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Choice Corruption

What is corruption? said no jesting Pilate ever. But please, stay for an answer. A week ago, Jimmie Moore pleaded guilty to filing a false campaign finance report in order to conceal a $90,000 payment to drop out of a congressional race. Moore is a former Philadelphia judge (heavens). The

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Time for Action

More protests during the national anthem; more opposition to those protests by the Trump administration; more recriminations about the administration’s opposition to the protests. Ah, modern times. Let’s review: NFL players have a constitutional right to take a knee during the national anthem. NFL owners do have or could have

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Politics as Painfully Usual

The crazed nature of our leaders’ willingness to spend beyond revenue, and accumulate debt, is not limited to one party. Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for their outrageously perverse fiscal policies. Their irresponsibility hides in plain view, and can be seen in most of the major policy discussions of

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The Great Faction

Politics isn’t a pretty business. Frédéric Bastiat called the beast it serves “that great fiction” not because it doesn’t exist — intrusive state power sure persists — but rather because what it promises cannot really happen: “everyone living at the expense of everyone else.” What can we do? How do

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Wabbit Season — or Duck Responsibility Season?

Venezuelans are starving. The country’s children are malnourished and — if something is not done soon — “it will be very difficult for these children ever to get back onto their nutritional growth curve.” That is the testimony of the director of Caritas Venezuela. Clearly, “Bolivarian” socialism has failed. And

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Free the Truck Drivers

Should our government liberate truck drivers from the country-wide prison in which they’re incarcerated? You say I’m exaggerating. Being metaphorical. Yes. Maybe metaphors and hyperbole are not to your taste, but suggesting an analogy, at least, is more than justified. The government does treat truck drivers like inmates . .

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Half a Win Is Better than None

Jennifer Anderson criticized her local sheriff. Her family’s home was raided in 2016 by the sheriff as a result. Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Jerry Larpenter’s reaction to criticism was ugly and unconscionable, but it hasn’t been allowed to stand. On the other hand, the sheriff hasn’t been adequately punished, either. Jennifer

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Crazy Like a … Spoiler

Seven Republican members of Congress — three in the last two weeks — have announced their retirement.* The Democrats, needing 24 additional seats to gain a majority, see an opening. Steve Kornacki, MSNBC’s national political correspondent, calls these seven “pure retirements.” That is, these politicians aren’t seeking another office, they

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It Didn’t Last

“September 11 is one of our worst days but it brought out the best in us,” proclaimed Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander. Today is the 16th anniversary of that terrible day . . . arriving as Hurricane Irma smashes into Florida and with fresh memories of so many acts of kindness

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Ad Budget Slashed

Republican politicians, who had been running since 2010 on killing ObamaCare, did not. Not when they had a chance. Despite dominating Congress, they failed, because they opted for a goofy way to do it (the House’s AHCA plan being a terrible mess, probably worse than the monster it was trying

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“There is no comparison,” concluded Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan, after spending her entire column doing just that, i.e. comparing Antifa, the so-called “alt-left,” with Nazis and white supremacists, the so-called “alt-right.”  When Trump spoke about Charlottesville violence on both sides, Sullivan argued, “He was comparing things that aren’t the

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The Law of Unintended Trump Support

Last week, when President Donald Trump abandoned his previous policy position on getting U.S. troops out of Afghanistan in favor of continuing the establishment-supported policy of keeping those troops there, he was very well-received in our nation’s capital. NeverTrumper/neo-con Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) spoke of Mr. Trump’s “smarts” and “moral

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