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Some news stories serve more as inkblot tests than as first runs at history. With the Jeffrey Epstein story we find sightings, Rohrschach-like, of both Minotaurs and unicorns, depending on the viewer. I am not seeing the sad unicorn of suicide in his story. Are you? Of course, there’s a

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Courage and Wisdom?

President Donald Trump responded to the weekend’s two shooting atrocities by decrying hatred and making five substantive proposals.  “They include tools to identify early warning signs in mass shooters, reducing the glorification of violence, reforming mental health laws, enacting ‘red flag’ laws to stop dangerous individuals from gaining access to

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Birth of a Twitterstorm

“Kamala Harris is *not* an American Black. She is half Indian and half Jamaican,” tweeted Ali Alexander, a self-described black American activist, after the California Senator’s presidential debate performance. “I’m so sick of people robbing American Blacks (like myself) of our history.”* On Friday, Donald Trump, Jr., retweeted Alexander’s tweet

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When Push Comes to Nudge

Ireland’s prime minister — or “Taoiseach” — is enthusiastic. “Speaking at the launch of the Climate Action Plan in Grangegorman today,” the Independent reported last week, “Mr [Leo Eric] Varadkar said the government would establish a Climate Action Delivery Board in the Department of the Taoiseach to oversee its implementation.”

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Gray Lady Commies

The New York Times has long leaned left. But is it really a stable Pisa-tower lean, at this point? It sure seems that, in recent years, the Gray Lady has gone extreme, abandoning its “respectable” center-left perch.  The change, economist Alex Tabarrok writes for FEE, appears to have happened “around

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It’s Aliens!

Why does corporate media report what it reports?  And neglect what it neglects?  From an article, yesterday, by Caitlin Johnstone, “Julian Assange is Reportedly Gravely Ill, and Hardly Anyone’s Talking About It,” we learn that Mr. Assange is too ill to speak. Since the U.S. Government has indicted him for

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Bezos’s Big Breakaway

Something big may be about to happen.  Trump impeachment? Financial collapse? War with Iran? — each is all-too-likely, none desirable. But I am referring to space. In The Economist, May 14th, we read of Jeff Bezos’s itch to live off-planet.  The article is “Amazon’s boss reckons that humanity needs an

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MSNBC Goes Caracas?

Expressing the surprise in some quarters that Venezuelan despot “Maduro is hanging on,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell went to reporter Kerry Sanders to make sense of the tense situation in Caracas, that nation’s capital. “Not only hanging on, but he appears to still control the military,” Sanders replied, explaining: “You have

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Vasily Goloborodko for President?

Vladimir Putin may not be as powerful as feared. Not only does he apparently not pull the strings of the much-accused-of/now-cleared-of-collusion “Trump Puppet,” Putin also does not write comic lines for the “acting” president of Ukraine. You see, a few days ago Ukrainians held a run-off election to choose a

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The Real Scandal Continues

The Mueller Report goes public today, and though some hope to find within it a splinter of kindling upon which to light the bier for President Trump, odds are high for a fizzle, a wet firecracker on a Fifth of July morning.  Still, the whole Russiagate issue has not lacked

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Fair Share Unpaid

The CNN onscreen contributor who snuck debate questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign in advance of the 2016 presidential debates is now a talking head on Fox News. “I am excited by the opportunity to share my perspective and views with the Fox News audience and to help shape the dialogue at this

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Morning Mind-Probe

There’s news reporting, done well or not, and opinion, with which one can agree or disagree. But on MSNBC’s Morning Joe you get something even more illuminating: mind-reading. Yesterday, the show addressed U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s testimony the previous day before a Senate subcommittee. Viewers were shown The Washington Post’s succinct front-page headline: “Barr

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