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Townhall: What We Owe Our Troops

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. It’s not just another day off work. Don’t just mouth patriotism. Make the most of it. Click on over to Then come back here for more reading: Wikipedia: United States military casualties of war Wikipedia: Terrorist Military Times: Little progress at VA year after Shinseki departure


Townhall: Democracy by Pretense

Insiders continue to chafe at the restraints imposed upon them by outsiders — that is, citizens. But citizens who keep their eyes on the prize can keep republican government democratic. Sometimes the outsiders just cave. Click on over to this weekend‘s Townhall column. And come back here for more information.

Ctrl - Dr. Annette Bosworth

Townhall: Minor Infraction, Felony Prosecution

The most efficient way to maintain one’s perch in power is to knock down and scare off would-be competitors. Click on over to Townhall for the latest on the worst recent example — an ongoing abuse of power. And be sure to come back here for more reading. Be sure

Townhall: Her Majesty Hillary’s Speech Police

This ain’t about the new royal baby. It’s about America’s rather old baby, royal-in-quotes, alas. Click on over to Townhall, then back here for R and D if not R and R. Bernie Sanders: Washington Post: Exceedingly Social, But Doesn’t Like Parties CNN: Windfall at Bernie’s – Sanders raises $1.5


Townhall: The War for/on Democracy

Defending democracy in state after state entails wins here, losses there, and an ongoing struggle. But it’s worth it. For the “democratic means” are about all that is left of what we have to defend the Republic from its corrupters. Click on over to Townhall, for the latest wrap-up; and


Townhall: Surreal Silver Spring Again

The story that won’t go away, because the government just won’t let up. Click on over to, for today’s sad iteration of government overreach. Then click back here for a little more perspective: Washington Post: ‘Free-range’ family again at center of debate after police pick up children Common Sense with

Ted Cruz Raises Big Bucks

Townhall: Totally Eye-Popping

How best to describe a whopping campaign fundraising effort? How about not assume that big is bad, or that it is the voters who are being shortchanged? We know who really loses when candidates collect surprisingly huge donations. This weekend, I point fingers at the real losers. Click on over to

Townhall: Let’s Not Be All Wet About Water

Sometimes you write something, and think of the next thing to say . . . but realize you cannot say it in the space allotted. Or that the next thought should be “saved for next time.” Or maybe you merely wonder “Will the reader think of that too?” In expanding

Townhall: The Ism at the Heart of the Racial Schism

At Townhall, the question this weekend is whether racism might be less of a factor than we think in today’s re-emerging racial divide. Your Common Sense column is greatly expanded — hugely! — from a Common Sense last week — worth reading, and debating. I hope. Click on over, then come


Townhall: Trickle-Down Tyranny

Freedom is under assault, under siege. It’s not just from terrorists. It’s from the people we’ve assigned to protect our freedoms. And, worse yet, the tyranny comes not just from the Big Guys in the nation’s imperial capital. Our local governments have picked up the tyranny bug. Welcome to Kafka’s


Townhall: Helping Liberals Swallow the Best Medicine

I have readers who think I am just plain wrong about vaccines. They say there is no such thing as herd immunity, and that vaccines are dangerous. I do not deny that there can be side-effects. And I’m certainly no expert. But I don’t see how you can argue against

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