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Jury Duty

Guess Who Else Nullifies?

Citizens have more power than they exercise. But folks in government aren’t exactly falling all over each other in the rush to help citizens participate and realize their potential. Take juries. There are few more awesome responsibilities than sitting on a jury. And one of the things you can do,

The New Nullifiers

It’s happened before: The people are speaking up. In court. As jurors. As citizens. A Missoula District Court could not impanel a jury in a marijuana possession case. Potential jurors refused to say that they would follow the law in convicting a person for possessing a sixteenth of an ounce

Penn’s Jurors’ Treason — Our Reason

Remember, remember the Fifth of September, when jurors freed Penn of the knot. I know of no reason why Penn’s jurors’ treason should ever be forgot. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is one of three governors who have honored September 5, officially, as Jury Rights Day. From her 2007 proclamation we

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