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Townhall: Congress’s Sexual Assault on Taxpayers

One needn’t rake the muck to access it, these days. The further we go in, the deeper it gets. It just sort of pours forth from the nation’s capital, as from Hollywood. Our “cup” seepeth over. Click on over to Townhall for an analysis of the muck’s consistency. Then click

Townhall: Shooting from the Hip . . . with Blanks

What should Congress do? Legislate anew every tragedy, atrocity? Or maybe . . . something else? Click on over to Townhall to obtain the full context. Come back here for more: Common Sense: “A Hero, In His own Words,” interview with Stephen Willeford by Steven Crowder Reason: “Gun Control Failures

Townhall: Happy Halloween, Racist Scum

O, what a horror show our lives have become! So of course Halloween is now a battleground. Click on over to Townhall; come back here for the joys of the season. Washington Post: A Halloween display or a faux lynching? A hanging figure creates tensions in one neighborhood. Townhall: Hate

Townhall: Cowardly Careerists in Congress

Congress has flaked out. But Sen. Jeff Flake, preparing to take leave of Congress, has not. There is hope for him yet. Click on over to Townhall for this weekend’s long-form Common Sense. Then back here for the back-up. Daily Caller: Jeff Flake On Retirement—‘Couldn’t Run A Campaign I Could

Townhall: Missing the Target, Hitting the Foot

Expanding upon Friday‘s Common Sense, this weekend at Townhall we present the strange case of the Times calling conservative intellectual Ben Shapiro a coward. New York Times: The Hollow Bravery of Ben Shapiro (October 12, 2017). The Daily Wire MTV: On the Punching of Nazis. I Support It, by Jane

Corruption, Corruption and More Corruption

If ever it needed proving before, it is proven, now: power is not just politics. It is influence, as well. And Hollywood folks have been very influential. Harvey Weinstein highest among them. And apparently most corrupt. Resist the abusers of power and click on over to Townhall. Then come back

Townhall: The Shocking Truth About Term Limits

The mainstream media and political insiders have discovered The Awful Truth about legislative term limits. Click on over to Townhall for the whole astonishing story! Then come back here for the background: Detroit News: Mass turnover fuels push for Mich. term limit reform U.S. Term Limits Ballotpedia: State Legislative Election

Townhall: In Case You Missed It

On what media covers. Don’t miss it — at Andrew Breitbart press conference Washington Post: Former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner Sentenced in Sexting Scandal Breitbart: Blue State Blues — Anthony Weiner Fate Is Nothing to Celebrate Esquite: Anthony Weiner — Seriously? Breitbart: Study: CNN Barely Covers Menendez Trial; Provided

Townhall: Christophobia Down Under

The War on Christmas may be bigger than it seems — seems to some secularists, anyway. Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for more Horror File material: IMdb listing for A Current Affair: “Big W’s Christmas Tree Clanger” (September 21, 2017) The Daily Telegraph: “Big W Removes Christmas References

Townhall: Attack of the Dreaded Spoilers

Something there is that doesn’t love a spoiler. And yet, there is much to be said for spoilers. They provide, after all, one of the most important strains of competition in politics. Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for further reading: Townhall last week: Strange Money, Strange

Townhall: Strange Money, Strange Politics

Just how much do Americans hate Congress? How much do we dislike and distrust our leaders in the imperial capital? Ask Alabamans. Or go to Townhall, and then come back here. TIME: Republicans Dislike Congress More Than Democrats, Poll Shows Roy Moore has double-digit lead over Luther Strange, new

Give B.S. a Chance

This weekend at Townhall, Paul fleshed out the most recent Voters’ Pamphlet mini-scandal, from Friday.  Click on over, then come back here. You know, for more voters’ pamphleteering. Tim Eyman’s Email: Help me get my B.S. in the voters pamphlet Everett Herald: Eyman’s ‘B.S.’ deemed too vulgar for voter’s pamphlet

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