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Fast-Moving Planet

This presidential campaign is about change, but it’s outside of government that change comes fast and furious. Maybe it’s just my advancing age but the world seems to be speeding 90 miles an hour into the future. Actually, we’re spinning at over 1,000 miles an hour and soaring around the

Helter Keller

In 2000, Florida Congressman Ric Keller was just Citizen Keller, running for Congress for the first time. An October 2000 news story states, “Regardless of whether Democrat Linda Chapin or Republican Ric Keller wins Orange County’s congressional battle, neither one of them will be in the seat past 2008. Both

Long Time (1996+12=2008) Coming

Been a long time coming. The twelve-year term limits law passed by Nevada voters in 1996 is finally taking effect. Except for state lawmakers elected in 1996, that is. Nineteen ninety-six plus twelve equals 2008. But in 1996, legislators seized on a technicality to claim that — unlike for other

Still Cage-Rattling

Even in his second term as South Carolina’s governor, Mark Sanford continues to flout the political establishment’s typical way of doing things. A former congressmen who pledged to limit his tenure to three terms max, Sanford was one of a number of self-limiters in the Congress who showed that keeping

Another OK Court Decision?

Here’s another interesting court decision in Oklahoma. Oh, this time it’s not a petition with hundreds of thousands of voter signatures being tossed out. And no, it’s not quite as crazy as that ruling allowing a man to photograph up the skirts of girls at the mall. This time Oklahoma’s

Arnold Loses His Strudel

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger no longer likes term limits. He explained why in an interview with the LA Times. Says Arnold: “[O]riginally I felt very strongly that it was the greatest thing ever done. Because I despised the idea of guys being so locked in and safe in their positions,

The Blob

Sometimes people say that term limits are irrelevant. It’s not that they oppose term limits. It’s just that they think political process as such doesn’t matter at all. As one skeptic puts it, “the central problem is American culture, not legislative culture. The country wants to spend without paying, and

Bad for Monopolists

The political class hates term limits. It’s official. A new Cato study, “Defining Democracy Down: Explaining the Campaign to Repeal Term Limits,” shows how relentlessly career politicians and their allies have opposed legislative term limits over the years. The career politicians hate term limits because under term limits their legislative

Chairman Jeffords

If you’re a partisan Republican, Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont is a no-good, rotten traitor. If you’re a partisan Democrat, he’s a genuine man of principle. If you’re the average American, his switch of parties is all just so much shuffling of deck chairs on the Titanic. Jeffords can, of

Is This Seat Taken?

Ah, women . . . you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. What’s that got to do with anything? Not much, just thought I’d use an easy trick to get men shaking their heads in agreement. I’m not much for the battle of the sexes. I’m

The Silver Bullet

Remember the Lone Ranger? With the help of Tonto, he fought corruption and injustice in the old West. His trademark was a silver bullet. In his new book Completing the Revolution, columnist and TV commentator Robert Novak says, “Term limits is the silver bullet, because unless you have term limits

Bad and Worse

The best argument for voting for the Democrats is they aren’t the Republicans. On the other hand, the best argument for voting Republican is they’re not the Democrats. With choices like these, no wonder we’re fed up with both parties. One of few things Congress did to change the corrupt

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