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I Prefer Plastic

When I go to the supermarket, and get asked “paper or plastic?” — about which bag the checker should wrap my purchases in — I almost always say “plastic.” They are lighter than paper bags, are easily re-usable for a wide variety of home purposes, and resist water — thus

Jefferson Davis

Iconoclasm Spasms

As America stands upon a precipice of insolvency, as southern European nations undergo the spasms of sovereign debt catastrophe, as many of our citizens call the Chinese devaluations of their money “currency wars,” obsessing about political symbolism seems . . . a tad . . . trivial. First it was

12 Week old fetus

Abort the Subsidy

Common Sense generally steers clear of the abortion issue. Arguably, for “common sense” reasons. I’ve always been pro-life, but I’ve also been skeptical of government’s ability to improve the situation, to save unborn lives via the criminal justice system. No law forces women to have abortions; it’s voluntary. I’ve long

Supremacist Progressives?

“Thank you, Seattle, for being one of the most progressive cities in the United States of America,” socialist-cum-Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders shouted to the large crowd in the City of Goodwill. Seconds later, two women with a local Black Lives Matter group jumped the stage, threatening to shut down

Deer in the Headlights

Are Democrats Socialists?

Does it matter that the chair of the Democratic National Committee doesn’t know if her party is socialist? MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was grilling Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on the meaning of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s popularity within the Democratic Party. Mrs. Wasserman-Schultz responded by boasting that the Democrats “really are a Big Tent

Eternal Koch

Gross Domestic Prevarication

A sign of these sorry times for professional journalism: Time magazine runs a dishonest smear against Charles Koch, completely twisting the billionaire’s remarks at a recent meeting of major donors in Orange County, California. “Charles Koch Says US Can Bomb Its Way to $100,000 Salaries,” screamed the headline. The sub-heading

Police State Apologist

Robert Reich Makes Common Cause With Police State

Common Cause says its job is “Holding Power Accountable.” Robert Reich is the pre-eminent “people’s progressive” propagandist of our time, promoting himself as on the side of underdogs and against corporate power structures. After the Wisconsin John Doe probe was judicially squelched, last week, Reich promoted Common Causes’s official reaction,


C Is For Curmudgeon

Every writer can count among his loyal readers at least one curmudgeon. I have several. Today we consider the criticism of one special curmudgeon. Let’s call him “Mr. C.” Mr. C. agrees with my last several invokings of Common Sense. But he wonders, “Sure the [insert expletive here] of Republican

Dr. Annette Bosworth

Bosworth Sentenced

Last week, Judge John Brown sentenced Dr. Annette Bosworth, a neophyte candidate for U.S. Senate from South Dakota, to twelve concurrent two-year prison terms . . . to be suspended provided she successfully completes three years of probation, pays the cost of her prosecution, and performs 500 hours of community

Global Blame

Gases and Masses

For once, The Washington Post headline actually reflected the commentary: “America is the worst polluter in the history of the world. We should let climate change refugees resettle here.” Michael B. Gerrard, associate faculty chair at Columbia University’s Earth Institute and director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Brothers' Keeper

The Rise in Unrest

On Monday, pushing an expansion of his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, President Barack Obama gave a talk about the recent rise in racial discord. Does he ever ask himself, “Under whose watch?” When the financial system melted down in 2008, candidate Obama — not without some justification — blamed President Bush and

Crying Children

It’s a Disgrace

State-powered Puritanism is alive and well in the west. And freedom of speech is in its death throes. Or so it seems in Great Britain. And the U.S. isn’t far behind, suggests Brendan O’Neill. O’Neill, editor of the London-based Spike, recounts recent absurd assaults on freedom of speech, so frequent

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