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Townhall: Let’s String Up Tucker Carlson!

How we react to our enemies political opponents tells us a lot about ourselves. A lot of people do not like Tucker Carlson, despite (or because?) of the fact that a lot of Fox viewers really do like him a lot — he is a star, now. So it may be

Townhall: Is This Cool? Really?

Weird to see people sporting murderous images on shirts, with sleeves or without. Click on over to Townhall for the full story, complete with “call outs.” Then click back here for more: Los Angeles Pop Art Big Men’s Tank Top — Soviet Hammer And Sickle (Walmart) retrieved September 15, 2018

Townhall: Make Sense, Not Ululations

Oh, how weird it has all gotten! But why? Well, what is demanded? Click on over to Then back here for more perspective: “Cory Booker becomes ‘Spartacus’ at Kavanaugh hearing, and forgets his old friend T-Bone,” by John Kass (Chicago Tribune) “Dianne Feinstein Wants Brett Kavanaugh to ‘Reconcile’ His

Townhall: A Hole in the Bottom of the KFC

Guess what drug enforcement officers found: a hole. Tunnel on over to and read all about it. So, what’s with the title? Well, there is this old folk/camp song… BBC: Drug tunnel ran from old KFC in Arizona to Mexico bedroom (23 August 2018
) Associated Press: Abandoned KFC restaurant hid

Facebook Took Down a PragerU Video

PragerU makes interesting videos. But they bother some folk enough that “something must be done!” Interesing recent PragerU vids include: And here is the video that offended Facebook’s gatekeepers. Does it offend you? Do you agree with some, or all, or none of it? Note: disagreement is not offense, and

Townhall: The ABCs of Failure

Click on over to Townhall for the latest public schooling debacle. Then come back here for more testimony. Washington Post: In D.C. high schools, few students are passing national standardized test Common Sense: Reading, Writing & Racketeering Townhall: Teaching Students How to Cheat — and Fail NPR: What Really Happened

Townhall: My Favorite Alien

When the Fourth Estate meets the challengers of the political establishment, just who is Establishment and who is not becomes quite clear. Click on over to for the Bug-Eyed-Monsterfest of our time: political journalism. Then click back here to go further down the rabbit hole into the tech space

Townhall: Their Turn Is a Falling Blade?

Ah, decapitation! Must it really be the next step? Click over to Townhall, then come back here for the closest possible (safe) shave! A putative anarchist threatens the Seattle City Council with Terror: video. Transcendent Gray Lady (Common Sense) Ben Shapiro Compiles List of ‘All The Dumb Stuff’ He Has

Townhall: Trump’s Secret Identity

Something happened this week that may prove bigger than the possible rapprochement with North Korea. Click through to Townhall to read the big reveal. Then come back here for some background. And stay tuned for further coverage. Sasse Statement on Trade Bailouts (U.S. Senator for Nebraska Ben Sasse) Trump makes

Townhall: Hacking the Republic

Would/wouldn’t and should/shouldn’t are in the news. And we sing, once again, that most American tune, the blues. Check out Townhall, why doncha? Common Sense: Remember the Rigged Election? Guardian (UK): Would or wouldn’t: how Trump’s claim he misspoke unleashed a meme-fest Fox News: No delay in Trump’s would-wouldn’t correction

Townhall: The Dorky Idea Americans Deserve

Even our best and brightest minds can make elementary mistakes that normal Americans do not. Case in point: term limits. Consult Townhall this weekend. And come back here for a deeper consultancy list: Tom Woods Podcast with Daniel McCarthy: Did Trump Eclipse the Libertarian Moment? National Review: How the Kavanaugh

Townhall: Weaponizing Freedom

This weekend’s Townhall foray is, yes, an expansion of Tuesday’s Common Sense, “Freedom Weaponized,” but is perhaps more shareable, because it gets a bit deeper. Check it out. Share it. Then come back here for the R&D: New York Times: “How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment” United States Supreme Court:

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