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Townhall: The Dorky Idea Americans Deserve

Even our best and brightest minds can make elementary mistakes that normal Americans do not. Case in point: term limits. Consult Townhall this weekend. And come back here for a deeper consultancy list: Tom Woods Podcast with Daniel McCarthy: Did Trump Eclipse the Libertarian Moment? National Review: How the Kavanaugh

Townhall: Weaponizing Freedom

This weekend’s Townhall foray is, yes, an expansion of Tuesday’s Common Sense, “Freedom Weaponized,” but is perhaps more shareable, because it gets a bit deeper. Check it out. Share it. Then come back here for the R&D: New York Times: “How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment” United States Supreme Court:

Townhall: The Big Diffs

The story behind the story is the story of division. And error. And damnfoolishness. Click over to Townhall. Then click back here for the stories behind the story behind the . . . Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Twitter): “Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington,

Townhall: Freedom’s Essential Hierarchy

Our “first freedom” is first for a reason: it establishes the most basic hierarchy possible. Which is why those who pretend to be against ALL hierarchies, or insist upon instituting only one hierarchy — the precise one among many that suits them especially — oppose free speech so strongly. These

Townhall: A Birthday Present for the Deep State

This weekend on, we celebrate a birthday — and an apt homage to a patriot. A possible homage. A proposal. For the President. Click on over, then come back here. Videos: Five Years a Fugitive Washington Post: Inspector general blasts Comey and also says others at FBI showed ‘willingness

Townhall: Right, Wrong & Getting Along

Baking the cake and meeting principle, too — click on over to Townhall for this weekend’s big story: The Supreme Court decision: Masterpiece Cakeshop, et al. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, et al. NPR: In Narrow Opinion, Supreme Court Rules For Baker In Gay-Rights Case KOMO News: After same-sex cake

Townhall: The First and Most Important First Amendment

The biggest story of the week, of the month, perhaps of the year. And, so far, it has gotten no coverage. Except at Townhall this Monday, courtesy of your own Humble . . . Paul Jacob. Click on over. Then come back here to drill down further into this most amazing

Townhall: Defending Your Right . . . to Die

Something about Democrats and death — click on over to Then come back here: NBC News: Congress OKs letting terminal patients try unapproved drugs Common Sense: Hooray for Congress! Goldwater Institute: U.S. House Joins Senate in Passing Right to Try Law, President Pledges to Sign Bill Bloomberg: ‘Right-to-Try’ Drug

Townhall: Port in the Storm . . . of War

Here is a new story. New news, because not something that has received a lot of coverage. Sure, it is about a political fracas in North Dakota. But if it seems eerily familiar, that’s because it is: the story serves as a microcosm of the current chaotic ideological macrocosm. Click

Townhall: A Little Rebellion Is a Good Thing?

The burgeoning decentralization story is bigger than could be told on Thursday. So click on over to Townhall for more hints at how big this story is. Then come back here and leap into the issue Big Time. . . . Theory and History: Common Sense with Paul Jacob: Two

Milo Yiannopoulis, Democratic Socialists of America, Churchill Tavern, New York, Nazi

Townhall: Mobs Against Our Rights

Over at Townhall, the logic of “inclusion” is examined — and the examination includes an explanation for why exclusion is the usual tactic of the inclusionists. Click back here for the back-up. Yelp: Churchill Tavern Fox News Insider: ‘Nazi Scum, Get Out’: Milo Yiannopoulos Heckled by Crowd, Driven Out of

Townhall: Indefensible Human Beings

In the late 19th century, with the rise of union rioting, socialist agitation, and the anarchists’ “propaganda by the deed,” politics got ugly. Perhaps the reason Progressives came into power through both major parties was as a relief valve to civilize the tide of leftist violence. We are witnessing this

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