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Townhall: Gold Medal Democracy

Bostonians win big in the Olympics. How? By not hosting them. Click on over to, then come back here for a few more events. Don’t worry — low hurdles. Just a little reading: Huffington Post: “How Boston Won The Right To Avoid The 2024 Olympics” United Independent Party: “Gas


Townhall: Scandal-Less

The results are in. There’s an easy way to constrain political corruption. Click on over to Townhall to find out more. Then come back here for some more reading: US Term Limits: “State Legislative Term Limits” St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Missouri term limits debated” States of Corruption Illinois “Term Limits,

Eric O'Keefe

Townhall: A Perfect Storm of Wrongs, Righted

New development in Wisconsin’s John Doe probes. Click on over to Townhall, then come back here for background: “Wisconsin’s Secret War” RightWisconsin: “Winners Now That the John Doe is Over” Wall Street Journal: “Wisconsin’s Friend at the IRS” Urban Milwaukee: “The Wrath of Eric O’Keefe” Townhall: “Who is Eric

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Townhall: The Cynics and the Minimum Wage

This weekend at Townhall, a recurring subject, but with a British twist: why support a minimum wage if it doesn’t do the good claimed for it? Maybe the backers don’t uniformly want the good. Could they want the bad? Which brings up the question of cynicism. We who aim to

Townhall: American Dreamland

Is the American Dream . . . dead? This weekend’s excursion onto repeats, for the most part, the message of Friday’s Common Sense, “Not the Impossible Dream.” Regular readers here might be tempted to give it a pass. But remember the message of Friday’s foray? You can help. One way to

Townhall: The Citizens Are in Session

Last week, we reported on a filing of a citizens’ initiative in Ferguson, Missouri. Now, a fuller report, for the good folks at Click on over, then come back here for more relevant reading. Police Cameras for Ferguson: Ferguson Charter Initiative website USA Today: “Ferguson residents petition for police


Townhall: Democracy Makes a Comeback

This weekend, your Common Sense advocate catches up the good folks at with the latest clever initiative on the West Coast to give citizens what they need to restrain government growth. Click on over. Come back for the background reading: Voters Want More Choices Initiative 1366 Townhall: “America’s No.

Stars and Stripes

Townhall: The Incredible Lightness of Freedom

The continuing saga of the Meitiv kids, at Townhall this weekend. Click on over, then back here! Social Services Administration Directive: Children Protective Services Screening and Case Determination Process (June 5, 2015) Facebook: I Stand with the Meitivs Against CPS Washington Post: Md. officials: Letting ‘free range’ kids walk or


Townhall: Staged Security

Expanding on thoughts from Friday, this weekend’s Common Sense entry at is more grist for the true security mill, and the case for doing away with the TSA. Click on over; then come back here for links for further facts and opinion. ABC News: Undercover DHS Tests Find Widespread Security

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Townhall: One Dangerous Doctor?

Update on the Dr. Bosworth case, at Click on over, then come back here for more information. Argus Leader: Annette Bosworth found guilty on all charges KSFY Television: Life After Conviction – What’s next for Dr. Annette Bosworth? Casper Star Tribune: Former Senate candidate Bosworth plans to appeal her

gathering stones together

Townhall: What We Owe Our Troops

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. It’s not just another day off work. Don’t just mouth patriotism. Make the most of it. Click on over to Then come back here for more reading: Wikipedia: United States military casualties of war Wikipedia: Terrorist Military Times: Little progress at VA year after Shinseki departure


Townhall: Democracy by Pretense

Insiders continue to chafe at the restraints imposed upon them by outsiders — that is, citizens. But citizens who keep their eyes on the prize can keep republican government democratic. Sometimes the outsiders just cave. Click on over to this weekend‘s Townhall column. And come back here for more information.

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