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A Real Reform for Obama

Barack Obama’s record as a maverick, either in the U.S. Senate or his years as an Illinois legislator, is slender at best. Behind the self-avowed reformer’s rhetoric, his policies seem typical, demanding ever-bigger government, ever-more intrusive government. But there’s at least one reform practiced by candidate Obama that could yield

Waterboarding Term Limits

Here’s a story about a government board whose members endlessly dish out taxpayer money. And want endless years in power to keep doing so. Recently, members of the Santa Clara water board approved steep salary hikes for two of their staffers, making them the highest-paid for their jobs in all

Another OK Court Decision?

Here’s another interesting court decision in Oklahoma. Oh, this time it’s not a petition with hundreds of thousands of voter signatures being tossed out. And no, it’s not quite as crazy as that ruling allowing a man to photograph up the skirts of girls at the mall. This time Oklahoma’s

The Soprano State

Have you ever read the Asbury Park Press? I’s a New Jersey paper. A recent Press editorial advocates statewide initiative and referendum, currently enjoyed by only 24 states . . . none of which is New Jersey. The editorial notes that I&R has been often introduced in the state legislature

Welfare Kings

Bear Stearns. You gotta like an investment company with the word “bear” in it. If you are the kind of investor to go bullish over anything big, Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc., was BIG. For years its subprime mortgage biz made investors go all squirmy with bullishness. They could pretend

Above the Law

It’s nice to have friends in high places. Or to sit on high yourself – way up above the law. Or so Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson must think, as he chirps from his high perch. Last year, State Representative Mike Reynolds detailed publicly that Attorney General Edmondson had violated

Constitutionally Unsuited for the Job

You can’t answer every random fallacy uttered by fierce foes of facts and logic. Can’t always ignore them either. Like, when your polemical adversary is trying to jail you for ten years. I refer to Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson, who indicted me and two others for abetting democracy in

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