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Robert Reich, Mythed Up

onsumer sovereignty is the idea that in markets consumers call the shots. In capitalism, most mass production is indeed for the masses, and the masses have a big say in what gets done. All profits and wages of successful businesses come from consumers. But don’t take this too far. Consumers


Over-Feed At Your Own Risk!

Caution: Do Not Over-Feed Government! Get a high-resolution screensaver of this image. Click on the image below to open large version that you can download.  

Racial Justice Advanced (Paul Jacob on the leading thinker on race today)

Racial Justice Advanced

don’t know if Juan Williams is right about who qualifies as America’s most influential thinker on race. But I hope he is. In a Friday Wall Street Journal op-ed, Fox News’s liberal-leaning political analyst and author of Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary (1998), argues that our country’s most important influencer of

Why The Tiny Domicile by Paul Jacob

Why the Tiny Domicile

he “tiny house” movement has gained momentum. More and more people — especially young people and childless people — see the virtue of very small houses. They are cheaper, can be made energy-efficient, have an almost necessarily smaller “environmental footprint,” and are mobile. And I can see the attraction. For

The Two Americas

Dear Reader: This “BEST of Common Sense” comment originally aired on July 4, 2007. A longer version published at was picked up by Rush Limbaugh and read on his radio show. —PJ Could Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards actually be right about something? Not where to go to get

Herd Immunity

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave cautious support for the anti-vaxxer cause a few years ago. No scandal. But only now that Republican politicians Chris Christie and Rand Paul have talked about the risks of (as well as of parental rights and responsibility regarding) childhood vaccination has the issue of

Against Enabling Segregation

Rosa Parks, born February 4, 1913, became a symbol of the Civil Rights Movement for her actions on December 1, 1955. Ordered to move from the first row of the “colored” section after seats reserved for white passengers had filled up, Parks refused. “When that white driver stepped back toward us, when

More Civilization

Civilization is a choice, a habit, a line in the . . . sand. For modern, prosperous society to progress, to grow more healthy and wealthy and wise, most of us have to agree on a small set of principles. Mostly, we must agree not to rush to violence at

Wanted: Armed Satirists

I have a suggestion. Bear arms. Commenting on the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, a reader points to a profile of Henry Jarvis Raymond (1820-1869) at the website of Green-Wood cemetery. At the moment, the most urgently relevant detail of Green-Wood’s profile is not Raymond’s co-founding of The New

Don’t Aid and Abet

Some countries are ratcheting up their regulation of foreign Internet companies. These efforts, a New York Times article explains, “increasingly” oblige firms like Google, Facebook and Twitter to mull “which laws and orders to comply with,” which to resist. The juggling act is nothing new. Cyber-companies have always wrung their

Charity T-Tissue

As the year unrolls, maybe we should take some time to celebrate the little things in life that matter so much. For reasons I am sure we can all understand, we don’t talk about toilet tissue much. But it is, nevertheless, one of the great products of our civilization. Can

Common-Sense Canine

If at first you don’t succeed . . . Persistence. That’s the lesson of an animal rescue shown in a video of unknown provenance, most likely recorded in Southeast Asia, that appeared on the Internet toward the end of 2014. As the video opens, we see that a small tawny-haired,

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