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Bribing a Legislature

Just when big government boosters in the Evergreen State thought it was safe to raise taxes, Tim Eyman and the group Voters Want More Choices have returned to the streets with Initiative 1366. When his previous and similar effort, I-1325, fizzled last year, opponents were ecstatic, celebrating Eyman’s perceived obsolescence.

Body Cam Initiative

Not Just Fiddling in Ferguson

The Missouri General Assembly adjourned its 2015 legislative session about a month ago, “having passed,” The Washington Post reported, “virtually none of the changes activists sought in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown.” “Nothing has changed,” acknowledged State Rep. Clem Smith. The Post story concluded, “Advocates plan to

Unemployment Chimp

Chimps, Chumps, and the Minimum Wage

It’s time to talk minimum wage laws again! Confession: I tend to understand some issues on the level of logic — of, even, common sense. A prohibition (which is what a minimum wage law is, forbidding payment at a rate below the “minimum”) doesn’t spur productivity, and it’s from increased

Atrocious “Justice”

This week I traveled to South Dakota to release an 18-page report on Attorney General Marty Jackley’s prosecution of Dr. Annette Bosworth. In less than two weeks, Bosworth goes on trial facing 12 felony counts carrying a maximum penalty of 24 years in prison and $48,000 in fines. From my


The Ultimate Result of Campaign Finance Regs

Last Thursday I tried to be magnanimous. Of campaign finance regulation proponents, I wrote, “I suppose a reasonable person could blanch at rich people giving money to political causes . . . if they objected to all super-rich donors.” My expectation of reciprocity was dashed at the non-reciprocal gambits of

Assault on Free Speech in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Raids Speak Volumes

Where’s the outcry among campaign finance “reformers”? Silence. In Wisconsin, laws regulating political speech, along with the clamor for stepped-up “enforcement,” have facilitated an awesomely powerful prosecutor to launch dawn SWAT raids, dragging men, women and children out of their beds, stealing their computers and cell phones and ransacking their

Defend and Evade

Resist Criminal Attacks

Are you ever too old to stop a mugger? Not if your mobility scooter is ready to go. This conclusion is informed by the example of 92-year-old Eileen Mason, who was with her 75-year-old friend, Margaret Seabrook, when a mugger tried to make off with the contents of a scooter

Squeezing the Taxpayer

Poor, Poor IRS

As Tax Day approaches, you can bet the Internal Revenue Service has readied itself to help taxpayers file their returns. No? “It’s abysmal,” admits IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, discussing his agency’s help for Americans trying to decipher a byzantine, ever-changing tax code. It seems only four of ten citizens ever

Upside Down World View

Who Are the Bigots Now?

“Why did Rolling Stone . . . so massively screw up” in “falsely accusing a University of Virginia frat of gang-raping a freshman girl?” asks Alex Griswold of The Daily Caller. “[I]f you work for liberal magazine The New Republic, the answer is that they were too right-wing.” Most of

Rand Paul

Defeat the Machine

Standing with Rand, as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced yesterday his candidacy for the U.S. Presidency? A banner: “Defeat the Washington Machine — Unleash the American Dream.” I know and like Rand, both personally and politically. I love that message. Yet, today, I come not to praise Dr. Paul but

Anarchy and Chaos

Feinstein No Einstein

Government’s job is to protect our lives and liberties. But how best to accomplish this? Should books be banned? Websites blocked? Diane Feinstein thinks so. Sen. Feinstein (D-California) wants to ban The Anarchist Cookbook from the Internet. The book, which came out in 1971 with lots of radical ideas, including


Townhall: Out Like a Lamb?

This weekend at Townhall, I expand my thoughts from Thursday, on the whole Indiana RFRL controversy. Click on over to Townhall. But then back here, for I have by no means written the last word on the subject. Here is a wide variety of opinion: “I Don’t Believe in

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