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Townhall: Waking Up from the Nightmare

Oh, the richness of this political season has made for something strange. What sea change comes next? Paul Jacob, on Townhall this weekend, discusses one such possible, momentous motion of the rich and strange. Click on over, then come back here: Unbound: The Conscience of a Republican Delegate, Curly Haugland and


Townhall: #NeverEvil #NeverCorrupt

This weekend at, your Common Sense advocate for freedom tries to free minds from the constraints of the two major political parties. It’s easier, this year, since both parties seem bent on picking candidates that are . . . bent. Click on over, then come back here for more

San Jose Anti-Trump riots

Townhall: Do You Know the Way of San Jose?

As the political summer heats up, violence wells. What are we to make of it? Click on over to Townhall, for a full consideration. Then come back here for even more reading. YouTube: “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” by Dionne Warwick NBC Bay Area: “I’ve Never Seen

Gary Johnson

Townhall: And Now, Behind Door No. 3

. . . a brand new future! Well, maybe. Americans have so far shown a bit too much old-brand loyalty. Click on over to, and then come back here. We’ve quite a good show: The Blaze: Fox Shows Knew Cato: Libertarian Ticket Sane Republicans America’s Governors, a report card


Townhall: Toiletarianism — Safe Spaces Flushed

This week at Townhall, an expansion of Monday’s Common Sense outing . . . to the outhouse. But whether the question is what is in and what is out, the reality is, WHERE and WHO must decide WHAT goes WHERE and WHY. Click on over. Then come back here for

Curly Haugland

Townhall: Whose Party Is It, Anyway?

This week at Townhall Paul Jacob wraps up the big story this week. Click on over, forward to friends. But come back here for the necessary further reading of source material: Politico: The One Man Who Could Stop Donald Trump Common Sense VIDEO: The Delegates (Week in Review) NRO: Trump’s


Townhall: Who is Hillary’s “Tim”?

Can you identify Hillary’s apparent co-partner in anti-coal? This weekend Paul Jacob asks the question,  and puts it in context. Click on over to Townhall, then come back here for more reading. Wall Street Journal Video: Hillary Clinton Is Challenged on Coal Comments Washington Post: Emotional unemployed W.Va. coal worker


Townhall: Speaker of the Devil

Ah, what a difference an epithet can make! But, in the case of last week’s biggie, will the harsh words backfire? A more extensive look at the logic of insider invective, at Townhall this weekend. Click on over, then come back here for kinder words: Common Sense: The Most Hated The


Townhall: Bailed. Out?

A serious blow to Obamacare? Over at Townhall, the prospect of a major U.S. government program self-destroying in front of out eyes. What will we make of it? Click on over. Then come back here. For a few more assays: Obamacare Failures On the Rise by Michael Shannon | Friday,


Townhall: Hillary’s Defense — Obama Did It

The presidential race gets more and more interesting on the Democratic side, as the nation’s most famously corrupt insider beats off the mostly savvy charges of a demagogic socialist. Click on over to for this weekend’s Common Sense update. Then come back here for more reading: CNN: Transcript of

Townhall: Accelerated Disillusion

The pace of this election year is picking up. But what we are sure to gain faster isn’t what the candidates want. Click on over to for this weekend’s dose of Common Sense. Then come back here for the extra dollops of information and opinion: Wall Street Journal: The

Kenyetta Wilbourn Snapp

Townhall: The ABCs of Corruption

If you needed money, you could get money. Kenyetta Wilbourn Snapp, 40, in a series of exclusive interviews. The children are not the focus, money is the focus. And what happens to the money no one knows because the money does not reach the classroom. Beverly Jones, former New Jersey

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