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Townhall: Is It Safe in Baltimore?

After every major school shooting the calls for “doing something serious about guns” burst into the national conversation. And yet… considering how lame most actual proposals are … what is really the ultimate intention appears to be gun prohibition and confiscation. And the thing about that? It means that only

Townhall: Friendly Suicide Advice for the GOP

The Common Sense mission at this weekend is not to defend Mr. Trump’s actions or statements. I did not vote for him – nor did I vote for the Democrats’ even worse alternative. Like other presidents, I support Trump when he agrees with me and oppose him when he

Townhall: Real Men and Real Women

Consent in relation to sexual relations is not really all that hard to figure out — though evidence for consent, or even for particular acts, can be very hard to determine, especially regarding other people and after a long time’s passing. Click on over to for something like the

Townhall: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The eternal question, with a partial answer over at Washington Post: Virginia lawmakers seek to make menstrual products more affordable, available WTVR CBS (Richmond): Feminine hygiene products could become tax exempt Women’s Health: The Sickening Truth About What It’s Like to Get Your Period in Prison The Guardian: Prisons

Townhall: Afghanistan First

Over at, war is waged against death and madness. Click over, come back. Let Common Sense be your guide…. Washington Post: A new U.S. air blitz in Afghanistan isn’t stopping for winter. But will it stop the Taliban? Al Jazeera: US and NATO Troops in Afghanistan Counter Punch: Time

Townhall: Who Are We?

Where do the NGO’s go? To the SHC’s — as [allegedly] designated by our current president (SHC stands for S***-H***-Country). But is America in danger of sliding down into that very same status? Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here. Washington Post: Video shows Baltimore hospital patient discharged

Townhall: Children of the Spurned Nozzle

Oh, the Nanny State sure changes some folks’ beliefs . . . about what they themselves are capable of doing. What no one is capable of doing is altering the very nature of reality. So, for at most the slightest alteration of your grasp on reality, click on over to

Townhall: The Scandal That Must Not Be Named

We have the names of the bureaucrats responsible. But the scandal? Don’t call it that! (Says the insider press.) Click over to Townhall for the precise words to describe this sad recent history. If you return here you can read more on the subject: Washington Post: Fallout from allegations of

Townhall: Freak-Out, Death Threats, and…Neutrality?

It’s been quite the furor — over the FCC’s removal of the Net Neutrality regime that the Obama Administration FCC had placed upon the Internet. Is it really an expression of legitimate outrage over a grave policy . . . mis-step? Injustice? Faux pas? Could it be the end of the Internet?!?!?!? Maybe it

Uninterrupted Playership

To find out what Washington incumbents really want — and what really bugs them — click on over to Townhall. Then click back here. For the background. Fox: Conyers announces retirement, endorses son to succeed him CBS News: Rep. John Conyers announces retirement, endorses son to run for seat Politico:

Townhall: Teaching Students How to Cheat — and Fail 

How not to get better results in school. Get “schooled” at Townhall — and come back here for more. NPR: What Really Happened At The School Where Every Graduate Got Into College Washington Post: D.C. plans probe of Ballou High School following report questioning standards Washington Post: There’s something familiar

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