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Townhall: Attack of the Dreaded Spoilers

Something there is that doesn’t love a spoiler. And yet, there is much to be said for spoilers. They provide, after all, one of the most important strains of competition in politics. Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for further reading: Townhall last week: Strange Money, Strange

Townhall: Strange Money, Strange Politics

Just how much do Americans hate Congress? How much do we dislike and distrust our leaders in the imperial capital? Ask Alabamans. Or go to Townhall, and then come back here. TIME: Republicans Dislike Congress More Than Democrats, Poll Shows Roy Moore has double-digit lead over Luther Strange, new

Give B.S. a Chance

This weekend at Townhall, Paul fleshed out the most recent Voters’ Pamphlet mini-scandal, from Friday.  Click on over, then come back here. You know, for more voters’ pamphleteering. Tim Eyman’s Email: Help me get my B.S. in the voters pamphlet Everett Herald: Eyman’s ‘B.S.’ deemed too vulgar for voter’s pamphlet

Townhall: Symbols of Division and Diversion

What are we to make of these too-interesting/vexing times? Is it time for action about symbols? Click on over to Townhall for some ideas…. PBS: Charlie Rose on Charlottesville Wikipedia: List of Presidents of the United States who owned slaves Census Data – 1860 New York Times: New Estimate Raises

Townhall: A Sad Question After a Violent Day

Another riot, more violence, one person dead. What to make of it all? Click on over to Townhall for the question (if not the answer) of the day. Washington Post: One dead and 19 injured as car strikes crowds along route of white nationalist rally in Charlottesville Trump condemns ‘hatred,

Townhall: The New Asian Exclusion Act

Affirmative action isn’t as black-and-white as we were told. Click on over to Townhall. Come back here for even more shades. New York Times: Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions CNN: Justice Dept. pushes back on NYT’s ‘race-based discrimination’ report CNN: Harvard faces discrimination probe while

Townhall: Charlie Gard, Single-Payer … Both Dead

A funereal note for a baby in Britain, a death knell for socialized medicine in America? See Townhall, click on over; then come back here. BBC: Charlie Gard parents announce death of ‘beautiful boy’ CNN: Baby Charlie Gard dies after life support withdrawn Fox News Insider: Nigel Farage: ‘I Am

Townhall: The On Button

Lapel cameras on police: another police shooting of a . . . non-suspect offered, here, as evidence. Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here. BCA: Update on BCA Investigation of Minneapolis Officer Involved Shooting Common Sense: Left Wondering Why Star Tribune: Police Officer Heard Loud Noise ABC News:

Townhall: The ‘Victory Problem’ in Afghanistan

Where is there an end to it? Time to rethink. Begin at Townhall, then come back here. Yahoo News: Trump faces a ‘victory problem’ in Afghanistan Newsweek: Panetta’s Memoir Blasts Obama on His Leadership, Blames Him for State of Iraq and Syria Donald J. Trump Tweet (2013): “Let’s get out

Townhall: The Problem with Politicians Who Grow

A politician lied. Not exactly news? Well, the story is how he lied, and about what. And “why”! Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for more info. Mullin for U.S. Congress: Markwayne and Christie Mullin Video Announcement Tulsa World: Markwayne Mullin to seek fourth term, explains why

Townhall: The Minimum Wage — Science Strikes Back

Minimum wage hikes are very popular. But the debate over them is old — and odd. It has gotten more ideological in recent years. It used to be that nearly every economist admitted (if not proclaimed) that prohibiting work below a too-high-for-productivity wage rate would cause unemployment . . .

Townhall: The Great American Overdose

Our politicians are addicts. Not on drugs, exactly (though that is probably true in some cases), but on . . . well, click over to for the full argument. It may be something you want to share with your friends. You know, like a needle pizza. This weekend’s column is an expansion

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