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Two-Thirds to Raise Taxes

You can’t keep a good Eyman down. “Who says politicians don’t listen?” asked Tim Eyman in a recent email to his Washington State supporters. “OK, you got me: we normally do.   But not today.” Pleased as punch, Eyman announced the resurrection of the two-thirds requirement for legislators to raise taxes.

Instead of a Tax Hike

The new Congress is in session and already there’s a push for a tax hike. Republican Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma says, “nothing is off the table.” Of course the Democrats are chomping at the bit to raise . . . the gas tax. With gas prices having plunged so low,

Automatic Tax Hike Nixed

The contest? Uneven, in a sense. My side was outspent more than 17 to one. But, in another sense, the odds were closer, maybe even on my side. Well, our side. That is, Liberty Initiative Fund, my 501(c)(4) outfit, was the largest contributor to a referendum campaign in Massachusetts. In

IRS Re-Unleashed

Outrageous. That’s the best word for the recent court decision letting the Internal Revenue Service off the hook for ideologically targeting organizations that apply for tax-exempt status. True the Vote, which combats voter fraud, sued the Internal Revenue Service because of the tax agency’s deliberate obstruction of applications from Tea

Death But No Taxes

Is the Internal Revenue Service inevitable? I’ve often discussed the IRS’s ideologically motivated harassment of taxpayers as fostered by Lois “I Took the Fifth” Lerner (e.g., here and here and here and here). But typical nonpartisan forms of IRS harassment are also deplorable. Consider the so-called “practice” audit, to which

Overkill America

The death of Eric Garner, a 43-year-old Staten Islander, by police chokehold, not only sparked in me the usual combination of sadness, anger and frustration — there was an additional element: would this do it? Would the nation’s shock, incredulity, indignation amount to anything? Lots of questions. But one thing

Value the Vote

What happens when politicians create a special new election date in order to place a tax increase before voters . . . when least expected? Did I mention that, as the Seattle Times reported, Proposition 1 “enjoyed massive support among politicians, labor unions, environmentalists, social-equity groups and business coalitions”? Or

Tax the Poor!

There is an argument for taxing the poor. Net beneficiaries of taxation can think about government in a different way than net payers. They might begin to think like children, not like adult supporters of a shared enterprise in defense of the basic institutional framework that in turn supports civilization.

Tax-Free New York?

Where can you “start a tax-free business”? New York State. That’s what the Start-Up NY television campaign is telling folks — way down here in Virginia. Recall that on Monday I bemoaned the “New York State Open for Business” TV ad campaign, which is spending $140 million to boast of

NY Democrats Surrender, Sorta

New York State is deeply blue. That’s the color mapmakers use to show Democratic control. That’s also the state the state’s economy is in, depressed by those same Democrats’ policies. So, to lighten the mood, Governor Andrew Cuomo is splurging $140 million tax dollars for TV ads. One spot features

Nixoned Nuclear Waste

The federal government, embodied in the U.S. Department of Energy, has been collecting money from ratepayers for three decades, with one set purpose: to pay for the safe disposal of nuclear waste. And what does it have to show for it? Nothing. Zip. Nada. The Energy Department hasn’t done a

End the IRS?

Every day: more revelations, more questions. Was the IRS’s repressive targeting of Tea Party and similar groups seeking tax-exempt status “accidental”? Were only a few rogue or harried clerks responsible for the repressive targeting? Did anybody in the White House know about the repressive targeting as it happened? What does

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