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Revolutionaries for Bernie

It seems like just last week we were arguing about how it is not OK to go around “punching Nazis.”  Now we have a Bernie Sanders campaign employee fuming about putting people he disagrees with into “re-education camps.” “The only thing that fascists understand is violence,” said a Field Manager

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Disemploying Des Moines

Remember during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, when she promised “to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”?  She seemed surprisingly surprised that coal miners were so displeased.  Have no fear, however — quickly she highlighted her $30 billion plan to provide sustenance and re-training

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Globes Off

They cannot help themselves. The actors and filmmakers who give and receive awards are driven against all advice to do two things: Express their political opinions when receiving awards and Turn off vast swaths of the movie- and TV-viewing public when they do so. Ricky Gervais, hosting the Golden Globes

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The Awful Strain of Insurmountable Parody

What if “political correctness” were really a problem of rampant cowardice? University of Massachusetts Amherst administrators removed Catherine West Lowry from her 13-year gig as an accounting lecturer because of an extra-credit project.  She had shown a previous year’s student-produced parody video using the infamous Hitler breakdown scene in the

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Served and Disserved, New York Style

“Jacking up your prices on people trying to celebrate the holidays? Classy, @dominos,” tweeted former presidential aspirant and current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “To the thousands who came to Times Square last night to ring in 2020,” continued  Hizzoner’s New Year’s Day message from his official city

A Deplorable Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, Rolling Stone released a recorded interview of Michael Moore showing the Roger & Me filmmaker in pure Scrooge mode. Shortly before Election Day, 2016, Moore had famously characterized a likely Trump win as middle America’s rebuke of the establishment. “They’re not racist or rednecks,” he

Christmas 2019

Precious Gifts . . . 2019 and Beyond

There’s a quiet on Christmas morning . . . after Santa has come and gone . . . and the kids are still sound asleep . . . sugar plum fairies dancing to their gentle snoring. A moment to stop and think. I hope they’ll like their presents; they always

Whither Away?

“All around the world, earnest fans of socialism insist it has never failed, as critics claim, since ‘true socialism has never really been tried,’” the New York Post editorial board wrote on Tuesday. But socialism has been tried. It just doesn’t turn into the utopia socialists promise.  And the State

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Discriminating Democrats

In ten days, the Democratic Party will hold a presidential debate that, according to the rules established by the Democratic National Committee, includes six qualified candidates all of whom are white. Which is apparently not the right color. “Of course, there is nothing wrong with Democrats selecting a white presidential

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Thanks for the Memories

One thing for which I expressed gratitude, yesterday, was my site’s “Thought of the Day” feature, for it placed in original context a well-known maxim: “If your government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson is

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Equal Wrongs

Back in the 1970s, the late Phyllis Schlafly charged that, if the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) were ratified, women would be subject to the military draft.  Funny thing, though — the ERA was not ratified, yet any return to the draft means our daughters would be forced into combat just

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Deep State Consensus

Donald Trump was not elected with a mandate to “drain the ‘interagency consensus.’” You can’t “drain” a “consensus.” More importantly, “the Swamp” that Trump promised to “drain,” is not the same thing as that “interagency consensus.” That latter, new phrase better serves as something coextensive with — or  subset of

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