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Townhall: Stand In for Rand?

Yes, we miss Rand Paul already. Paul Jacob’s February 7, 2016, column is online . . . Go to to read! And come back here for more information: Washington Post – Rand Paul suspends presidential campaign Politico – Rand Paul drops out of White House race YouTube – Rand Paul: Thank You –

Gary Johnson

Townhall: Facing Error

Can a politician acknowledge an error of judgment without giving up a claim to our attention? Must politicians pretend always to be right — even when we know no one can attain such perfection? Click on over to Townhall and check out this weekend’s longer excursion into a subject broached

Hillary Clinton

Townhall: Mrs. Clinton’s Super Delegate Democracy

Will this nation be spared a President Hillary Clinton? Click on over to Townhall . . . and find out, well, who won’t stop her: Democratic Party voters. Then come back here for more reading: UK Daily Mail: Hillary’s emails contained classified information from HUMAN SPYING as the State Department says it won’t meet

Hillary and Daughter - Meet the Clintons!

Townhall: Clinton Lies — New and Improved?

Candidacy in trouble? Add a whopper. And make your daughter say it. This weekend at Townhall, the truth about the Clintons and America. Click on over, then come back here: Vox: Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Trust You Breitbart: Rape Victims Townhall (Guy Benson): Question for Hillary Wikipedia: Chelsea Clinton The Hill:

dunce or devil?

Townhall: Stupid or . . . Worse?

It’s the corruption, stupid — not the stupidity. This weekend at Townhall, what is our biggest problem? Click on over, then come back here: Gallup: Government Named Top U.S. Problem for Second Straight Year Washington Post: Solyndra Scandal Common Sense: Stop Phony Crony Pay Grab CS Meme: Arkansas Pay Raise

obama blowing smoke

Townhall: Obama Violence

Barack Obama wants to go out swinging, like a take-charge super-president. And his next target? Gun rights. Click on over to for the  January 3, 2016, column by Paul Jacob. Then come back here: Washington Post: Obama plans curbs on guns Wall Street Journal: Obama to Discuss Gun Control Options with

Ted Cruz

Townhall: Fact Checking for Partisan Fun and Profit

Who will fact check the fact checkers? How about you and me? We certainly cannot trust PolitiFact, so . . . click on over to . . . and then come back here. Why? For further information: PolitiFact: Ted Cruz PolitiFact: Who is PolitiFact? Who pays for Politifact? Congress: Senate Joint Resolution


Townhall: Finns, Americans and the Income Guarantee

Fixing the welfare state, for everybody’s benefit, should be high on the political agenda. But if a fix isn’t possible, maybe we should be thinking more radically about its very real problems. Click on over to, for Paul Jacob’s December 20, 2015, column. Then come back here, for more information. Cato: “Finland

John Kasich

Townhall: Kasich — Governor, Pope or Schizo?

On Saturday, we regaled you with the video clip of Gov. John Kasich, more than straddling the proverbial fence, indeed . . . jumping around it like a rodeo clown — or perhaps someone in a tad less control. Today, at, we aim to edify . . . with an analysis


Townhall: The Democrats’ Domino Approach to Rights

In the face of terrorism and mass murder, some reach for their weapons — in self-defense. Others reach . . . to take away our rights. Expanding on Friday’s thoughts, Your Column Sense columnist essays a new domino cascade, at Click on over, then come back here, for more

yoga postions

Townhall: The Oddest Yoga Position of All

This week, Common Sense looks at the insanity of “cultural appropriation.” Which has reached a new low point of crazed nincompoopery in Ontario. See Sunday’s column on, by Yours Truly, Paul Jacob. Then come back here for further forays into the realm of modern progressive ideology gone completely off

DEA asset forfeiture patch

Townhall: Our Innocent Stuff vs. Guilty Government

Government is supposed to defend our rights, including rights to property. Too often, our police departments merely steal. Play criminal themselves. Click on over to for the full story. Come back here for more reading . . . and viewing: Institute for Justice – TAKEN: New Report Finds Civil

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