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Happy New Year!

As we turn the page to a new calendar year, here’s hoping that 2018 is (a) as interesting as the year just past, while being (b) a bit more productive of freedom, accountability, and all the good stuff we strive to achieve in our personal, family, business and community lives.

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Desert Royalty

I know people who are trying to set up their own countries. Folks at the Seasteading Institute, run by Milton Friedman’s grandson, Patri, are preparing for a floating civilization. But that scheme depends on homesteading the open sea. Land would be easier, no? Trouble is, there is not much land

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Hardy at 89

Hardy Johnson marked his 89th birthday by doing what he’s always doing, working as a cobbler at Custom Shoe Builders in Knoxville, Tennessee. His son, who manages the business that his dad founded in 1953, was out of town. The back orders had been piling up. And Johnson takes only

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Not Just a Recycled Rocket

Last Thursday, SpaceX successfully re-used a previously flown rocket to launch a payload into orbit. Sure, NASA had re-cycled rocket parts before. That is, the U.S. space agency had recovered spent rockets.* But those were rebuilds. SpaceX’s most recent triumph was to launch a “stage one” rocket that had gone

Freedom’s Friends

Yesterday marked a solemn anniversary. Seventy-four years ago — on Feb. 22, 1943 — three German students at the University of Munich were tried for treason by the Nazis, convicted and then executed via the guillotine, all in one day. Days earlier, Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie had been

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The Man from Freedom

In the Show-Me State, an attorney is showing us government held accountable. He leaves folks inspired about their freedom, wondering . . . who was that masked attorney? Well, no. Against my advice, he won’t wear a mask to court, nor leave behind silver bullets. (He says they’re too expensive.)

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The Pattern Here

Thomas Sowell, who retired from his syndicated column last week, may be the greatest public intellectual of our time. Though he is “an original,” an iconoclast, his work is best seen as the carrying on of a tradition. Or two. Consider his most famous research area: race. An African-American, Sowell

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Capturing Christmas

The festival of Hanukkah begins tomorrow at sundown; Christmas is on Sunday. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a time to spend with family and friends, to appreciate what’s most important in life. And maybe even to forget about politics for a bit. But remember one political or

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Ditch Your Male Doctor

It’s the Christmas season, so wait to do this until the New Year, but . . . be sure to fire your male doctor. He’s a quack. At least, that seems to be the gist of James Hamblin’s “Evidence of the Superiority of Female Doctors,” a report in The Atlantic

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Don’t Dress for Excess

Undoubtedly, men have it easy in several ways that women do not. Take something only seemingly trivial: clothing. When men need to dress to impress, the answer is simple: a suit. There is not really a lot of variety here, and little is required of a man in his choice

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I’m not a crybaby. “Believe me” . . . as one fellow running for president is fond of saying. Yesterday, however, at the San Francisco Freedom Forum, I was admittedly glad that the ballroom was dimly lit. Listening to speakers from across the globe tell their stories of struggling for

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Jefferson’s Achievements

In 1743, on April 2, Thomas Jefferson was born. But the old Julian calendar was superseded in 1752, so we now mark his birthday as April 13. Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the United States’ Declaration of Independence. He authored the State of Virginia’s Statue of Religious Freedom,

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