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Weekend with Bernie: Fairy-Tale “Free”

Bernie Sanders is many a progressive’s fairy-tale candidate. Well, yeah. Not “once upon a time,” but today . . .  the federal government’s public debt is in the double-digit trillions. The total debt — consisting also of unfunded/underfunded welfare state “promises” — may be in the triple digits. Still, politicians

Weekend with Bernie Sanders,, Paul Jacob, James Gill

Weekend with Bernie: Hard Looker?

What is a “democratic socialist”? According to leading presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders, such a socialist “takes a hard look at countries around the world who [sic] have successful records fighting and implementing programs for the middle class and working families.” I don’t believe him. He shows his cavalier

Stubborn Beast

Evergreen Eyman

“Initiative 1366 is blackmail,” one plaintiff charged. No; it’s just political hardball. Washington State voters have cast their ballots five times (by initiative measure) to require a two-thirds vote of both houses of the state legislature, or a vote of the people, to increase taxes. Though the rule is neither

Teacher's Union

Money (for Us) Good, Profit (for Them) Bad

“One thing that we’ve done,” Dennis McBride of Support our Schools-Wauwatosa told a crowd at a free event hosted by the non-profit Wisconsin Public Education Network, “is we’ve made sure every time one of our legislators pops up his or her head above the foxhole, we’re there to shoot at

In Disguise

Conflicts Perplexing Prominent Politicians

When does the same old song-and-dance, performed by yet another self-selected committee of the political elite, become “a unique process” that “Nobody’s ever done . . .”? When the much-liberal Denver Post reports the “much-respected” Daniel Ritchie saying so. Every election cycle for a decade, it seems, a cabal of


The Spenders’ Eternal Excuse

Most modern welfare states have a huge problem: their politicians promise more than government revenue covers. So they borrow and borrow until they can borrow no more. And then they go down. Like Greece has gone down. Banks are closed there, and the people suffer. The problem is over-spending and

Politicians in a jar

Republican-Required Referendum

Last November, Nevada Republicans scored a “stunning” political sweep. The party’s incumbent governor rolled up a 40-point win, while the GOP gained majorities in both the Assembly and Senate — the first time Republicans have controlled all three since before the Great Depression. At the same time, voters crushed a

Tax Vote

The People Supreme

“We’re the only state in the nation,” wails Wade Buchanan of the liberal Bell Policy Center, “where you can only raise revenues, taxes, by a vote of the people.” Buchanan is talking about his state of Colorado and defending his side in the Kerr v. Hickenlooper case, which features 34

Thieve's Loot

Thieves Caught, Return Loot

Lyndon McLellan, a convenience store owner, was robbed. The marauders took $107,000 of his honestly earned money. We don’t need the police to find out who did it (and no, the police themselves are not the culprit, not this time). The IRS took the money, suspecting that he “structured” his

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Latest Learned About Lois Lerner

Is it time to spell out the IRS as the Internal Revenue Scandal? The IRS has so many scandals under its belt. But the biggest, from a broad, threat-to-the-republic point of view, surely remains the agency’s targeting of Tea Party and conservative organizations seeking 501c(3) and 501c(4) nonprofit status. Agents

Squeezing the Taxpayer

Poor, Poor IRS

As Tax Day approaches, you can bet the Internal Revenue Service has readied itself to help taxpayers file their returns. No? “It’s abysmal,” admits IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, discussing his agency’s help for Americans trying to decipher a byzantine, ever-changing tax code. It seems only four of ten citizens ever

Anarchy and Chaos

Feinstein No Einstein

Government’s job is to protect our lives and liberties. But how best to accomplish this? Should books be banned? Websites blocked? Diane Feinstein thinks so. Sen. Feinstein (D-California) wants to ban The Anarchist Cookbook from the Internet. The book, which came out in 1971 with lots of radical ideas, including

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