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This Week in Democracy?

Paul Jacob finishes his weekend wrap-up with stories on Colorado’s TABOR, a squeak by for republican governance with citizen hero Ron Calzone, and the weirdness surrounding the corporate media’s attitudes towards whistleblowers. Paul began his “Common Sense with Paul Jacob” commentary in 1999, and for a decade he produced these

Chortling Evil

Kamala Harris laughed. She stood naked on the edge of a . . . Oops. Wrong story. The right — or, very wrong — story is Senator Harris (D–Calif.) laughing, sure. But the only thing naked is her powerlust. Why refer to the opening of the novel The Fountainhead? To

David Koch

Hate in Plain Sight

“Classy guy,” won’t be the moniker afforded comedian Bill Maher when his time on Earth comes to an end. “I guess I’m going to have to reevaluate my low opinion of prostate cancer,” Maher told his HBO audience regarding the death of libertarian billionaire David Koch at 79. “As for

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Money for Robots and Representatives!

Yesterday I addressed Senator Bernie Sanders’ minimum wage problem. Today it is member of Congress and “The Squad” Rashida Tlaib’s turn. She is unsatisfied with the just-passed national $15/hour minimum wage.  She wants to make it $20. Now a bidding war begins? But not where laborers bid for jobs. Instead,

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Dependence or Independence?

“America does not want to witness a food fight,” Senator Kamala Harris said at last week’s debate, reprimanding her squabbling fellow Democratic Party presidential contenders. “They want to know how we’re going to put food on their table.” The no doubt well-rehearsed line drew raucous applause. She’s right; we’re not

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Of Honor and Horror

Last week, when the public relations wing of the U.S. Army asked, on Twitter, “how has serving impacted you?” the bulk of the responses were not what was hoped for. What came like tear drops and bursts of rage were thousands of horrific tales, expressions of sorrow, bitterness and despair.

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The Uncommon Author of Common Sense

Last week we noted the 243rd anniversary of the publication of Common Sense — Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, that is. The importance of this document for the formation of the United States of America can hardly be over-estimated. And the general good . . . sense . . . of

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Ideas, Online and Ongoing … with Help

In recent years there has been a great burgeoning of public debate about ideas. Politics. Ethics. UFOs. You name it. This “burgeoning” has mostly taken place online. Some people are so good at it that they have made their whole livings at it, parlaying advertisements and donations into successful careers.

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Precious Gifts

There’s a quiet on Christmas morning . . . after Santa has come and gone . . . and the kids are still sound asleep . . . sugar plum fairies dancing to their gentle snoring. A moment to stop and think. I hope they’ll like their presents; they always

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Townhall: Taking the Crime Out of Crime

Turnstile-hopping just went legit — or nearly so — in DC Metro. For reasons, we kid you not, of race. Read this weekend’s column for details and perspective. Then come back here for more bizarre details from the nation’s bizarro capital. Washington Post: D.C. Council decriminalizes Metro fare evasion Washington

Hate Crime Stats Explained in Detail

Matt Christiansen peers underneath the “negligent, maybe even maliciously deceptive” mainstream press accounts of the most recent FBI hate crime report. What is there? Well, the facts are very different from what journalists are saying:

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