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Draft Mom or Not?

“The biggest piece of opposition” to extending draft registration to women, former Nevada Congressman Joe Heck told The New York Times, “was, we are not going to draft our mother and daughters, our sisters and aunts to fight in hand-to-hand combat.” Yet, that seems precisely what the National Commission on

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A Policy Misadventure

The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service released its report today, advocating that Congress should force our daughters to register for the military draft. “The commission recommended that the United States keep a draft option in place,” explains The New York Times. Commission chair and former Nevada Congressman

How Un-Warlike

It’s war! A common refrain regarding the coronavirus. “This is our World War II,” say media mavens and politicians . . . who have never had to endure anything like World War II. The utter vapidity of the “war” response was explained very well by Peter Schiff on a recent

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Draft Winds Blowing

A month ago, the U.S. drone strike against an Iranian commander in Baghdad sparked enough public concern over military conscription to overwhelm the Selective Service System’s website.  “With the ongoing military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan unlikely to end any time soon,” former Congressman Ron Paul writes, people are “right

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Five Days Left!

You may have noticed me take notice . . . repeatedly . . . of an otherwise little-noticed National Commission on Military, National and Public Service (NCMNPS). It was established by Congress in 2017 to look into the issue of extending draft registration to women or let the federal courts

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Terrible Twisted Tweet

Close your eyes and imagine a young American. Got a picture in your mind? Does the youngster have his or her hands cuffed behind his or her back? No?  Well, clearly, you’re not the Selective Service System (SSS).  “When the threat of force is your first argument that somebody should

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The Draft Goes Hollywood?

“Whether you’re able to recall the last military draft or not, if you watch the show This Is Us, then you may have some familiarity,” says a column at apparently authored by the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service. The commission was set up by Congress to

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Attendant Loss of Life

Is there an easy way to avoid the insanity of what author and decorated Marine vet Elliot Ackerman calls America’s “two-decade military quagmire”? Yesterday, I took issue with Ackerman’s idea of a “reverse-engineered draft,” whereby each year about 65,000 young men and women — but only those with parents in

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Rich Kids for Ransom

Elliot Ackerman wants peace so badly that he is willing to conscript our sons and daughters into the military in hopes of achieving it.  “From Somalia to Syria, American forces are engaged in combat,” the author and decorated Marine veteran writes in Time. “With recent military posturing against Iran, against

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No Exceptions

“It’s time to bring the country together,” says Rep. John Delaney (D-Maryland), aspiring to be our next commandeer-in-chief, “restore our sense of shared purpose and a common and inclusive national destiny.” How?  Forcibly: “John Delaney’s Plan for National Service” states that “Every American will complete a minimum of one year

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Of Honor and Horror

Last week, when the public relations wing of the U.S. Army asked, on Twitter, “how has serving impacted you?” the bulk of the responses were not what was hoped for. What came like tear drops and bursts of rage were thousands of horrific tales, expressions of sorrow, bitterness and despair.

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Hypothetical Cowardice?

We must treat real threats realistically.  But what to do with bizarrely hypothetical ones? Last week, former Congressman Joe Heck (R-Nev.), chairman of the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service, addressed witnesses at a hearing in Washington: “So I want to pose a hypothetical scenario and ask your

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