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open minds

Unlimited Gall

Some claims don’t persuade. For example, the claim that starting a conversation is an effort to end conversation. Or that one “bullies” officeholders by telling constituents what officeholders are up to. But so contends a Columbus Dispatch editorial (“Don’t let pledges close discussions”) chastising U.S. Term Limits, my old stomping

Veterans and the political class

Memorial Day Questions

What do we owe to those who fight and give, as President Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg, “their last full measure of devotion”? More, surely, than appreciative applause for the troops on airplanes and at professional sporting events . . . with their high-priced, taxpayer-paid military promotions. First, vets are entitled

2 Party Lockout

Anti-Democratic Republicans?

The Republican Party of Ohio paid lawyers $300,000 to keep a competitor off the ballot. Typical two-party corruption. We can blame the party, yes — but also blame the system. A “two-party system” is, mathematicians tell us, the logical result of simple plurality/winner-takes-all elections. That is, when the first candidate

Thought Crimes

Promises of Murder

Senator Lindsay Graham kills me. The hawkish Republican from South Carolina isn’t exactly standing up for limited government. His latest oration, on the presidential stump in Iowa, warned Americans far and wide that, were he sitting in the White House with his finger poised above The Button and “you’re thinking

More money for infrastructure!

That’s What They Want

The political class sings monotone, striking one note ad nauseam. The song is “Money.” One night an Amtrak train crashes, with fatalities; early the next morning a crowded chorus argues for amped-up spending on “infrastructure.” Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) pled to the MSNBC lens, “Is it going to take more

Edward Snowden

Court Vindicates Snowden

Sometimes if you postpone something long enough, someone else will do the job. Last week, when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled the National Security Agency’s metadata collection program unlawful, I immediately saw it as a vindication of Edward Snowden and his “illegal” leaks. It will

Unemployment Chimp

Chimps, Chumps, and the Minimum Wage

It’s time to talk minimum wage laws again! Confession: I tend to understand some issues on the level of logic — of, even, common sense. A prohibition (which is what a minimum wage law is, forbidding payment at a rate below the “minimum”) doesn’t spur productivity, and it’s from increased

Brothers' Keeper

The Rise in Unrest

On Monday, pushing an expansion of his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, President Barack Obama gave a talk about the recent rise in racial discord. Does he ever ask himself, “Under whose watch?” When the financial system melted down in 2008, candidate Obama — not without some justification — blamed President Bush and


The Ultimate Result of Campaign Finance Regs

Last Thursday I tried to be magnanimous. Of campaign finance regulation proponents, I wrote, “I suppose a reasonable person could blanch at rich people giving money to political causes . . . if they objected to all super-rich donors.” My expectation of reciprocity was dashed at the non-reciprocal gambits of

Bernie Sanders

Sanders Didn’t Say

What can we make of the leftist hatred of the Koch brothers, David and his elder brother Charles? For their support of libertarian and Tea Party causes, and a few Republican candidates, the left doesn’t just demonize them, the left singles them out. I suppose a reasonable person could blanch

My mom for president

My Mom for President

My musing, yesterday, about Hillary Clinton’s hat throw into the presidential ring failed to recognize that yesterday was also my mother’s 81st birthday. Jane Jacob is not yet an announced presidential candidate, but when I think of a hard-working, organized, smart and always-optimistic woman — someone who keeps promises and

Hillary Clinton Campaign

Humble Hillary Heads Off

Hillary Clinton announced, yesterday, that she wants to be the next president of these United States. She made it official via an Internet video, which starts off with all kinds of normal, regular folks expressing their hopes and plans for 2015. The small boy singing about “little tiny fishes” steals

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