, people are “right

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Catching Something

Our civilization depends on our ability to move about and trade.  Which is based, in part, on trust and reciprocity and mind-your-own-business. The basic ‘deal’ is ‘I won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt me.’ But it’s not just manners and morality. When we fear that being around others, especially

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Tough Time for Tyrants

How much longer does the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have to put up with freedom-loving loudmouths? Thoughtful Party rulers can’t even entertain their subjects with NBA basketball or English Premier League soccer without fear that Chinese fans will then discover the tweet of some busybody droning on against Chinese repression

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Happy New Year!

As we turn the page to a new calendar year, here’s hoping that 2020 is (a) as interesting as the year just past, while being (b) a bit more productive of freedom, accountability, and all the good stuff we strive to achieve in our personal, family, business and community lives.

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