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Giving Up on the Future?

Both Germany and Japan now transfer money, on net, from the young to the old. Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary, The Economist reports, do the same. The instrument of this transfer? Well, the elephant in the room: those nation’s entitlement programs — their versions of our “Social Security.” John O. McGinnis,

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A Diminishing Lagtime

The modern age sports an amazing feature that used to be hard to detect, because so drawn out: a shorter-than-ever-before lag between the proposal of some popular inanity and its complete debunking. It used to take seemingly forever for a bad idea to be shown up, either in argument or

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Flint Water Crisis

Government failure checklist. . . Reference: The Government Poisoned Flint’s Water— So Stop Blaming Everyone Else Flint’s water crisis isn’t a failure of austerity. It’s a failure of government. Click below for high resolution version of this image.  

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Berating Bernie?

Bernie Sanders has risen in the polls. He may even beat Hillary Clinton in the first caucus and primary contests for the Democratic presidential nomination. A cause for celebration! Witnessing a huge hunk of Americans accept Mrs. Clinton, the consummate and corrupt insider, is too disheartening. Bernie Sanders, for all

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Bankrupt Leadership

Sen. Rand Paul wasn’t the only thing absent from the GOP presidential stage last Thursday. Also missing? Any meaningful talk about reducing federal spending and avoiding a sovereign debt crisis. The debt looms over all our heads. But you wouldn’t know it to listen to the GOP hopefuls. (And the

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Ethics First

The biggest problem facing Americans? According to a Gallup poll, for the second year in a row, it’s our government. Maybe I should say “the government.” Few think it represents us. Which is sort of a big problem for a representative government. Presidential candidate Donald Trump says our leaders are

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re: Solutions

Today’s the traditional day for New Year’s “Resolutions,” but instead of resolutions, how about some solutions? Sure, Thomas Sowell has sagely reminded: there are no solutions in social life, only trade-offs. But, utopian perfection aside, let’s agree that some changes would be better than others, and, let us resolve to

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Virus and Host

Presidential candidate John McAfee is an adventurer. Best known for founding the first successful anti-computer virus company, he has also been shot at in tropical jungles, by men trained by U. S. forces, with American-bought guns. This range of experience makes him the most interesting presidential hopeful, bar none. His

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Do-It-Yourself Policing

While crime was plummeting throughout the country, last year New Orleans experienced a surge — rapes up 39 percent and armed robberies up 37 percent. Having reduced its police force by 500 officers due to budget problems, the Big Easy called in Louisiana State Troopers to assist a force “historically

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Anti-Lynch Lynch Mob

America’s worst racial and sexual injustices were institutionally addressed years ago, in the Sixties and soon after — by folks in the Civil Rights movement, everyday citizens, and their representatives. So what do today’s earnest, Johnny-and-Jilly Come Lately “Social Justice Warriors” have left to complain about? Why, building names, of

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Finland on 800-Euros-a-Month

Some folks think the world owes them a living. Must we appease them? Should government hand every man, woman and child a check each month to make sure we’re all taken care of? Finland is embracing this basic idea with a pilot program, providing everyone an “unconditional basic income” (UBI).

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Pollsters Are Political Players, Too

Is Trump electable? Can Carson nab the GOP presidential nomination? Does Rand Paul have a chance? Is Chris Christie finished — before a voter has voted? It’s still pre-primary season, and it is worth remembering that — even as we judge candidates on  various capacities, including their ability to “handle

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