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Roman Rockets?

Is Big Government necessary to accomplish Big Things? Big government built the pyramids. Big government erected the Great Wall of China. Big government put Man on the Moon. But humanity could have reached Luna over a thousand years ago, had Roman civilization not gone into a death spiral. Bill Whittle

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Post Dated

What does a business do whose market share is decreasing, is billions of dollars in debt, and which incurred one-third of that debt just last year? Realistically, it cannot be sustained. Not as a normal business. Of course, the business in question has been struggling to reform, has been cutting

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Security vs. Compassion?

My family isn’t in a position to take in any Syrian refugees. Not that we’ve been asked. Months ago, President Obama simply announced that “we” would take 10,000 refugees. After last Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris, and upon evidence that one of the perpetrators came into Europe with other refugees,

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Thank You for Your Service

When people risk their lives, saying thanks is the least we can do. But it’s not enough. Today on Veterans’ Day, we honor those who have served and are serving in the military. The holiday was once Armistice Day, marking the peace agreement that concluded World War I at the

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The Uber-Huge Mistake

Uber’s challenge to old-fashioned ride service — to the taxi industry — is at least twofold. One, it shows government regulation to be counterproductive and kind of witless. Two, it shows that innovation — particularly by decreasing transaction costs — can rapidly transform a market for the good of consumers.

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Democracy on the Sly

Mayor Sly James loves his city: Kansas City, Missouri. He dreams of a shining new airport on a hill, a land of milk and honey with a new, luxurious, taxpayer-financed downtown hotel. He envisions it as a harmonious hub in which the thrill of . . . waiting for a

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Assuming the Fix

Social Security, like similar systems in Europe, is on a trajectory to insolvency, which could lead to a sovereign debt crisis. The reason for the crisis? Social Security has always been a pay-as-we-go system, dependent on many workers paying in to a system that sends their contributions to a smaller

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Plotting Progress

The prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize has been tarnished by some more-than-dubious awards, in our time . . . Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama, most obviously. Same goes for the Bank of Sweden’s knock-off “Memorial” prize for economics. But, according to David R. Henderson, this week’s Nobel nod to

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Heroism for Everybody

Liberty is achieved, when it is achieved, at a price. Vigilance. And this isn’t just an inspiring political message. It’s practical advice for extraordinary circumstances. What’s the best thing to do if you meet a mass murderer on a rampage, or a terrorist on his mission? It may not be

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Raising Taxes & Truth

Sheila Weinberg wants to raise your taxes. So fervent is her money-lust that she even threatens to run for president, and only half-jokingly, on that single issue. More surprising: I would enthusiastically vote for her. What gives? Well, Weinberg isn’t demanding a tax increase or a spending cut, per se

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Cannabis and Kings

The over-riding reason to end the War on Drugs is to re-establish the rule of law in this country. From Nixon and Reagan to the present time, America has vastly increased the population of prison inmates, many of them for drug offenses. The “land of the free” shouldn’t boast a

Citizen Action

The Quadrennial Distraction

As the leading Republican candidate for the presidency ascends into the air in a helicopter filled with kids, and makes his most astute declaration yet — “I am Batman” — it becomes clearer than ever how distracting these presidential campaigns are. Much of American Big League politics is theatrics, with

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