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Force Over Persuasion

Today’s campus radicals assert that free speech is bad because it “gives voice” to people with hateful, dangerous views. Does that argument seem at all familiar? It is the old RightThink rationale for censorship. A recent Spiked “Unsafe Spaces” event at Rutgers (“Identity Politics: the New Racialism”) was interrupted by

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Choice Corruption

What is corruption? said no jesting Pilate ever. But please, stay for an answer. A week ago, Jimmie Moore pleaded guilty to filing a false campaign finance report in order to conceal a $90,000 payment to drop out of a congressional race. Moore is a former Philadelphia judge (heavens). The

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Throwing in (and out) the Towel(s)

There is a time and a place for everything. Including the truth. You do not proclaim that Uncle Eben was a skinflint miser and a sour old puss at his funeral. (You wait for the reading of the Will.) Immediately upon Puerto Ricans coming up for air, after the devastation

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Politics as Painfully Usual

The crazed nature of our leaders’ willingness to spend beyond revenue, and accumulate debt, is not limited to one party. Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for their outrageously perverse fiscal policies. Their irresponsibility hides in plain view, and can be seen in most of the major policy discussions of

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A Special Place in Heck?

Former First Lady scolds women for not voting . . . for a former First Lady. Yes, “Michelle Obama,” the BBC headlined last week, “scolds female Trump voters.” Need you ask why? You probably have already guessed. “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice,” Mrs.

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Not So Bad, Communism?

First the good news. The New York Times has repudiated Walter Duranty’s 1930s-era “journalism” for whitewashing — “underestimating” — the murderousness of Soviet Communism. So that’s done, right? Whatever its failings today, the paper will certainly no longer allow writers to use its august pages to discount blatant systematic evil.

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O That Wacky Gerrymandering

Hillary Clinton: always wrong. Oh, I’m sure that when she tells the maid “We need milk,” she’s accurate enough. Otherwise — forget it. Her latest howlers pertain to the movement to convene a Convention of States. If two thirds of the states call for the convention, it “will be” convened,

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Off the Field

At last Friday’s event to rally support* for Sen. Luther Strange, the Mitch McConnell-financed establishment candidate in today’s GOP runoff in Alabama, President Donald J. Trump veered — as he is wont to do — off topic: the NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem. “Wouldn’t you love

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We Are At War — So What Else Is New?

As if on some hellish, punitive treadmill, we keep “experiencing” the last federal election, over and over. Hillary Clinton, who didn’t get a majority of all votes and who lost in the Electoral College, keeps on grinding through her long list of people who failed her. Her nuttiest charge, that

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Evil Capitalists Hook Brazil On Eating

Have you heard the latest? More and more peoples around the world these days have the unfortunate misfortune of having adequate food — not merely vegetables either!! — thanks to the ruthlessly profit-seeking food producers and their unconscionable engagement in the division of labor, capital accumulation, and international trade. It’s

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The Great Faction

Politics isn’t a pretty business. Frédéric Bastiat called the beast it serves “that great fiction” not because it doesn’t exist — intrusive state power sure persists — but rather because what it promises cannot really happen: “everyone living at the expense of everyone else.” What can we do? How do

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Crazy Like a … Spoiler

Seven Republican members of Congress — three in the last two weeks — have announced their retirement.* The Democrats, needing 24 additional seats to gain a majority, see an opening. Steve Kornacki, MSNBC’s national political correspondent, calls these seven “pure retirements.” That is, these politicians aren’t seeking another office, they

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