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Eternal Koch

Gross Domestic Prevarication

A sign of these sorry times for professional journalism: Time magazine runs a dishonest smear against Charles Koch, completely twisting the billionaire’s remarks at a recent meeting of major donors in Orange County, California. “Charles Koch Says US Can Bomb Its Way to $100,000 Salaries,” screamed the headline. The sub-heading

Against tolerance

Ultra Anti-Civilization

The stabbing event at a Thursday “Gay Pride” march in Jerusalem reveals an element of the much-talked-about “clash of civilizations” not often discussed any longer. But it used to dominate the conversation. Why? It was not a Muslim jihadist who stabbed six people and ultimately killed one of them, a

Annette Bosworth

First, Do No Harm

I wish Annette Bosworth were my doctor. Since she lives and practices medicine more than1300 miles away, in South Dakota, that’s not to be. Sadly, the question to be answered, officially, is whether Dr. Bosworth will be permitted to provide medical care to anyone in her state. Following convictions on

Pain Medicine Police

Pain Economies

Looking for a new doctor, a colleague of mine called his friend’s primary care clinic, and was told, “We are taking all patients except pain management cases.” He was thankful his health issues were not pain-related. After reading Leslie Kendall Dye’s Salon piece, “But what if I actually need my

Term Limit Protection


In the 15 states voters have enacted term limits for their state representatives and senators, those politicians and the lobbyists and heads of powerful interest groups constantly complain that the limits are a problem. I know. That’s why I like term limits. Am I a broken record on the subject?

Import-Export Boogymen

Cruz “Loses”

When Sen. Ted Cruz gave an impassioned speech on the Senate floor, last week, he ruffled a few feathers. Calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar in front of everybody is just not done. “Elder party statesmen have not been amused,” the Los Angeles Times reports: On Sunday, 81-year-old

Import Export

Forget Frankenstein

Some proposals are so shocking and not common that, no matter how rational or sensible, we cannot legitimately call them “common sense.” Could this be one? You tell me. Congress is right now struggling to pass a highway funding bill. Authorized funding by the federal government on roads ends with

Finding the Right Balance

Fifteen or Fifty or Zero?

Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell just stumbled into a truth. Raising minimum wages could be disastrous. Depending on the rate. While “Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and a host of other well-intentioned liberals want to hike the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour,” she calls the proposal “badly misguided.” And


C Is For Curmudgeon

Every writer can count among his loyal readers at least one curmudgeon. I have several. Today we consider the criticism of one special curmudgeon. Let’s call him “Mr. C.” Mr. C. agrees with my last several invokings of Common Sense. But he wonders, “Sure the [insert expletive here] of Republican


Bribing a Legislature

Just when big government boosters in the Evergreen State thought it was safe to raise taxes, Tim Eyman and the group Voters Want More Choices have returned to the streets with Initiative 1366. When his previous and similar effort, I-1325, fizzled last year, opponents were ecstatic, celebrating Eyman’s perceived obsolescence.

Body Cam Initiative

Not Just Fiddling in Ferguson

The Missouri General Assembly adjourned its 2015 legislative session about a month ago, “having passed,” The Washington Post reported, “virtually none of the changes activists sought in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown.” “Nothing has changed,” acknowledged State Rep. Clem Smith. The Post story concluded, “Advocates plan to

Unemployment Chimp

Chimps, Chumps, and the Minimum Wage

It’s time to talk minimum wage laws again! Confession: I tend to understand some issues on the level of logic — of, even, common sense. A prohibition (which is what a minimum wage law is, forbidding payment at a rate below the “minimum”) doesn’t spur productivity, and it’s from increased

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