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Tonight’s Permitted Debate

Tonight, the Democratic Party holds its first presidential debate of this cycle. Finally! It’s one of only six total throughout the entire campaign for the party nomination. And all the other debates will be on weekends, with much lower TV viewership. What does it suggest when a political party wants

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Raising Taxes & Truth

Sheila Weinberg wants to raise your taxes. So fervent is her money-lust that she even threatens to run for president, and only half-jokingly, on that single issue. More surprising: I would enthusiastically vote for her. What gives? Well, Weinberg isn’t demanding a tax increase or a spending cut, per se

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Democrats’ Own Private Government

Don’t feel lonely, Mrs. Clinton. You’re not the only public official shielding public actions from the public by using private modes of communication — a private email account and server, or texts on a personal cell phone. Meet fellow Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The Chicago Tribune* recently took the

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Most Murders?

As the nation reels from another school-place murder spree, this time at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, The Detroit News took notice of a not wholly unrelated milestone: St. Louis, Missouri, took “title” to “nation’s murder capital” from Detroit, Michigan. Detroit’s Chief of Police waves, as he put it,

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Fiorina Fires Back

Politicians love talking up job creation. Presidential candidates, especially, pretend to a Svengali-like virtuosity in producing paychecks and, if only handed the keys to the White House, creating — presto! — a bunch more. This year, Republican Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, has been repeatedly attacked by Democrats,

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Trump Speech

What is free speech? Is it what presidential candidate Donald Trump is trying to squelch? Last week Trump’s lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Club for Growth. The Club, a well-known 501(c)4 limited government advocacy group, has put out a number of public service messages (“ads” as they witlessly

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Weekend with Bernie: Fairy-Tale “Free”

Bernie Sanders is many a progressive’s fairy-tale candidate. Well, yeah. Not “once upon a time,” but today . . .  the federal government’s public debt is in the double-digit trillions. The total debt — consisting also of unfunded/underfunded welfare state “promises” — may be in the triple digits. Still, politicians

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Diversity Double-Talk

“Black teachers flee schools, leading to concerns about diversity,” warned the Washington Post headline. I’m less concerned about “diversity” and more about why teachers — black or otherwise — would “flee.” The study found a significant drop between 2002 and 2012 in the percentage of teachers who are black in

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Another Leaf Out of Gov’t’s Playbook

Could government be a suck-hole for intelligence? Could one’s proximity to government reduce one’s IQ? America’s public (read: government) schools too often serve as Wisdom-Free Zones. The Ahmed Mohamed story shocked a lot of people. A kid with a clock was mistaken for a terrorist with a bomb and the

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Case Closed . . . But Ticking

Irving, Texas, authorities — I use that term loosely — announced yesterday that the case has been closed. Over. Finito. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. What case? That of the 14-year-old clock-maker assumed to be a potential bomb-making/let’s-err-on-the-side-of-panic terrorist. Perhaps it didn’t help that the youngster had the

Taxes Make Us Strong

Walker vs. Union Power

Governor Scott Walker, who is running for the U. S. Presidency, has cooked up a white paper on the subject for which he is nationally known: labor relations. It’s a doozy. His main points are: Reduce the power of union bosses by eliminating the National Labor Relations Board. Eliminate big-government

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Trump Blot

I’m almost professionally required to say something nice about Donald Trump — because mainstream media feel professionally required to ridicule him. So here goes: he’s doing us a great service in his presidential run. Trump’s sort of a bung puller; he’s unstopped the cork of polite political society, and shown

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