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Tulsi Gabbard,

Defamed by the Devil

Challenged to a push-up contest at a town hall campaign meeting in New Hampshire, Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) hit the floor and won. The presidential candidate (polling at 5.4 percent in the Granite State) probably will not win the nomination, alas. Or her lawsuit against Hillary Clinton. Lawsuit? Yes, a

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Reality TV 2020

It shocked some, surprised virtually all — save Scott Adams — when mega-branding braggart, businessman, and reality TV star Donald “You’re Fired!” Trump slapped his way to a trifecta, winning in decades-long bastions of blue — Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin — en route to his “landslide” Electoral College win. How could

Vermin Supreme,

Vermin Competition

Should Lincoln Chafee invert a boot and place it on his head?  It might help him compete. The famous Republican turned Democratic politician from Rhode Island — former U.S. Senator and Governor, both, and sometime presidential hopeful — has filed to run for the presidency. But as a Libertarian. The

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Discriminating Democrats

In ten days, the Democratic Party will hold a presidential debate that, according to the rules established by the Democratic National Committee, includes six qualified candidates all of whom are white. Which is apparently not the right color. “Of course, there is nothing wrong with Democrats selecting a white presidential

Tim Eyman, governor, Washington State, democracy,

One of Us?

As the Democratic Party presidential campaign began heating up earlier this year, one of the stars faintly streaking across the sky was Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. In the over-populated ranks of presidential wannabes, he stood out not for being exceptionally nutty, but for so memorably presenting the new Nut

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The Silence Option

“While internet advertising is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertisers,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said last month in announcing a complete ban on political advertising for candidates or issues, “that power brings significant risks to politics, where it can be used to influence votes to affect the lives

Michael Bloomberg, president, democracy,

Billions Of, By and For Bloomberg

Might Gotham’s gun-and-Big-Gulp-grabber-in-chief catapult to Commander in Chief?  Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, “is actively preparing to enter the Democratic presidential primary,” writes Alexander Burns in The New York Times. Bloomberg’s estimated $53 billion could financially pummel even Democratic candidate Tom Steyer, working with a mere $1.6

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Twitter Abuse

“Look,” tweeted Sen. Kamala Harris, “let’s be honest. . . .” When a politician talks about being honest — presumably “for a change” — it’s gonna be a doozy. President Trump’s “Twitter account should be suspended.” “What?” the reader will likely object, “Trump’s Twitter account is the second-best thing about

Sara Gideon, candidate, Portland,

Straw Candidacy

“No Corporate PACs,” says a Facebook ad by the Sara Gideon for U.S. Senate campaign, “Just You.” “Gideon is running to unseat Republican Sen. Susan Collins in 2020,” the Portland Press Herald reports, noting that “fighting corporate money in politics” has been a prime “focus of her campaign.” Yet, as

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Such Is Today’s Politics

“You do have a problem with a President demanding the federal government go ahead and seize private land and then promising to pardon those who seized the land,” challenged Joe Walsh, the former Illinois congressman running in the Republican Party primaries against Donald Trump.  “Don’t you?” Matt Welch, writing in

Andrew Yang, zoning, land use, visionary, presidential, election,

Recognizing a Problem

Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has at least one good policy preference: he opposes tough land use and zoning regimes. And he is not alone.  “Yang’s criticism of zoning is pretty close to what other Democratic primary candidates have said on the subject,” writes Chistian Britschgi at Reason. “Sens. Cory

MIke Gravel, president, candidate, war, draft,

And Then There Were 20-Something

The media won’t have my favorite Democratic presidential candidate to kick around anymore.  “Mike Gravel drops out of 2020 race,” Vox headlined Catherine Kim’s report. “He never wanted to be president anyway.” A subhead continued: “The former Alaska senator simply ran to get other candidates to talk about American imperialism.”

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