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Townhall: Helping Liberals Swallow the Best Medicine

I have readers who think I am just plain wrong about vaccines. They say there is no such thing as herd immunity, and that vaccines are dangerous. I do not deny that there can be side-effects. And I’m certainly no expert. But I don’t see how you can argue against

The White Rose

Townhall: Resistance in Munich

The White Rose dissidents have lessons for you and me, even today. Click on over to Townhall, for Paul’s latest discussion of the White Rose students and their sacrifices. Then come back here to learn more. And get involved in making the world a better, freer place.

Townhall: Whac-A-Mole and the Clueless Politician

For our Townhall readers, an expansion on a theme from last week: the nature of interventionism. Click on  over, then come back here for more reading. Or, perhaps, discussion. And caution: concentration and “too big to fail” are not the only problems that are emerging in the wake of Dodd-Frank.

Townhall: The Herd That Has the Immunity

Expanding on thoughts from Thursday for Townhall‘s readership, the politics of vaccination. Your Common Sense purveyor happens to be suffering from some bug, as if to echo the subject of the column. Not sure this lends any credence or bestows any excuse, though. Click on over, then come back for

Townhall: Shovelfuls of Alarm

It is one thing to be alert to possible catastrophe. Quite another to yearn for it. Yes, it’s time again for the end of the world! Read all about it at Townhall. Click on over, then come back here for further reading. If you have time. “Blizzard Juno: Incredible time-lapse

Action: Help Dr. Bosworth

Sometimes it is easy to help — help an important cause. Dr. Annette Bosworth‘s is such a cause.   Here is contact information for Attorney General Marty Jackley: Ask him to do the right thing. PLEASE DISMISS ALL FELONY CHARGES AGAINST DR. ANNETTE BOSWORTH. Phone: (605) 773-3215 Email: Facebook:

Townhall: But One Life to Give for My Metro

The DC Metro story is going through its predictable stages of decline and folly. The irrational fanaticism of its supporters is the latest stage. Click on over to Townhall for an expansion of the story covered here earlier this week. Come back here for the usual extra credit. Aaron Wiener

Townhall: Pardon My French

This week over at Townhall, your Common Sense columnist offers a perspective on what has been called the biggest mass protest in human history. Click on over, then come back here for more reading. AP: France Arrests 54 For Defending Terrorism, Announces Crack Down Independent Business Times: Who Is Dieudonné? Controversial French

Townhall: An Egyptian Crackdown in South Dakota

What does a South Dakota physician have in common with an Egyptian political activist? Persecution by their respective governments. Yes, it can happen here, folks. Click on over to Townhall, and come back here for a little extra medicine. Wikipedia: Ayman Nour YouTube: Dr. Bosworth “I can decide to stand

Townhall: The Unconstitutional State

Ah, Connecticut! The state in which eminent domain became eminently crazy, in the infamous Kelo case. In that case they targeted private homes to put in . . . a vacant lot? Now bus routes are target. Click on over to Townhall, for the meat of the story. Come back

Townhall: The Social Security Collection Agency

It is one thing to get dunning letters for a debt that you did not take on yourself. It is another thing to have the collectors come and just take. Yes, over at, it is time to take on the takers . . . in the SSA. Click on over, then

Townhall: Not Another Insider

This weekend at Townhall, a look at a “favorite son,” the latest “leader” to dip his toe into presidential waters. America doesn’t need that kind of leadership. Click on over, give it a read, then come back here to make sure you’ve got a grasp on the extent of our

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