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Frederick Douglass

To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

What makes saintliness in my view, as distinguished from ordinary goodness, is a certain quality of magnanimity and greatness of soul that brings life within the circle of the heroic. Harriet Beecher Stowe, “The Cathedral,” The Atlantic Monthly (1846).

Yves Guyot

Yves Guyot

With the development of civilisation, man’s wants become more various, and his aptitudes more specialised. The consequence is, that he can produce more utilities than before; but these utilities are more limited in their nature; they are all of one kind. He now produces, not so much what he wants,

Simon Newcomb

A common mistake is that the conclusions of the plain unlettered man differ from those of economists in being more immediately founded on observed facts and less on deduction. The truth is that the plain unlettered man is more prone to rely on deduction from unproved hypotheses than the economist

Yves Guyot

Yves Guyot

[T]here are men who look upon social revolution as a kind of fairyland. Yves Guyot, The Tyranny of Socialism, 1894

Tom@HK - Statue of Lao Tzu (Laozi) in Quanzhou

Lao Tzu

A journey of a thousand leagues starts with a single step. Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Ch. 64, line 12

Denis Diderot

The arbitrary rule of a just and enlightened prince is always bad. His virtues are the most dangerous and the surest form of seduction: they lull a people imperceptibly into the habit of loving, respecting, and serving his successor, whoever that successor may be, no matter how wicked or stupid.

Seneca the Younger

We are mad, not only individually, but nationally. We check manslaughter and isolated murders; but what of war and the much-vaunted crime of slaughtering whole peoples? There are no limits to our greed, none to our cruelty. And as long as such crimes are committed by stealth and by individuals, they

Harriet Beecher Stowe

The greater the interest involved in a truth the more careful, self-distrustful, and patient should be the inquiry. I would not attack the faith of a heathen without being sure I had a better one to put in its place, because, such as it is, it is better than nothing.

Gene Wolfe

Some gain there must be, so this I decree: each time you gain your heart’s desire, your heart will reach for something higher. An “old woman with too many teeth” in Gene Wolfe’s novel The Knight (2004), p. 22.

William Cobbett

Nothing is so well calculated to produce a death-like torpor in the country as an extended system of taxation and a great national debt. Letter (February 10, 1804).

Mary Wollstonecraft

Nature having made men unequal, by giving stronger bodily and mental powers to one than to another, the end of government ought to be, to destroy this inequality by protecting the weak. Instead of which, it has always leaned to the opposite side, wearing itself out by disregarding the first

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