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The Meaning of "Liberal"

The Meaning of “Liberal”

Once upon a time “liberal” meant opposition to authority. Now “liberal” means the worship of government. Do you see the problem here? Shared ideas matter. Please pass this along to friends. Get a high-resolution screensaver of this image. Click on the thumbnail picture below to open a large version that you can download.  


America’s Twilight Zones

On Friday I lamented the picking up, by local police, of two children, 10 and 6, for walking home from a local park . . . and the subsequent two-month Montgomery County (Maryland) Child Protective Services investigation, which found the parents “responsible” for “unsubstantiated child neglect.” Left unanswered? Whether parents

Well-Substantiated Insanity

Well-Substantiated Insanity

In what sort of place are children taken from their parents, or parents investigated by the authorities with that in mind, because they allowed their 10- and 6-year-olds to walk to a park to play? Not a forced 20-mile march across Death Valley, mind you, but a Saturday stroll of


Millions to Move 400 Villagers

Apparently, it takes a federal government to move a village. Thinning ice sheets have made it hard for the people of Kivalina, a seaside village in Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle. The Iñupiats who live there have lived off the sea, especially bowhead whales, for a mighty long time.

Paul Jacob on how governments can save money, and clean up the marriage business, too

Marriage Savings

We’ve all seen lawmakers yammer on and on about how they want to “streamline” government, or “save the taxpayers money.” But they rarely show us much for all the talk. Paul Woolverton, writing this weekend in the Fayetteville Observer, noted one such lapse after the North Carolina Senate voted to


The Problem of No Problem

A scientist has a problem: no problem. Sounds like a Zen riddle, but it’s really about the riddle of victimhood-worship. Emily Yoffe writes an advice column called Dear Prudence. A female reader reported a problem pertaining to workplace bias against women. Although she works in a “very masculine scientific field .

Why The Tiny Domicile by Paul Jacob

Why the Tiny Domicile

he “tiny house” movement has gained momentum. More and more people — especially young people and childless people — see the virtue of very small houses. They are cheaper, can be made energy-efficient, have an almost necessarily smaller “environmental footprint,” and are mobile. And I can see the attraction. For

Five Senators for Death

“Beware: Second-hand stupidity kills.” That’s just one of the killer lines from Greg Gutfeld’s rant against the five Democratic senators who introduced a bill to ban marketing e-cigarettes to teenagers. (It’s from The Five’s e-cig segment I linked to on Saturday.) Gutfeld called the e-cig “the greatest medical device since

Big Soda Ban Still Fizzles

One of the Nanny State’s ninniest nannies is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, eager to save New Yorkers from big cups of sugary drinks. Big Soda supposedly makes you tubby. Bloomberg feels that it is the government’s job to prevent such tubbiness. (No word yet on bans of big

Forced Visits

When I’m ancient and stuck in a nursing home, I’d like my children to visit me. But would I want them to visit only because they’re being forced to? So they resent every minute subtracted from something they’d rather be doing? No. While I don’t want that kind of world,

A Big Gulp for Bloomberg

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s much-talked-about prohibition of large-size sugary drinks, like Coke and Pepsi, set to have gone into effect today, has been over-ruled. At least temporarily. New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling put the kibosh on the law, on Monday, enjoining and restraining the city “from

Throw the Bums’ Meat Out?

“Beggars can’t be choosers.” “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” These two maxims of generations past sought to curb ingratitude, a sense of entitlement, or even cultivated taste amongst those dependent on the kindness of others — thus preventing the poor from making the best the enemy of

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