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Austan Antic, Hey!

The other day, Fox News Network’s Bill O’Reilly asked University of Chicago economist Austan Goolsbee a question.  The subject was the socialistic gimme-gimme attitude of youthful Bernie Sanders supporters. The previous segment, “Watters’ World,” had paraded interviews with a handful of college students, asking them to clarify just how much

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Bailed — Before Bailout

Last Wednesday, UnitedHealthcare Group Incorporated (UNH) announced that it will drop coverage of plans under Obamacare in all but a few states by 2017. The market signaled a thumb’s up: UNH stock prices shot up over 2 percent. The company, described in the news, somewhat vaguely, as the country’s largest insurer, is

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How Socialism Kills

3 Ways That Socialism Kills: state enforced redistribution requires violence (even if some participate willingly, it’s guns and gulags for everybody else) central planning produces starvation a state powerful enough to enforce socialism is an irresistible temptation to those who would abuse power All the good intentions in the world

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The Hypocrisy Gap

You may have missed it. I wasn’t so lucky. This past Tuesday was “Equal Pay Day.” “[T]he typical woman who works full-time earns 79-cents for every dollar that a typical man makes,” President Barack Obama said, repeating what we have already been told ad nauseum about the “wage gap” between

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Auto Destruct

Just when you thought it safe to go back into the loan market. . . . Yes, you guessed it: a bubble may be about to pop. There are actually several, but here’s one you might not expect: the automobile loan market. Though less regulated and tampered with than the

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Extremist Against Charity

Vermont’s favorite son, Senator Bernie Sanders, has a long history of saying strange things, comments that cast a shadow on his current spin that the socialism he favors is a “democratic” one. He really is (or has been) quite extreme, extremist. How extreme? He is against charity. You know, private

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Dear Bernie: Here’s How Rights Work. . .

A new “right” that violates other fundamental rights, can’t be a right.   A healthy democracy depends on the spreading of good ideas. If you found this article useful,  please share it with friends by clicking on any of the social media icons below. Common Sense Needs Your Help! Also,

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Misleading Metric

Yesterday’s Washington Post clarified how the “gender pay gap” is calculated: This metric does not take into account the different types of jobs, varying levels of experience and education, or women who lose seniority and promotion opportunities when they leave the workforce temporarily to care for children, which they do

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Socialist Stasis, Disturbed

As the President of the United States treads ground previously trod by such a personage nearly ninety years ago — Calvin Coolidge was the last U. S. Commander in Chief to make the trip to Cuba — we are understandably inundated with coverage. Obama’s Cuba trip is Big News. We

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The Peace Dividend

Has the War on Drugs actually, finally, made some progress? Well, yes . . . but, really, no. “Legal marijuana may be doing at least one thing that a decades-long drug war couldn’t,” explains Christopher Ingraham in The Washington Post’s Wonkblog, “taking a bite out of Mexican drug cartels’ profits.” Certainly

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Inch, Meet Mile

Give ’em an inch, they will take . . . a continent. When Edward Snowden broke the secrecy of the NSA’s illegal surveillance on innocent Americans, many folks (especially those in government) said the snooping was OK, because it is necessary for our security, and, besides, the collected data would

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Impatience as a Political Impulse

It is not demonization to recognize a besetting sin. Yesterday, I warned against demonization, though admittedly, I have “picked on” both Trump and Bernie here at Common Sense and in this site’s new Steal This Meme section. In my defense, to refrain from seeing only the worst in one side

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