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Congress’s King

Politics today reveals a troubling dialectic. Thesis: President Trump boasts that he is going to unilaterally “do something” as if he were Emperor, not President.  Antithesis: Then comes pushback from political opponents and the media, castigating our current commander-in-chief for imagining himself a lawless dictator.  Synthesis: This is soon followed,

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And Then There Were 20-Something

The media won’t have my favorite Democratic presidential candidate to kick around anymore.  “Mike Gravel drops out of 2020 race,” Vox headlined Catherine Kim’s report. “He never wanted to be president anyway.” A subhead continued: “The former Alaska senator simply ran to get other candidates to talk about American imperialism.”

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Strange Days

We live in a strange time when a possible official UFO disclosure by the government doesn’t seem strange at all. What’s odd is one of the two major American political parties proudly talking up socialism. What’s weird is the increasing financial instability of the country’s top two social programs, Medicare

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Courage and Wisdom?

President Donald Trump responded to the weekend’s two shooting atrocities by decrying hatred and making five substantive proposals.  “They include tools to identify early warning signs in mass shooters, reducing the glorification of violence, reforming mental health laws, enacting ‘red flag’ laws to stop dangerous individuals from gaining access to

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Into and Out of the Muck

Yesterday I referenced “pigs flying” . . . and Icarus’s waxed-wing fail.  Today, it’s just about the muck. Now, I am on the road and definitely not catching every word of the Democratic debates. But amidst much nonsense and embarrassment — and there was a lot of it, from what

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Pigs Flying Too Close to the Sun

What should we “fight for” in politics? The readily obtainable, the remotely possible, or the obtainable only when the proverbial pig flaps its muddy wings? You might think this would be a pressing concern for Democrats running to oust Donald Trump from the presidency. You know, practical politics being something

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No Exceptions

“It’s time to bring the country together,” says Rep. John Delaney (D-Maryland), aspiring to be our next commandeer-in-chief, “restore our sense of shared purpose and a common and inclusive national destiny.” How?  Forcibly: “John Delaney’s Plan for National Service” states that “Every American will complete a minimum of one year

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The New New Dealer

Reason magazine’s Nick Gillespie finds “a lot” to like about Pete Buttigieg. He sees a candidate “who at his best represents a new generation in American politics and a principled unwillingness to go along with the most free-spending plans of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination.”  I have so

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The Trump of the Will

It’s over — our long national nightmare is over. Or is it?  Congress’s “movie” version of Robert Mueller’s book-length report on Trump-Russia collusion flopped. That is, Wednesday’s hearings were an “optics . . . disaster.”  The Democrats and their media cheerleaders had put so much stock in the event, hoping

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Bernie and Economic Law

One of the things Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is known for is his push for a $15 per hour “living wage.” But this is politics — a policy position is never complete until its advocates demonstrate just how idiotic the policy actually is. As Bernie just did. His presidential campaign

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Make Deficits Great Again?

Is Donald Trump really “draining the swamp”?  It’s overflowing. Stan Collender, writing last year in Forbes, noted just what a big spender the president really is. Now, an update: fiscal year 2019 sports a deficit of $1.09 trillion, up considerably from the $897 billion projected earlier this year; the next

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Truth Squad

“I hesitate to contribute to this freak show,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) told Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night.  I know the feeling.  “I don’t think President Trump is a racist,” added the senator. “I don’t think his original tweet was racist.” While I haven’t peered into the president’s soul, I

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