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Not Your Mother’s How-To Manual

“Want to Dismantle Capitalism?” asks The Nation headline for a recent interview with feminist Sophie Lewis, immediately answering: “Abolish the Family.” In a world of YouTube videos on how to do almost everything, apparently the progressive publication noticed something missing: There is no reliable guide for going full commie. Rosemarie

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Cuban Slave Doctors

Did Cuba and Brazil just prove Sen. Rand Paul right . . . about socialism? Eight years ago, the ophthalmologist-turned-politician raised progressive ire in a subcommittee hearing. “With regard to the idea of whether you have a right to health care, you have to realize what that implies,” the junior

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Gray Lady Commies

The New York Times has long leaned left. But is it really a stable Pisa-tower lean, at this point? It sure seems that, in recent years, the Gray Lady has gone extreme, abandoning its “respectable” center-left perch.  The change, economist Alex Tabarrok writes for FEE, appears to have happened “around

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Abolishing You

In a recent Washington Post essay — “Is the individual obsolete?” — syndicated columnist George Will tackled the “you didn’t build that” theme that President Obama blurted out on the 2012 campaign trail, borrowed from a not-obscure-enough (and now former) Harvard Professor, Elizabeth Warren. “What made Warren’s riff interesting, and

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Upside Down and Inside Out

A YouGov poll of British voters asking who should lead Parliament, conducted a week after Britain’s European Union Parliamentary elections and in advance of Prime Minister Theresa May’s June 7 departure as Tory leader, provides some shocks. In the poll, Labour and Conservatives trail behind the Liberal Democrats* and something

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What It Means

The most inspiring political event of my six decades on this planet remains the pro-freedom and democracy protests of three decades ago, when for seven weeks first students and then other Chinese citizens occupied iconic, historic Tiananmen Square in Beijing. “In the history of communist China,” said a CNN correspondent

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The Milkshake of Human Unkindness

“The biggest topic in British political circles on Monday . . . was milkshakes,” writes Mike Ford in The New Republic, “or, rather, one milkshake in particular. . . .” Milkshake, you ask? Yes. Milkshake.  The shake in question “was lobbed by a bystander in Newcastle at Nigel Farage, a

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Northam Exposure?

Hear that? It’s the faint sound made by an incredibly perfunctory effort to get to the bottom of the yearbook scandal that has cast, shall we say, a blackface shadow over Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Back in February, news broke that the governor’s personal page in the 1984 Eastern Virginia

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Pick a Number

Is the number 15 “magical”? The “democratic socialists” now dominating the Democratic Party first went for the $15 national minimum wage notion. Now it’s a cap on consumer credit interest rates, at 15 percent. What’s next, 15 mph speed limits? Age 15 allowed to vote?  Fifteen men on a dead

U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross

The Very Opposite of Force

One persuasive trick is to say the exact opposite of the truth, and say it with confidence.  What is that?  The proverbial “big lie”? Gaslighting? A “reality distortion field”? Whatever you call it, U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross (D-N.J.) used it at a hearing of the U.S. House Education and Labor

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Vasily Goloborodko for President?

Vladimir Putin may not be as powerful as feared. Not only does he apparently not pull the strings of the much-accused-of/now-cleared-of-collusion “Trump Puppet,” Putin also does not write comic lines for the “acting” president of Ukraine. You see, a few days ago Ukrainians held a run-off election to choose a

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The Debate Begins?

The Green New Deal? So yesterday!  “Millionaires and billionaires” paying “their fair share”? Well, after Bernie Sanders’ millionaire status hit the news, Democrats have some reason to shy away to . . . the Universal Basic Income! “UBI” for short. Right now the big pusher of the panacea is a

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