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Big-Dollar Impact

Last Saturday, The Washington Post’s top-of-the-front-page headline blared, “50 donors with outside impact.” If that doesn’t curdle your blood, readers were further warned of a new “Gilded Age.” Yes, in concentrated fundraising the Post heard “echoes of the end of the 19th century, when wealthy interests spent millions to help

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Money Means Nothing to Her

Campaign finance reform is surely dead . . . if Hillary Clinton is elected president. Which would be good. Not Clinton being elected, mind you. What would be good is the death of so-called campaign finance reform — the kind supported by Democrats, including Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

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Incumbent Upon Heaven

Many who pledged to limit their terms in Congress have gotten elected and, then . . . actually kept their word. Yet, with the temptations of power, combined with the acute narcissism of politicians, not a few have flung their honor aside to break their promise. Four years ago, Oklahoma

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Banking on Clinton

I’ve been tough on Bernie Sanders, the socialist Vermont Senator and Democratic Party presidential candidate. Why? Because socialism is — to quote a current GOP candidate — “a disaster.” But I appreciate his campaign for showing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for what she is, the ultimate establishment insider.

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Unfair Reform?

I am sure we all think it would be great, other things being equal, to try to make many of life’s unfairnesses less . . . problematic. But most grown-ups understand (or used to) that “life isn’t fair” is a truism for a reason. So when Republican presidential candidate Donald

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Fake Emergencies & Genuine Democracy

Legislators aren’t honest. Or maybe in Colorado and Oregon they just don’t understand the meaning of words . . . like “safety” and “emergency.” (Heck, there was once a politician unsure of what the meaning of the word “is” is.) “The state constitution gives Coloradans the power to challenge news

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Zetabytes and Zombies

Zombie government wants to eat our brains. Did I overstate this on Sunday? Most folks don’t look at the Apple/FBI controversy over digital security quite that starkly. The National Security Administration sure doesn’t see it that way. The NSA is in the “information harvesting business,” says Business Insider. And boy,

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That Bright, Shining, Responsible Congress

The latest Gallup public approval rating for our so-called “representatives” on Capitol Hill stands at 11 percent — two whole percentage points higher than 2013’s worst-ever 9 percent measure. But what if Congress changed? What if our representatives did something dramatic? You know, to show Americans that they get it,

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A Diminishing Lagtime

The modern age sports an amazing feature that used to be hard to detect, because so drawn out: a shorter-than-ever-before lag between the proposal of some popular inanity and its complete debunking. It used to take seemingly forever for a bad idea to be shown up, either in argument or

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Corporate influence. . .

Corporations can buy unfair favors from government…because government has unfair favors to sell. Big Government is the problem. Click below for a high resolution version of this image:  

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Buying Quality of Life

People who spend other people’s money in Indiana are applauding their amazing ability to write big checks and hand them out. The Regional Cities initiative — enacted by the Republican legislature and heralded by the Republican governor — just awarded grants of $42 million of taxpayer dough to three of

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Ethics First

The biggest problem facing Americans? According to a Gallup poll, for the second year in a row, it’s our government. Maybe I should say “the government.” Few think it represents us. Which is sort of a big problem for a representative government. Presidential candidate Donald Trump says our leaders are

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