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yoga postions

Townhall: The Oddest Yoga Position of All

This week, Common Sense looks at the insanity of “cultural appropriation.” Which has reached a new low point of crazed nincompoopery in Ontario. See Sunday’s column on, by Yours Truly, Paul Jacob. Then come back here for further forays into the realm of modern progressive ideology gone completely off

DEA asset forfeiture patch

Townhall: Our Innocent Stuff vs. Guilty Government

Government is supposed to defend our rights, including rights to property. Too often, our police departments merely steal. Play criminal themselves. Click on over to for the full story. Come back here for more reading . . . and viewing: Institute for Justice – TAKEN: New Report Finds Civil


Townhall: A Sudden Case of Homesickness

There is more to the Jon Woods story than previously essayed here on Common Sense. So click over to Townhall and learn. Some of it will be familiar, but the new information is interesting too. Oh, and some background reading: Wicked Mr. Woods is Out  NW Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Woods


Townhall: One or Two or . . . Free

The change in China’s one-child rule policy demanded a So click on over, and then come back here, for more reading. And tell your friends and . . . enemies! CNN: China’s One-Child Policy to End National Geographic: How China’s One-Child Policy Backfired Disastrously Mei Fong’s website: Book – One

Marco Rubio

Townhall: The Democrats’ Steady SuperPAC

Marco Rubio said something more than a little true about his opposition party, the Democratic. It had to do with the media. But that truth explains a whole lot more than just the mechanics of the much-ridiculed presidential debates. Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for more reading .

Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler

Townhall: Honest Bravery & Cowardly Deceit

War without any declaration — or even a legal authorization of force from Congress — is the modern way, Constitution be . . . ignored. Both Obama and Congress fudge it. The better never to confront reality. Click on over to Then come back here for this weekend’s draught

Mayor Sly James

Townhall: Citizens Against Virtually Everything

Politicians like to spend citizens’ money. But what about those citizens? They tend to want to spend their own money, and not give it up to politicians to spend. Thus, one of the great political tensions of our time. Click on over to for this week’s foray into local


Townhall: Privatizing Government, Democrat-Style

Click on over to for an expanded discussion of Wednesday’s Common Sense. Then come back here for more reading: Hillary Clinton: The Daily Mail Powerline Blog Emanuel Rahm: Chicago Tribune’s lawsuit more on the Trib lawsuit Yahoo story on public education corruption ABC News on the Chicago corruption story Chicago Tribune


Townhall: Neighborliness and Its Enemies

Thursday‘s Common Sense was too big a story to stay under 300 words. So, click on over to Townhall and get a bigger picture. If you come back here, you can follow the links to more on this curious conflict in American society, the conflict over “Little Free Libraries”: The

California Burning

Townhall: The Climate Change War

According to the experts, any day now a civil war will break out in California. Click on over to Townhall to consider the mother of all attribution errors! Then come back here for context: Politifact: Fact-checking the link between climate change and ISIS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:


Townhall: Fleeing from Diversity

This weekend at Townhall, a strange matter of diversity and . . . missing the story. It makes you wonder, how often does major media (the infamous Mainstream Media) “bury the lede”? Click  on over, then come back here for context. Washington Post: Black teachers flee schools, leading to concerns

Ron Calzone

Townhall: Show Me Tyranny

Ah, the establishment fights back. But citizens aren’t giving up. At least, not in the Show-Me State. Click on over to Then come back here for more reading: St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Activist must register as lobbyist” MoFirst: A Message from Ron Calzone Ron Calzone: Motion to Dismiss Complaint Missouri

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