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Democratic-Republican Day

“We live in a republic,” I often hear, “not a democracy!” Sometimes it seems like we live in neither. Today is the first National Term Limits Day. Its proponents aim to style February 27th as an annual event.  It’s a new thing.  But term limits themselves are not new. For

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The Soul of Citizen Government

Today’s federal holiday represents a truly spectacular feat of modern public administration: actual downsizing. By our federal government, no less. Where once there were two federal holidays, Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday, now there is just one: Presidents’ Day. There is no equal in public sector simplicity, frugality, efficiency. Stand

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

“One of the great myths in official Washington,” writes pollster and pundit Scott Rasmussen at, “is that voters hate Congress but love their own representative.” Working for term limits, boy have I heard this assertion a lot. Oh, voters do hate Congress; this we know. Less than one in

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Old Dominions

A photo, found on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s 1984 medical school yearbook page, went viral. It was of a person in black-face next to another in a Ku Klux Klan sheet. In almost no time at all, Democrats and others quickly demanded that the governor resign. Why the speed?  The

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Beautiful Canary

New hope for Venezuela: A direct constitutional challenge against the horrific reign of socialist strongman Nicolás Maduro enjoys massive popular support and has quickly gained international recognition. If 35-year-old National Assembly President Juan Guaidó, who launched the campaign, succeeds in restoring a democratic government, he should also restore term limits

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None Dare Call It Careerism

Let’s build a wall, I said last week, between the Office of the President and all these emergency powers our Congress has recklessly given away to the chief executive. After admittedly “scrambling to figure out” the emergency powers possessed by POTUS, the Washington Post’s editorial board lamented its discovery “that

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The World Wants Term Limits

The Economist magazine has announced its “Country of the Year.”  It’s Armenia. The idea behind the award is to recognize the nation that has “improved the most” during the past year. The honorific implies no rosy assumptions about the future. Obviously, a country can backslide. The Economist’s editors admit that

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Mrs. Term Limits?

Do politicians oppose term limits on principle? For the answer to be yes, we would first have to explain to them what principles are. Sure, politicians adamantly oppose term limits that cut against their self-interest, i.e. apply to them. But they are often for term limits . . . when

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Hating the Senate

The longest-serving politician in Congress — ever — thinks he has the perfect reform to put American government back on track. Former House Democrat John Dingell wants to abolish the Senate. According to him, the United States should go unicameral. The ancient bicameral tradition — which goes back to Sumer

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Trump Should Look to Peru

Democracy can degrade into other things, even strong-man rule. To avoid such degradation, we have a ready prophylactic. Term limits. Which hamper would-be dictators-for-life, including entrenched oligarchs in the legislature. Many countries illustrate the point. But take Peru, where the new head of state, Martin Vizcarra, has been combatting political corruption by supporting a referendum to impose

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The Seinfeld Referendum

There is an unmistakable connection between Washington State initiative guru Tim Eyman and New York City comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Mr. Seinfeld gave viewers what they wanted for nine seasons as the star of the self-named 1990s hit television sitcom, Seinfeld. It was slyly defined as “a show about nothing.” Meanwhile,

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Suppressed Measure Woulda Won

Arkansas politicians and their cronies were terrified by Issue 3. So when this tough state legislative term limits measure was approved for the ballot, foes of citizen-controlled government sued to kill it. Agreeing that thousands of already-approved signatures of bonafide registered voters must be tossed because of new, legislatively-imposed, byzantine,

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