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The New Ortho-Doxing

“What a nice Halloween,” my wife remarked as we turned out the lights.  Well, not in nearby Oakton, Virginia, where Jamie Stevenson walked past her neighbor’s home last Saturday and saw “a racist display.” “She knew it was a Halloween decoration,” the Washington Post reported. Heedless, she contacted her homeowners

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The Minimal Use of a Finger

Drivers in Washington State have a new law to . . . swerve from? “New distracted driving law starts Sunday, July 23,” the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) tweeted last week. “The law forbids,” Washingtonians were told,  “virtually all use of handheld gadgets such as phones, tablets, laptop computers

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According to Economics

“Everywhere you look, economics is despised,” writes Tom Woods in his Tuesday email letter. You know what isn’t despised? A daily email letter.* But I digress; back to economics. “The gimme-free-stuff people hate it because they don’t like being told that there might be undesirable side effects from seizing other

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UK Death Panel

Six days ago, the European Court of Human Rights sided against the parents of Charlie Gard, a severely ill boy, refusing to allow them to take their infant son to America where he could receive full (and privately funded) experimental treatment. The court ruled that removing the child from the

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Women and Men for Life

At Townhall on Sunday, I applauded the Women’s March on Washington for being peaceful, despite Madonna’s F-bomb laden speech, culminating with her daydream of “blowing up the White House.” We’ll never know how many more folks marched in that much-heralded event than attended last weekend’s pro-life march, because the mainstream

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Democratic Socialism. . .

Because BIG BROTHER is okay as long as enough people vote for him! CLICK BELOW for a high resolution version of this image:  

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In Plain Sight

The Berlin terrorist attack just a little over a week ago fit a noteworthy pattern. German authorities had investigated Anis Amri — the Tunisian man who drove that large truck into a crowded Christmas market, killing 12 and wounding 56 others — and found “links with Islamic extremists.” Later killed

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A Hailstorm of Orthodoxy

Don’t worry, scientist Roger Pielke, Jr., informs us. He is doing fine — he has tenure. It is too bad, though, that he no longer works in climate science. He was drummed out of that endeavor by journalists, big-monied foundations, and the White House. Are you skeptical? Well, drill down

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Inconvenient Cash?

Everywhere I turn these days, I am hearing something about the push to get rid of cash. Yes, cash. Greenbacks. Federal Reserve Notes. You might think that getting rid of cash is a no-brainer. Cash makes up only 11 percent of the money supply. Most of the money stock is

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A New Way to Steal

The fight against government theft of private property, through “civil forfeiture,” just got a little harder. There’s a new technology available: ERAD card scanners. And the Oklahoma City Police Department’s joint interdiction team has them, and can use the scanners to take money from you without your consent. What money,

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Taking Our Stuff Back

There’s been a big push for criminal justice reform, with some recent progress on civil asset forfeiture. This is the process through which police and government agencies grab a citizen’s money or property — even if the citizen is never charged with a crime, much less convicted. Then, to get

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Breaking the Safe

As we tromp repeatedly to the polling booth this year, we should wonder: are we being played? The answer: yes . . . at least on the issue of Apple’s iPhone security. I’ve written about this before. Our politicians and government officials are playing demagogue, trying to convert (too successfully?)

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