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The Uncommon Author of Common Sense

Last week we noted the 243rd anniversary of the publication of Common Sense — Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, that is. The importance of this document for the formation of the United States of America can hardly be over-estimated. And the general good . . . sense . . . of

RCV Update

We have been covering, with great interest, the Maine Ranked Choice Voting story. Now there is an important update: Poliquin drops challenge to ranked-choice voting, clearing way for Golden to take seat in Congress (Press Herald) For recent developments in another state, try this: Five Utah cities to pilot ranked

Boss Rule and Brain Freeze

Over at Townhall, we determine where the boss rule is taking place. And it may not reside (preside) where you think. Michael Madigan (Chicago Tribune, Story Gallery) Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal (New York Times) Noam Chomsky says US should stay in Syria to protect the Kurds (Kurdistan 24) Howard Dean on

Townhall: Mrs. Term Limits Stays on Top of the Swamp

principle: prin·ci·ple /ˈprinsəpəl / noun 1. a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. This week Nancy Pelosi showed she would do almost anything to get back on top. Including . . . the right

Townhall: What’s Right About Starbucks?

The controversial coffee house has its merits. How many do you see? Compare with its demerits. Click over to Townhall for hints. Come back for the full menu: Starbucks: Flat White Amazon: Liberal Tears Coffee Mug Starbucks Parody White Ceramic 11 oz Coffee Mug IBD: Starbucks’ Howard Schultz Just Killed

Townhall: Don’t Ask, We Won’t Fire You

This weekend, the culture war grinds on with a bizarre Cultural Revolution-style fracas (leading to a firing, of course) at a major Catholic university.  Click on over to Townhall to get your weekend’s fill of progressive bizarrerie. Then come back here if that just was not enough! Links in the

Townhall: Term Limits Got Legs?

Click on over to Townhall for this weekend’s uncommon sense take on the madness of the age. Starring Jim Acosta. And then come back here because you just cannot help yourself! Oh, you probably want to read the Washington Post piece on the Jim Acosta nonsense. Oh, and even more:

Townhall: The Man from THRO

We noted the passing of Jack Gargan on Wednesday. But if any man is worth two obits, it’s Jack. Click on over to Townhall, then back here for more Jack Appreciation. Ballot Access News: Jack Garage, Reform Party Pioneer, Dies Statement on the Passing of Jack Gargan YouTube clip: “Network:

Townhall: UFO Over Chicago

What flew over our heads recently: catch it at Townhall. Then come back here for more sky-high marvels: Chicago Tribune: Bill Daley, whose brother and father ran Chicago for 43 years, backs a term limit for mayor Term Limits in the USA Common Sense: Sucker-Punching the People Chicago Sun-Times: Electoral

Townhall: Giving Violence a Chance

The consequences of violence for a political movement — what are they? Click on over to Townhall to consider the strange undercurrent of violence in our time of political desperation. Anti-abortion violence (Wikipedia) I’m a pro-life woman. This man just roundhouse-kicked me in public for my beliefs, Marie-Claire Bissonnette (LifeSite) Video

Townhall: Americans United Against Sexual Misconduct

The biggest news story for the past several weeks has been the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, as heard for the constitutional “advice and consent” in the United States Senate. It has been quite a show. But what was shown wasn’t always what was intended to be shown. Revelations were made.

Townhall: Socialism’s Irony Law

Is capitalism old hat? Or is socialism’s new chapeau only just a tad trendier? Be a hipster for once and click on over to Townhall . . . for the latest fashion critique. Then come back here for the full inventory. The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of

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