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Tax Vote

The People Supreme

“We’re the only state in the nation,” wails Wade Buchanan of the liberal Bell Policy Center, “where you can only raise revenues, taxes, by a vote of the people.” Buchanan is talking about his state of Colorado and defending his side in the Kerr v. Hickenlooper case, which features 34

Thieve's Loot

Thieves Caught, Return Loot

Lyndon McLellan, a convenience store owner, was robbed. The marauders took $107,000 of his honestly earned money. We don’t need the police to find out who did it (and no, the police themselves are not the culprit, not this time). The IRS took the money, suspecting that he “structured” his

Lois Lerner

Latest Learned About Lois Lerner

Is it time to spell out the IRS as the Internal Revenue Scandal? The IRS has so many scandals under its belt. But the biggest, from a broad, threat-to-the-republic point of view, surely remains the agency’s targeting of Tea Party and conservative organizations seeking 501c(3) and 501c(4) nonprofit status. Agents

Squeezing the Taxpayer

Poor, Poor IRS

As Tax Day approaches, you can bet the Internal Revenue Service has readied itself to help taxpayers file their returns. No? “It’s abysmal,” admits IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, discussing his agency’s help for Americans trying to decipher a byzantine, ever-changing tax code. It seems only four of ten citizens ever

Anarchy and Chaos

Feinstein No Einstein

Government’s job is to protect our lives and liberties. But how best to accomplish this? Should books be banned? Websites blocked? Diane Feinstein thinks so. Sen. Feinstein (D-California) wants to ban The Anarchist Cookbook from the Internet. The book, which came out in 1971 with lots of radical ideas, including

The Tax Trick

The Taker’s Gift

Say a mugger robs Ed instead of you. Has the mugger given you a present of your stuff by not taking it? Is his non-taking a “giveaway”? No. If you possess something you have honestly earned, it is yours by right, not as a special gift from each person who

Overburdened Pack Mule

Taxation Rules

It turns out the United States is a tax haven. Haven? Heavens! I live here. I don’t feel that low-tax feeling when April 15 rolls around. But the Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell, an expert on all things tax-policy — a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it — says “The

Two-Thirds to Raise Taxes

You can’t keep a good Eyman down. “Who says politicians don’t listen?” asked Tim Eyman in a recent email to his Washington State supporters. “OK, you got me: we normally do. 😉  But not today.” Pleased as punch, Eyman announced the resurrection of the two-thirds requirement for legislators to raise taxes.

Instead of a Tax Hike

The new Congress is in session and already there’s a push for a tax hike. Republican Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma says, “nothing is off the table.” Of course the Democrats are chomping at the bit to raise . . . the gas tax. With gas prices having plunged so low,

Automatic Tax Hike Nixed

The contest? Uneven, in a sense. My side was outspent more than 17 to one. But, in another sense, the odds were closer, maybe even on my side. Well, our side. That is, Liberty Initiative Fund, my 501(c)(4) outfit, was the largest contributor to a referendum campaign in Massachusetts. In

IRS Re-Unleashed

Outrageous. That’s the best word for the recent court decision letting the Internal Revenue Service off the hook for ideologically targeting organizations that apply for tax-exempt status. True the Vote, which combats voter fraud, sued the Internal Revenue Service because of the tax agency’s deliberate obstruction of applications from Tea

Death But No Taxes

Is the Internal Revenue Service inevitable? I’ve often discussed the IRS’s ideologically motivated harassment of taxpayers as fostered by Lois “I Took the Fifth” Lerner (e.g., here and here and here and here). But typical nonpartisan forms of IRS harassment are also deplorable. Consider the so-called “practice” audit, to which

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