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Townhall: Socialism by the Dose

Today at, an analysis of Jon Stewart’s defense of his “socialism.” Links that may interest you, where all “big questions” get addressed. Well, a few big questions, anyway: “You’re all a bunch of socialists!” – Ludwig von Mises storms out of a Mont Pelerin gathering Ailes on Stewart –

Townhall: The Next Thing in Money

More about Ziggy? This weekend’s Townhall column takes off on a subject broached here at This Is Common Sense last week. But there’s a lot more to it, so check it out. And come back here if you want a complete, easy-to-access full list of the column’s links: The Next

Townhall: The elephant, crazy like a fox?

Over at you can find an exploration of a familiar theme: Media bias? It is not always hidden. The media bias against balancing budgets and paying off public debt is pretty out-in-the-open, these days. The elephant, crazy like a fox? Paul Jacob • May 13, 2012 Republicans are under attack

Townhall: Bad to Worst

Variation on a by now well-worn theme: “Bad to Worst” on Please visit, then come back here to comment, and look for more links: “Reading List for the End of an Age” (on what and whom to blame for our continuing financial crisis) “Is More Regulation the Answer?” (Common

Townhall: No Fight Club

Guess: What is the first rule of No Fight Club? For the answer, go to Then come back here to check the source material: Speaker John Boehner protests against all the fight talk Anderson Cooper interviews Carolyn Maloney Harvard Shrugs

Townhall: Rationally green

It’s Earth Day, so let’s cerebrate. Go to and help out in the great collective struggle to rethink environmentalism. And then come back here for a whole ecology of further food for thought! Bruce Yandle’s PERC report: Earth Day 2012 The Wikipedia entry on Bruce Yandle’s “Bootleggers and Baptists”

Townhall: Shut Up and Listen

The common-sense column this weekend is up on, now, so please click on over and give it a try. And then come back here for links: Hilary Rosen what Hilary said what Hillary said, years ago Jane Fonda Ron Paul on Mitt’s wealth

Townhall: Nonsense, Precedented and Petrified

Did you catch my column this weekend? It’s called “Nonsense, Precedented and Petrified,” and it takes on a common mistake, this time made by one of the better columnists out there. Here are links in my column worth checking up on: Obama and the Mother of All Tyrannies(David Harsanyi in

Townhall: 365-days-a-year fools

This weekend’s column from Yours Truly is about happiness. I hope to nudge your utils up a notch, so click on over to And then come back here for links and references: If you’re happy and you know it, let the government know (Washington Post) Declaration of Independence (Library of

Townhall: Another Skittles-related death

This weekend’s column is about the Trayvon Martin case. Check it out, and come back here for relevant links: GOP Candidates on Shooting Obama on soul-searching for all of us Background on Trayvon Martin Background on George Zimmerman And finally, there’s Geraldo:

Townhall: Diving for Pearls

My Townhall column, this weekend, is entitled “Diving for Pearls.” Give it a look, why not? And then come back here to check out these relevant references and links: Washington Post story New York Times story American on bringing the troops home now Gen. Barry McCaffrey Elvis Costello’s song See

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