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The Most Hated

I’ve been robbed!!! By Ted Cruz, no less. Yes, without so much as a passing “Howdy-do,” the Texas senator stole my cherished public mantel, simply waltzed in and snatched what was once my own special place in our nation’s capital. You’ve heard it on the news, I’m sure. In a

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Obscene Amounts

Actor George Clooney, star of the current Coen brothers picture, Hail Caesar!, is a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. When asked on NBC’s Meet the Press if the $353,000 per couple dinner he organized last Friday constituted an “obscene amount of money,” he answered, simply, “yes.” Clooney went on to

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Big-Dollar Impact

Last Saturday, The Washington Post’s top-of-the-front-page headline blared, “50 donors with outside impact.” If that doesn’t curdle your blood, readers were further warned of a new “Gilded Age.” Yes, in concentrated fundraising the Post heard “echoes of the end of the 19th century, when wealthy interests spent millions to help

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Auto Destruct

Just when you thought it safe to go back into the loan market. . . . Yes, you guessed it: a bubble may be about to pop. There are actually several, but here’s one you might not expect: the automobile loan market. Though less regulated and tampered with than the

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Four Powers on the Chopping Block

A group of Ohio citizens isn’t leaving the maintenance of ethical standards in government to the politicians. Smart. Forming a political committee, “Ethics First — You Decide Ohio,” the group filed an initiative to amend the state constitution unsurprisingly called, “Ethics First.” What does the ballot measure do? “Ethics proposal

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Schooled in Corruption

Michigan’s governor just signed a $49 million emergency funding bill, designed by legislators to keep Detroit’s public schools open. Open for what? Will any of that dough actually make it to the classroom, where children might possibly be educated? Or, as I inquired at Townhall yesterday, is it merely another

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Pincher, Pinchee

Limited government sports several rationales. The need for it pertains on many levels. One such level we don’t think about enough? This: Not every rights violation warrants calling in the law. Take the strange case of Breana Evans, 12-year-old assailant, charged with misdemeanor battery. What did she do? She pinched

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Incumbent Upon Heaven

Many who pledged to limit their terms in Congress have gotten elected and, then . . . actually kept their word. Yet, with the temptations of power, combined with the acute narcissism of politicians, not a few have flung their honor aside to break their promise. Four years ago, Oklahoma

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Trump’s Empire?

The next president will take office as this year’s $544 billion deficit pushes up the U. S. national debt to nearly $20 trillion . . . which is chicken feed compared to nearly $127 trillion in unfunded liabilities racked up by our entitlement state. And, on top of that, add

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Impatience as a Political Impulse

It is not demonization to recognize a besetting sin. Yesterday, I warned against demonization, though admittedly, I have “picked on” both Trump and Bernie here at Common Sense and in this site’s new Steal This Meme section. In my defense, to refrain from seeing only the worst in one side

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The Age of Clinton

We could call our time The Age of Teflon, but that conjures up memory of Ronald Reagan — “the Teflon President” is what Rep. Patricia Schroeder (D-Colo.) called the 40th Commander in Chief  — and, please recall, Reagan had nothing on Bill Clinton. Nicknamed “Slick Willie,” Clinton was the politician

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Another Capital Atavism

Had I ever heard of the zoopraxiscope before, I’d forgotten it by the time I read Randal O’Toole’s recent critique of the latest Washington, D. C., public transit debacle, the new streetcar system. So I had to look it up. It was an early “motion picture” projector. In other words,

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