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Herd Immunity to Violence

I praised Juan Williams the other day. Let me balance that out. On Tuesday’s The Five, a Fox news opinion chat show, in the wake of the Mall of America terrorist threat, Greg Gutfeld decried “gun-free zones” advancing the “more guns, less crime” argument that economist John Lott has more

Why The Tiny Domicile by Paul Jacob

Why the Tiny Domicile

he “tiny house” movement has gained momentum. More and more people — especially young people and childless people — see the virtue of very small houses. They are cheaper, can be made energy-efficient, have an almost necessarily smaller “environmental footprint,” and are mobile. And I can see the attraction. For

Learning from Defeat

Coach Michael Anderson and the girls on his team did too well. At least according to officials at Arroyo Valley High School in San Bernardino, who suspended him for “running up” the 161-2 score. Here we go again. Anderson is, alas, apologetic. But there’s nothing morally wrong with winning —

Finding a Mission

Iraq War vet Daniel Gade is a lieutenant colonel, professor of public policy, and triathlon competitor with a message for fellow veterans: disability pay may be doing you more harm than good. Having lost a leg in combat himself, he submits that he is a messenger somewhat harder to dismiss

Sack Lunch

On the face of it, the idea that the federal government should be involved in school lunches is . . . weird. And yet Congress and a long line of presidents have pushed the notion of federally funded and controlled lunches; recently the First Lady, Michelle Obama, made a big

Book-Cooking with Extra Salsa

Lately, governments have sought to seem more fiscally responsible by re-confabulating how they calculate a measure of economy-wide economic strength called Gross Domestic Product. (The principle involved is ancient. It’s been denominated “fudging.”) One of the crassest number-jugglers is the Italian government. Italy wants to comply with a European Union

Mercy as a Calling

The cause of immigration reform hit a huge speed bump in recent weeks, with the arrival at the border of thousands upon thousands of children from war-torn Central America. War-torn? Yes. Gangs — micro-governments in the olden style — fed by drug money have turned the Latin American states to

Bong Hits, Car Misses

Two social developments are about to collide — for our good? First up, the relaxing of the Drug War approach, at least against marijuana use. The Drug War didn’t work. Increased drug use, even in prisons, suggests there was something fundamentally wrong with the strategy. With medical marijuana legalized in

Reset the Net?

I don’t know on which version the current Internet is said to be. Internet 4.0? Web 3.1? HTML something-or-other? (You may notice: I’m not a tech guy.) But it’s changing. Streaming video and the fast development of cloud computing are revolutionizing the way we think about the “common space” beyond

Declining Self-Pity

Mike Rowe is used to seeing people suffer almost insufferable things on a daily basis. But as blogger Justen Charters puts it, “eight years hosting Dirty Jobs couldn’t prepare” Rowe for his encounter with Staff Sergeant Travis Mills. The veteran of the war in Afghanistan got half his body torn

The Ten Trillion Dollar Decade

It’s Tax Day tomorrow. Waiting till the last moment to file because you’ll have to write a check? It hurts, but you must be financially better off than the federal government, which itself owes $17.5 trillion, all because Congress and the President refuse to balance budgets. In the last ten

Cold Contempt for Common Sense

It began when a science experiment at a Minnesota high school set off a fire alarm. One of the students, Kayona Tietz, was swimming at the time. Her clothes were in her locker. Because the alarm was unplanned, a teacher ushered Kayona outside without letting her retrieve her clothes. All

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