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People Power in the Republic of China

Which country has handled this worldwide pandemic best? The question was asked on Facebook, by one friend, and answered this way by another:  “Government: South Korea; People: Japan.” My response? “Combo of people and government: Taiwan.” There is a lot in the Taiwanese response to explore.  “The first cause of


Fear Itself

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Not often do I quote FDR. Strictly speaking, his statement was false then — at the beginning of the decade-plus-long Great Depression that led to WWII.  And it is false now.  There is plenty more to fear than merely fear

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Don’t Panic, Prepare

The other day, on Neil Cavuto’s Fox News show, Democrat Tulsi Gabbard — my favorite of the “blue” party’s blues-inducing candidates — suggested, inartfully, that the coronavirus is “something that requires all of us as Americans coming together, standing together . . . just as we would in wartime.” The

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Overkill . . . for Your Health

News stories about death- and illness-by-vaping keep hitting us. But in most of these stories it is what is left out that is most alarming. From Washington State’s King County we learn of another case of severe lung disease “associated with vaping.” But the reportage doesn’t mention how the maladies

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Science Isn’t Morality

“Scientist” — what an abused term! When a journalist needs an authority to write about some nutty, wildly improbable affront to common sense, a “scientist” will do. Case in point, turn to Newsweek: “Tanning salons are more likely to be located in U.S. neighborhoods with higher numbers of same-sex male

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Caveat Tempter

If, like me, you expect people to bear the bulk of the brunt of their own decisions, big ticket court rulings often strike you as bizarre. Case in point? “Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson must pay $572m (£468m) for its part in fuelling Oklahoma’s opioid addiction crisis, a judge in the

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Congress’s King

Politics today reveals a troubling dialectic. Thesis: President Trump boasts that he is going to unilaterally “do something” as if he were Emperor, not President.  Antithesis: Then comes pushback from political opponents and the media, castigating our current commander-in-chief for imagining himself a lawless dictator.  Synthesis: This is soon followed,

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Reforming Crime, Not Criminals?

“The D.C. Council gave final approval this week to a measure decriminalizing Metro fare evasion,” The Washington Post reports, “paving the way for fare-jumping to become a civil offense punishable by a $50 fine in the District.” Talk about stopping crime “in its tracks.” Jumping the turnstile won’t be classified

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An Expert Explains Failure

The failures of the public high schools in the District of Columbia go on an on. It is quite a scandal, as I explained this weekend at Townhall. And yet some “charter schools that serve large populations of children from low-income families,” notes the Washington Post, after providing much detail

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The Problem with Public Accounts

President Trump’s promise not to cut one dime from Social Security and Medicare doesn’t square with the fiscal cliff these programs are headed for. To save the system, benefits must be cut, taxes must be raised, or both. Or else replace the system. No wonder, then, that John Stossel insists

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No Other Options?

Long I have criticized the Washington, DC, Metro — the transit authority in our nation’s imperial capital — most recently in March. But I am foursquare in support of the government body’s recent hazard warning: “Only take Metro if you have no other option.” Good general principle. But what’s the

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The Trump Trade Enigma

President Donald J. Trump, former “reality TV” star, often seems merely to skirt reality. “Our trade deficit ballooned to $817 billion,” President Trump exaggerated to the “men and women of U.S. Steel” last week.  “Think of that. We lost $817 billion a year over the last number of years in

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