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Democratic Socialism. . .

Because BIG BROTHER is okay as long as enough people vote for him! CLICK BELOW for a high resolution version of this image:  

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The Uber-Huge Mistake

Uber’s challenge to old-fashioned ride service — to the taxi industry — is at least twofold. One, it shows government regulation to be counterproductive and kind of witless. Two, it shows that innovation — particularly by decreasing transaction costs — can rapidly transform a market for the good of consumers.

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Cheaters Never Prosper

“I want to go home,” Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods whimpered. The poor, pitiful politician — announcing he would not seek election to another legislative term — cried that he had not “been fishing with [his] brother in a year.” “I have friends in my district who I miss,” he

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One, Two or Free?

The vast majority of Chinese people are celebrating. Last week, the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party decreed that it will cease enforcing the one-child-only policy this coming March — after 35 years — as part of its 13th Five Year Plan. Just speaking for myself, infanticide, coerced

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While the Ohio measure to legalize marijuana did not pass, this week, the Washington State measure to wrest tax limitations out of a recalcitrant legislature did indeed succeed, with a 54 percent win. Win some, lose some. But in both these cases, there is some evidence for a general smartening

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Not Plutonium

If Ohioans pass Issue 3 today, the days of pot prohibition will disappear like the smoke from a wild night’s last bong hit. That’s sorta what Nick Gillespie of Reason argued yesterday, anyway. “[I]f marijuana can be legalized in Ohio,” he wrote, “it can — and will be — legalized

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A More Perfect Turkey

Let’s talk Turkey. Not the bird, the country. America has fallen behind in yet another category: preposterous promises by politicians. It’s becoming clear that Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s independent “democratic socialist” U.S. Senator and now Democratic Party presidential contender, is a piker, a penny pincher, a cheapskate, a tightwad, a Scrooge.

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A Childlike Faith. . .

SOCIALISM… The childlike faith that a powerful, ever-growingGovernment couldn’t possibly pose a threat to freedom. Click here for a high resolution version of the image:  

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All Those Egos, One Basket

In Tuesday night’s debate, Democrats  put all their egos in one ideological basket: progressivism. Even Jim Webb managed to sound progressive . . . until he identified his prime personal enemy — the man he shot in wartime. Bernie Sanders once again insisted on lecturing Americans on what it means

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I Prefer Plastic

When I go to the supermarket, and get asked “paper or plastic?” — about which bag the checker should wrap my purchases in — I almost always say “plastic.” They are lighter than paper bags, are easily re-usable for a wide variety of home purposes, and resist water — thus

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