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William J. Locke

Truth is the enfant terrible of the Virtues.   William J. Locke, The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne (1905), p. 50.

Benedetto Croce

Morality, and the ideal of freedom which is the political expression of morality, are not the property of a given party or group, but a value that is fundamentally and universally human. . . . No people will be truly free till all are free. Benedetto Croce was an Italian

Rose Wilder Lane

This is the nature of human energy; individuals generate it, and control it. Each person is self-controlling, and therefore responsible for his acts. Every human being, by his nature, is free. Rose Wilder Lane, Discovery of Freedom (1943).

Isabel Paterson

In arguing against free enterprise capitalism, the collectivist always adopts the false assumption of a fixed number of jobs in that system. Conversely, in arguing for collectivism, he always assumes that there will be as many jobs as there are workers. The government will make the jobs. Isabel Paterson, The

Stanislav Andreski

The pioneers of rationalism inveighed against the traditional dogmas, ridiculed popular superstitions, campaigned against priests and sorcerers, and castigated them for fostering and preying upon the ignorance of the masses — hoping that a final victory of science would vanish for ever the evils of unreason and organized deception. Little

Benedetto Croce

Even in the darkest and crassest times liberty trembles in the lines of poets and affirms itself in the pages of thinkers and burns, solitary and magnificent, in some men who cannot be assimilated by the world around them. Benedetto Croce, History as the Story of Liberty, 1938 (1941, Eng.

Ogden Nash

O Duty, Why hast thou not the visage of a sweetie or a cutie? Why glitter thy spectacles so ominously? Why art thou clad so abominously? Why art thou so different from Venus And why do thou and I have so few interests mutually in common between us? Why art

Ogden Nash

People who have what they want are very fond of telling people who haven’t what they want that they really don’t want it, And I wish I could afford to gather all such people into a gloomy castle on the Danube and hire half a dozen capable Draculas to haunt

J. S. Mill

A general State education is a mere contrivance for moulding people to be exactly like one another; and as the mould in which it casts them is that which pleases the dominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, an aristocracy, or a majority of the existing generation;

Benedetto Croce

Liberty is not the function of the bourgeoisie or any other economy but rather the human soul and its deep needs; it possesses qualities and origins that are not economic but instead moral and religious. . . . Benedetto Croce, as quoted in As If God Existed: Religion and Liberty

Arthur Latham Perry

Suppose for a moment, that all taxes of every name could be abolished instantaneously, and the Governments, like the Israelites, live on manna for forty years. What harm would ensue? What industry would decline? Who would be impoverished? What stimulus to work and save and grow rich would be weakened


“Knowledge is the conformity of the object and the intellect.”

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