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Compatriots, We — For Liberty!

Thank you. It’s Thanksgiving, a good day to say so. What a great idea for a holiday — a thoroughly American one, unpretentious and unspoiled. Centered on family and friends, the day may be the most important of the year, something we all share, in no small part because it

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Thank You for Your Service

When people risk their lives, saying thanks is the least we can do. But it’s not enough. Today on Veterans’ Day, we honor those who have served and are serving in the military. The holiday was once Armistice Day, marking the peace agreement that concluded World War I at the

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Democratic Socialism. . .

Because BIG BROTHER is okay as long as enough people vote for him! CLICK BELOW for a high resolution version of this image:  

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“No Boots on the Ground”

Obama has put “boots on the ground” in Syria after promising 16 times that he would not put “boots on the ground” in Syria. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner seems to have trouble staying out of wars.   U.S. Sends Ground Troops to Syria. Here Are 3 Reasons Why That’s Bad.

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Capitol Hill Chaos

Washington Post scribe Dana Milbank is panicked about the “chaos on Capitol Hill.” He hyperventilated, in a recent column, concerning the difficulty Republicans are having in choosing a new Speaker of the House, after the announced resignation of current Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), then the sudden withdrawal from the race

Citizen Action

The Quadrennial Distraction

As the leading Republican candidate for the presidency ascends into the air in a helicopter filled with kids, and makes his most astute declaration yet — “I am Batman” — it becomes clearer than ever how distracting these presidential campaigns are. Much of American Big League politics is theatrics, with

Jury Duty

Guess Who Else Nullifies?

Citizens have more power than they exercise. But folks in government aren’t exactly falling all over each other in the rush to help citizens participate and realize their potential. Take juries. There are few more awesome responsibilities than sitting on a jury. And one of the things you can do,

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Swarms of Officers to Harass

Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s simple but true. And, as a corollary, let me add that using the power of the federal government to harass individuals or groups one happens to dislike or disagree with is wrong. You might recall that our Declaration of Independence rebuked King George

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An 800th “Birthday”

Something happened 800 years ago yesterday, something of note. The much-loathed and legendary — but real-life — King John signed a document with his barons that limited his power. It was later called the “Magna Carta,” the great charter. Strange history. It was signed, made a big deal of, and

Patrick Henry

Everything That Could Be Done

Two hundred forty years ago, the situation was dire. In the Virginia Colony, not too far from where I live, representatives to the Second Virginia Convention were debating the problems they were having with their “masters” in Britain — and the more dangerous, violent situation that was developing to the

African Slaves

Slavery and Racism, Yesterday and Today

On Sunday, I marked an awful event in our history: The official beginning of chattel slavery as such in Britain’s American colonies. At first, John Casor, an African indentured servant, had gained some control of his life. He charged his master, Anthony Johnson, a free black, with having forced him

Racial Justice Advanced (Paul Jacob on the leading thinker on race today)

Racial Justice Advanced

don’t know if Juan Williams is right about who qualifies as America’s most influential thinker on race. But I hope he is. In a Friday Wall Street Journal op-ed, Fox News’s liberal-leaning political analyst and author of Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary (1998), argues that our country’s most important influencer of

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