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California Burning

Townhall: The Climate Change War

According to the experts, any day now a civil war will break out in California. Click on over to Townhall to consider the mother of all attribution errors! Then come back here for context: Politifact: Fact-checking the link between climate change and ISIS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:


Townhall: Fleeing from Diversity

This weekend at Townhall, a strange matter of diversity and . . . missing the story. It makes you wonder, how often does major media (the infamous Mainstream Media) “bury the lede”? Click  on over, then come back here for context. Washington Post: Black teachers flee schools, leading to concerns

Ron Calzone

Townhall: Show Me Tyranny

Ah, the establishment fights back. But citizens aren’t giving up. At least, not in the Show-Me State. Click on over to Then come back here for more reading: St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Activist must register as lobbyist” MoFirst: A Message from Ron Calzone Ron Calzone: Motion to Dismiss Complaint Missouri

Senator Bernie Sanders

Townhall: The Democrats’ Demagogue

Over at Townhall, I expand on Friday’s analysis of Bernie Sanders. Click on over, then back here for the linked reading: “A Fresh Dark Horse,” Common Sense by Paul Jacob “Are Democrats Socialists?” Common Sense by Paul Jacob Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You, by Greg Gutfeld Socialist Fallacies,

dollars, cents, questions

Townhall: Our Money, Good—Their Profit, Bad

Ah, when insiders let their hair down! The biases become apparent. Click on over to, for this weekend’s Common Sense barbering. Then come back here for more reading: The article in question The original Common Sense treatment The event on video The studies What the New York Times admitted

Ctrl - Dr. Annette Bosworth

Townhall: A Corrupt State Against a Compassionate Doctor

The final leg of the persecution/prosecution of Dr. Annette Bosworth is coming up quickly. The state medical advisory board has spoken. And it is of a piece with the rest of the prosecution: the state insiders are arrayed against her. Click on over to Townhall, then come back here for

Lumber in the rough

Townhall: A Tree Fell on Campaign Trail 2015

Will anyone notice the huge event that marked the Bernie Sanders’s campaign? Will it matter to those on the left, who seem most enamored of the man? Click on over to Townhall. Then come back here for a bit more background. First, read this story in The Seattle Times: “Black

billions medal

Townhall: Gold Medal Democracy

Bostonians win big in the Olympics. How? By not hosting them. Click on over to, then come back here for a few more events. Don’t worry — low hurdles. Just a little reading: Huffington Post: “How Boston Won The Right To Avoid The 2024 Olympics” United Independent Party: “Gas


Townhall: Scandal-Less

The results are in. There’s an easy way to constrain political corruption. Click on over to Townhall to find out more. Then come back here for some more reading: US Term Limits: “State Legislative Term Limits” St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Missouri term limits debated” States of Corruption Illinois “Term Limits,

Eric O'Keefe

Townhall: A Perfect Storm of Wrongs, Righted

New development in Wisconsin’s John Doe probes. Click on over to Townhall, then come back here for background: “Wisconsin’s Secret War” RightWisconsin: “Winners Now That the John Doe is Over” Wall Street Journal: “Wisconsin’s Friend at the IRS” Urban Milwaukee: “The Wrath of Eric O’Keefe” Townhall: “Who is Eric

dollars, cents, questions

Townhall: The Cynics and the Minimum Wage

This weekend at Townhall, a recurring subject, but with a British twist: why support a minimum wage if it doesn’t do the good claimed for it? Maybe the backers don’t uniformly want the good. Could they want the bad? Which brings up the question of cynicism. We who aim to

Townhall: American Dreamland

Is the American Dream . . . dead? This weekend’s excursion onto repeats, for the most part, the message of Friday’s Common Sense, “Not the Impossible Dream.” Regular readers here might be tempted to give it a pass. But remember the message of Friday’s foray? You can help. One way to

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