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Townhall: The Man Who Would Be Johnsoned

Over at Townhall, the downside of squelching diversity and dissent. Click on over, then come back here. Washington Post: Catherine Rampell—When will millennials start liking Hillary Clinton? FiveThirtyEight: Is Gary Johnson Taking More Support From Clinton Or Trump? Vanity Fair: Hillary Clinton Could Lose The Election Because Millennials Don’t Like

Should Snowden Pardon Obama?

Townhall: Should Snowden Pardon President Obama?

Oliver Stone’s movie is in the theaters now (see yesterday’s video page). But really, you were waiting for Paul Jacob’s take, weren’t you? Click on over to Townhall, then come back here because, well, this is where you belong. Pardon Snowden The Guardian: Edward Snowden makes ‘moral’ case for presidential

Gary Johnson

Townhall: America, Meet Your Political Process

Ah, the Most Interesting Election Year just became more interesting yet. Click on over to Townhall, then come back here for a little R & R (Research and References). MSNBC: Gary Johnson Asks, “What Is Aleppo?” Red State: It’s official – Gary Johnson Is Now on Ballots in All 50

Boss Tweed

Townhall: Rigging the Ballot for the Rich

People power is getting rocky in the Rocky Mountain State. Click on over to Townhall for the full story. Then come back here . . . for more than just that story. Common Sense by Paul Jacob: Fake Emergencies, Genuine Democracy Townhall (Paul Jacob): The Fight for Your Gun Rights Townhall (Paul Jacob):

Kurt Vonnegut

Townhall: A New Home in Vonnegut’s Venezuela

Simon Bolivar weeps, but Kurt Vonnegut laughs — bitterly. The sorry state of Venezuela, this weekend at Click on over, then come back here! National Post: Venezuelan president promises free houses, cash to Olympians — amid country’s worst economic crisis ever Washington Post: You’re Fired! Venezuela Orders Purge of

Juanita Broaddrick

Townhall: The Rape That Feminists Forgot

We know that progressives will allow all sorts of enormities to be committed just so they get their precious programs. High taxes? No matter — someone else will pay! Continued wars? Well — at least we’ve got Obamacare! And rape? Well — that was long ago, and in another state.

Image from page 159 of "American small arms; a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge for sportsmen and military men" (1904)

Townhall: Firestorm about Firepower

The presidential campaign goes ballistic. Click on over to the site for Paul Jacob’s latest. Then click back here for additional firepower: The Guardian: Donald Trump hints at assassination of Hillary Clinton by gun rights supporters YouTube: re Clinton and Heller NBC: Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ Comment Seen as Veiled

Putin and Trump, a japing photo

Townhall: Some Days the Bear Eats You

Russia. The Bear. Putin. The Tyrant. America. The Oblivious? Click on over to Townhall for further variations on a theme. With Trump in the picture. Then  retreat back here, for your further edification: C-Span: Donald Trump on Russia and Missing Hillary Clinton Emails New York Times: Cash Flowed to Clinton


Townhall: Have You Read the Constitution?

What a question! But, even if you have read the document, it might be worth your time to click on over to, and then migrate back here for more reading. CNN: Khizr Khan Video of Full Speech at DNC Transcript of Khizr Khan’s Speech Arlington Cemetery: Humayun Saqib

The Trump Apocalypse

Townhall: Trump on the Stump

From his raised platform at the convention, Donald J. Trump made some things perfectly clear. Unfortunately, it was not what he plans on actually doing as president, even on security, which he pushed to a Lord of the Rings level of dark horror and dire importance. Big on promises, short

The Prez speaks

Townhall: Too, Too Much

Recapitulating the Thursday and Friday Common Sense outings, Paul Jacob’s weekend column for Townhall is well worth checking out. And then coming back here for a little extra. Curious about the memorial service? Click here. The chief’s statement, here. Fast and . . . what? (Obama’s first scandal.) The Feds

Peace Violence

Townhall: These Are the Times

Violence. Animosity. Lawlessness. And Paul Jacob is not just talking about these things on the streets, amongst protestors. Click on over to Townhall. Come back here. Figure out the age; testify.

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