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Global Blame

Gases and Masses

For once, The Washington Post headline actually reflected the commentary: “America is the worst polluter in the history of the world. We should let climate change refugees resettle here.” Michael B. Gerrard, associate faculty chair at Columbia University’s Earth Institute and director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Brothers' Keeper

The Rise in Unrest

On Monday, pushing an expansion of his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, President Barack Obama gave a talk about the recent rise in racial discord. Does he ever ask himself, “Under whose watch?” When the financial system melted down in 2008, candidate Obama — not without some justification — blamed President Bush and

Crying Children

It’s a Disgrace

State-powered Puritanism is alive and well in the west. And freedom of speech is in its death throes. Or so it seems in Great Britain. And the U.S. isn’t far behind, suggests Brendan O’Neill. O’Neill, editor of the London-based Spike, recounts recent absurd assaults on freedom of speech, so frequent

Bernie Sanders

Sanders Didn’t Say

What can we make of the leftist hatred of the Koch brothers, David and his elder brother Charles? For their support of libertarian and Tea Party causes, and a few Republican candidates, the left doesn’t just demonize them, the left singles them out. I suppose a reasonable person could blanch


Times Misfires

Time to revise the Times’s motto? Should “all the news that’s fit to print” read “misprint” instead? Maybe, after the New York Times’s latest editorial snafu, charging the NRA with hypocrisy for banning arms-bearing at its April convention. According to the editorial, “none of” the attendees were allowed to “come

LIons and Lambs

Lions and Lambs

“March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.” Tell that to Indiana Governor Mike Pence, whose signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into law at the end of March created a roaring controversy. Does the law enable discrimination? Or protect religious freedom? Or both? Neither?

Counting the Commandments

Count to Ten

Yesterday I argued that the Ten Commandments can and should be promoted — privately. Promoting one’s religion is expected . . . outside of government. But do that as a government official and suddenly what most folks consider good common sense morality sows discord. Why? Simple. Your religion is yours.

Ten Commandments

Commanding Controversy

Is “Thou shalt create controversy” one of politicians’ Ten Commandments? Is “Thou shalt pass a law to solve every problem” their eleventh? Meet Arkansas Senate Bill 939, which would authorize placing a monument to the Ten Commandments on capitol grounds. It passed the state senate last week, 27-3, and is

Paul Jacob on how governments can save money, and clean up the marriage business, too

Marriage Savings

We’ve all seen lawmakers yammer on and on about how they want to “streamline” government, or “save the taxpayers money.” But they rarely show us much for all the talk. Paul Woolverton, writing this weekend in the Fayetteville Observer, noted one such lapse after the North Carolina Senate voted to


The Problem of No Problem

A scientist has a problem: no problem. Sounds like a Zen riddle, but it’s really about the riddle of victimhood-worship. Emily Yoffe writes an advice column called Dear Prudence. A female reader reported a problem pertaining to workplace bias against women. Although she works in a “very masculine scientific field .

Manly Firmness

“Is repealing the Affordable Care Act an issue of manhood?” asks Alan Rappeport in the New York Times. He’s referring to the “macho language” in a resolution introduced recently in Jefferson City, Missouri, by State Rep. Mike Moon. Moon’s House Resolution 99 decimates the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, in

Herd Immunity

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave cautious support for the anti-vaxxer cause a few years ago. No scandal. But only now that Republican politicians Chris Christie and Rand Paul have talked about the risks of (as well as of parental rights and responsibility regarding) childhood vaccination has the issue of

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