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Putin (and Householder) for Life

For the last 20 years, Vladimir V. Putin has served (himself) as either Russian president or prime minister, switching offices to get around the nation’s term limits.  “In the past, Mr. Putin proceeded cautiously, seeking to preserve a veneer of legitimacy,” explains The New York Times. “Confronting term limits in

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Legislators Turned Lobbyists Turned Altruists

Legislative bosses, the state’s most powerful special interests and a fake grassroots organization teamed up a month ago to figure out how best to attack Michigan’s popular term limits law.  Now comes a lawsuit demanding that a federal court overturn these 27-year-old voter-enacted limits. “I’m just sitting here watching five

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Term Limits Apply to Socialists,Too

We don’t see a lot of pro-term-limits writing in our major, “corporate” media outlets — but a New York magazine account of the ouster of Bolivian President Evo Morales is a welcome exception. “The disgraceful and chaotic manner in which the once-beloved Morales is leaving office is an object lesson

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Politicians Not Voters

“Breakthrough coalition working on expanding term limits,” hollers the Lansing City Post headline.  “Michigan’s legislative leaders,” the capital-based paper informs, “are working on a term limits expansion deal for state lawmakers . . . . The conceptual plan, which won’t be finalized until December, would be that lawmakers could serve

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They’re Called Term Limits

Looking for an exemplar of condescending witlessness? Take Steve Benen, producer of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show. Please!  Last week, I praised Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer for endorsing term limits, while Benen panned him at The Maddow Blog, calling term limits a “gimmick.” So, when Aristotle argued for mandatory rotation

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A Different Conversation

“Here’s the difference between me and the other candidates,” says billionaire investor-turned-presidential aspirant Tom Steyer. “I don’t think we can fix our democracy from the inside. I don’t believe Washington politicians and big corporations will let that happen.” Of course, if this Democrat becomes president of these United States, that’s

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Terms for Taxes

Years ago, I dubbed Tim Eyman “America’s #1 freedom fighter,” and how does he repay me? Washington State’s anti-tax crusading initiative guru has gone and stolen my bread-and-butter issue, term limits . . . and married it up with another one of his tax initiatives.  He’s calling Initiative 1648: Term

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Dousing the Dumpster Fire

“Congress is less popular than traffic jams, root canals, and hemorrhoids,” U.S. Term Limits Executive Director Nick Tomboulides explained yesterday at a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution hearing.  “You’re beating head lice,” he added, “but the lice have asked for a recount.” Mr. Tomboulides and U.S. Term Limits support

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House-Cleaning & Law-Following

Larry Hogan, Maryland’s popular Republican governor, has vowed to “clean house” in the wake of the scandals rocking the “private” non-profit University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS), set up by the State of Maryland.  It isn’t just former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, who resigned from the UMMS board after it

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Beto’s Best Reform

“All too often politicians focus on their own re-election,” says Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke, “at the expense of addressing the challenges our country faces.”  A supporter of term limits during his six years in Congress, in 2018 Beto left a safe House seat to challenge U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, also

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What Tiananmen Inspired

Why did term limits spring up in the 1990s? Term limitation has a long history in America, of course — and all the way back to Aristotle — but why the resurgence? I remember opponents suggesting that Americans were frustrated with slow economic growth.  Not likely.  In “Restoring Faith in

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