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Townhall: Pulling No Punches — Messages from Montana

Click on over to Townhall for the full poop on the pugilistic representative. Then come back here to learn . . . even more: Guardian: Republican Greg Gianforte ‘body slams’ Guardian reporter in Montana Washington Post: GOP candidate in Montana race charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly body-slamming reporter Washington

Townhall: Wasting Away Again in Weiner-ville

Click on over to Townhall for a bit of closure regarding the latest wrinkle in the epic of Hillary Clinton’s corruption, the sexting follies of the husband of her chief aide. New York Daily News: Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to sexting with 15-year-old girl, could serve up to 27 months

Townhall: Another Argument for Term Limits … Convicted

Click on over to Townhall for one whopper of a story. Then come back here for alternate tellings. News 4 TV-Jacksonville: Corrine Brown found guilty on 18 charges Dept. of Justice: Congresswoman Corrine Brown and Chief of Staff Charged with Fraud Scheme Involving Bogus Non-Profit Scholarship Entity U.S. Term Limits:

Townhall: Progressively Losing Freedom

Free speech is under attack, largely on grounds of “hate speech” charges, and backed by violent revolutionaries. Who are, it turns out, themselves backed by the former head of the Democratic Party. Click on over to Townhall to read this weekend’s Common Sense dose. Click back here to read .

Townhall: Will the UN Permit Obamacare’s Repeal?

Oh, what will we do? The socialists in the United Nations do not approve of an American policy proposal… Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for more info: YouTube: EF Hutton Commercial Washington Post: “Apparently repealing Obamacare could violate international law” by Dana Milbank Washington Post: Letter

Townhall: Winning at the Polls, But Not in Governing

Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House, with a majority of Supreme Court justices having been appointed by GOP presidents. Why so little progress? Well, during six of the eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency, Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress. And what did

Townhall: Arrogant Pols, Go Home!

Politicians! A few years in office are enough. Arrogance needs nipping in the bud. Click on over to Townhall. Come back for the complete context. YouTube: “Okie from Muskogee” by Merle Haggard Deseret News: “Sen. Hatch’s re-election bid proves the need for term limits” TPM: Hatch: “Sorry, Romney, Trump Is

Townhall: Government Burglars

The IRS doesn’t just seize money for reasons of taxation. The folks in that agency have another racket in their job description. Click on over to Townhall for the story, then come back here for background. “Criminal Investigation Enforced Structuring Laws Primarily Against Legal Source Funds and Compromised the

Townhall: Stupid Mandates to the D.C. Degree

At Townhall, Paul discusses the latest wonder of regulation in our imperial city. Click on over. Then come back here for more detail. Details such as…. The District has decreed that the directors of any licensed “Child Development Centers” or day care, in non-bureaucratic nomenclature, must have a “Bachelor of

Townhall: Lifetime Tenure — or Longer?

Expanding the case made on Friday, Paul provides for Townhall readers a timely take on term limits. Click on over. Then click back here. And consider — or reconsider, as the case may be. Washington Post: Democrats continue to press Gorsuch for answers, but Republicans’ confidence of confirmation grows Wikipedia:

Townhall: Red Venezuela, Pink Flamingos, and the New Hollywood Diet

The country of Venezuela has descended into the worst kind of chaos, with fighting over every last scrap of food. Even the rats fear for their lives. All walking food/near-food is. And some feathered food, too. Click on over to Townhall, then come back here. Common Sense: The Weight of

Townhall: Deep State, Shallow Media, and Meme Warfare

We like to think we have the facts on our side. When we are confused, or do not know what to do, we seek facts. The Fourth Estate says that it is ideally situated to find those facts for us, and disseminate them. But, as we all know now, “Fake

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