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One of the better arguments for government relies upon sobriety: we want rational, measured responses to threats, not panicky, hot-headed reactions. We have a rule of law to prevent revenge and vendetta, replacing them with justice and civil order. But when we expand the concept of “threat” far beyond interpersonal

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Against Spying on American Journalists

Does the Federal Bureau of Investigation have a file on you? Does it — or some other agency — have an active file on you? If so, does it have good reason for such an investigation? Well, refine that last question a bit: does the FBI have a good reason



“Are you proposing taking away their guns?”  “I am,” replied former Texas Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke to ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir’s question. If, anyway, “it’s a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield.”  “Hell, yes,” he added, later in last week’s Democratic presidential

Chortling Evil

Kamala Harris laughed. She stood naked on the edge of a . . . Oops. Wrong story. The right — or, very wrong — story is Senator Harris (D–Calif.) laughing, sure. But the only thing naked is her powerlust. Why refer to the opening of the novel The Fountainhead? To

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Biden Under the Bed

Former Vice-President Joe Biden was put on the spot, again, about race. During last Thursday’s presidential candidates’ debate, ABC newscaster Lindsey Davis asked what responsibility Americans should “take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country?” Triple, Biden said, “the amount of money we spend. . . .” On

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Slavery Is Not Free-Market Capitalism

Tarring free-market capitalism and limited government with the brush of slavery is old hat. What is new is that prominent journals and major media figures now shamelessly slop that brush around. Indeed, the argument is so often made that addressing it from several angles, as I have — twice in

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The Fifth Century Begins

When socialists and woke scolds talk about slavery, you can almost hear the chains and smell the leather of the slaver’s whip — and not always in a good way. Project 1619 is the New York Times effort to acknowledge 400 years of Africans in America. Thankfully, the project’s page

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Slaves All?

A bizarre argument is gaining popularity: the United States of America not merely allowed slavery in its first hundred years, it depended upon it, grew rich by it . . .  and, “therefore,” not only the federal government but also its constitutional principles and even capitalism are all tainted .

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Congress’s King

Politics today reveals a troubling dialectic. Thesis: President Trump boasts that he is going to unilaterally “do something” as if he were Emperor, not President.  Antithesis: Then comes pushback from political opponents and the media, castigating our current commander-in-chief for imagining himself a lawless dictator.  Synthesis: This is soon followed,

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Protests and Propaganda

Poised to gobble up Hong Kong whole, completing the process Britain began when it ceded the colony back to China in 1997, the government of China remains concerned about world opinion, for it engages in massive propaganda. “When a projectile struck a Hong Kong woman in the eye this week

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Strange Days

We live in a strange time when a possible official UFO disclosure by the government doesn’t seem strange at all. What’s odd is one of the two major American political parties proudly talking up socialism. What’s weird is the increasing financial instability of the country’s top two social programs, Medicare

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Courage and Wisdom?

President Donald Trump responded to the weekend’s two shooting atrocities by decrying hatred and making five substantive proposals.  “They include tools to identify early warning signs in mass shooters, reducing the glorification of violence, reforming mental health laws, enacting ‘red flag’ laws to stop dangerous individuals from gaining access to

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