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Independence Day

NOT the Impossible Dream

The American Dream is dead. Has been for at least a year . . . or so we’re told: “American Dream Dead,” said the Huffington Post “The American Dream is out of reach,” CNN Money “The American Dream is Dead, and Good Riddance,” according to a column by Keli Goff

Terror Warnings

Armed Americans

Scared? “July 4 terrorist attack on U.S. soil a legitimate threat, officials warn” — headlines the Washington Times. Scared now? Last weekend on Fox News Sunday, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (R-Tx.) expressed his extreme concern that “Syrian and ISIS recruiters can use the Internet at lightning speeds


Doom Fails to Arrive on Schedule

Doom is not always bad. I’d appreciate the doom of nonsensical doomsaying, for instance. . . although I doubt that that glorious day will dawn anytime soon. Equally unlikely is an apology from ABC and Chris Cuomo for pitching, back in 2008, a muddled ABC special, “Earth 2100,” about all

NSA Hydra

Safety, Savings and Symbolism

How can the U. S. save $2.5 billion a year, reduce the federal workforce by 4,000 hires, and engage in a symbolic act of undoubted patriotism, all at the same time? Get rid of the Department of Homeland Security. Matt A. Mayer, a former DHS employee who claims to have

Bloomberg Votes

The Bloomberg Limit

Afraid that scandal-alluring Hillary Clinton may prove too flawed a presidential candidate, some Democrats are talking to billionaire and former three-term New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg about a 2016 presidential run. Mrs. Clinton’s “slide is accelerating,” writes New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin. “A damaging new poll goes to


The Duopoly Rules

As Americans brace themselves for another presidential campaign, USA Today’s editors hazard that the “configuration” of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) “certainly creates an appearance of a political duopoly designed to limit independent voices.” In 1987, after the League of Women Voters displeased the two major parties, the duopoly’s


Political Theatrics

Our suspicions have been proved: the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) doesn’t secure much of anything; it is mere “security theater.” After revelations that TSA screeners failed to find weapons and other deadly contraband in 96 percent of tests, David A. Graham, writing for The Atlantic, asked “what kind of theater

Labor Union Logic

For and Against?

Bad ideas take a person only so far. Proponents of a widely destructive policy may be loath to relinquish it altogether when destructive consequences loom. Yet they may also loathe to see it applied consistently — because of the pain it’ll cause their particular gang. Harm to others inflicted by

Rand Paul vs. the Surveillance State

Rand to the Rescue

Nothing gets done in Washington? Tell that to Kentucky Senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul. Last night, he single-handily “repealed” Section 215 of the Patriot Act, ending the federal government’s mass collection of our phone records. At least, for the next few days. On the floor of the Senate, Paul


Raise Your Hand, Dry and Secure

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a splash last week with an off-the-cuff comment. “You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country.” The candidate whose initials are “B. S.” doesn’t call himself a Socialist

open minds

Unlimited Gall

Some claims don’t persuade. For example, the claim that starting a conversation is an effort to end conversation. Or that one “bullies” officeholders by telling constituents what officeholders are up to. But so contends a Columbus Dispatch editorial (“Don’t let pledges close discussions”) chastising U.S. Term Limits, my old stomping

Veterans and the political class

Memorial Day Questions

What do we owe to those who fight and give, as President Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg, “their last full measure of devotion”? More, surely, than appreciative applause for the troops on airplanes and at professional sporting events . . . with their high-priced, taxpayer-paid military promotions. First, vets are entitled

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