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B-B, Feb 12

On February 12, 1809, Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born. But today’s big birthday celebration here at Common Sense must be that of Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, 1851. Böhm-Bawerk was an Austrian economist who followed in the footsteps of Carl Menger, ushering in what has been called “the marginalist revolution”

Feb 11

On February 11, 1752, Benjamin Franklin opened Pennsylvania Hospital, the first hospital in the United States. On the same date in 1790, the Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers, petitioned U.S. Congress to abolish slavery. In an early effort towards republican government transparency, on this date in 1794,

Glenn Beck, YMCA

On February 10, 1870, the YMCA was founded in New York City. On the same date in 1964, Glenn Beck was born.

Lithuanian independence, Feb 9

On February 9, 1991, voters in Lithuania voted for independence from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, confirming the declaration of the popularly elected Sąjūdis eleven months before.

Dec. 14

On December 14, 1819, Alabama became the 22nd state of these United States. On the same December date in 1918, Friedrich Karl von Hessen, a German prince elected by the Parliament of Finland to become King Väinö I, renounced the Finnish throne. In 1939, the Soviet Union was expelled from

November 23, 2012, Areopagitica

On November 23, 1644, “Areopagitica: A speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing to the Parliament of England,” was published, and became a classic anti-censorship tract.

Nov 16 US recognized

On November 16, 1776, the Republic of the Seven United Provinces (Netherlands) recognized the independence of the United States of America. The date in 1811 marks the birth of free trade advocate and British politician John Bright.

November 10 Cry of Independence Panama

On November 10, 1821, the First Cry of Independence in the Villa de los Santos (a small town in the interior of the country) occurred in Panama. The November 10 date has since become Panama’s “Cry of Independence Day” in the country. November is a month of independence celebrations in

Nov 9 Brit murder death penalty

On November 9, 1998, capital punishment in the United Kingdom, previously abolished for murder, was completely abolished for all remaining capital offences.

September 9

On September 9, 1739, the largest slave uprising in Britain’s mainland North American colonies prior to the American Revolution erupted near Charleston, South Carolina. Jemmy, a literate slave — also called “Cato” — led 20 other enslaved Kongolese men to the Stono River, for which the event is named, the

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