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Faces Veiled, Fallacies Unveiled

A real-life politician has admitted to having been wrong, even going so far as to dismiss his own previous comment as “stupid.” He wasn’t abject about it — didn’t “apologize.” He simply explained how and why he had erred. This . . . from a presidential contender. No, it wasn’t

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Junk the Law

Would your favorite presidential candidate force women to register for the military draft? A federal court case, National Coalition for Men v. Selective Service System, is bouncing around the Ninth Circuit. It challenges the male-only draft registration program as discriminatory against men. Thirty-five years ago, when yours truly was fighting

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re: Solutions

Today’s the traditional day for New Year’s “Resolutions,” but instead of resolutions, how about some solutions? Sure, Thomas Sowell has sagely reminded: there are no solutions in social life, only trade-offs. But, utopian perfection aside, let’s agree that some changes would be better than others, and, let us resolve to

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Forfeiting Forfeiture

“The Department of Justice announced [last] week that it’s suspending a controversial program that allows local police departments to keep a large portion of assets seized from citizens under federal law and funnel it into their own coffers,” reports the Washington Post. The Feds call the paused program “equitable sharing”;

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Merry Christmas, America

In addition to the religious significance of Christmas, Americans share an excellent historical reason to celebrate this day. In January of 1776, Thomas Paine published his smash hit, “Common Sense.” This pamphlet galvanized public opinion in favor of the American Revolution, which had begun the previous year at Lexington and

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Anti-Gun Barrage

America’s would-be gun-grabbers, chiefly in the media and “on the left,” don’t know much about guns. But they know what they hate. After the horrific terrorist shooting spree in San Bernardino, MSNBC and CNN went on a shooting-their-mouths-off spree, relentlessly pushing the need for stricter gun control. President Barack Obama

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Our Masters’ Malign Agenda

Reacting to terrorism, President Obama’s first thought? Scratch out the Second Amendment and the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of “due process” from the Bill of Rights. Why? To advance his mania for gun control. Now comes Republican front-runner Donald Trump, one-upping the president. He wants to block any Muslim from entering

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Enumerated Wrongs

Will the government soon quarter troops in your home? The Third Amendment prohibits that, sure — but if prominent and powerful Democrats are so anxious to toss out the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution, who’s to say they wouldn’t jettison the Third? Last year, every Democratic U.S. Senator

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Compatriots, We — For Liberty!

Thank you. It’s Thanksgiving, a good day to say so. What a great idea for a holiday — a thoroughly American one, unpretentious and unspoiled. Centered on family and friends, the day may be the most important of the year, something we all share, in no small part because it

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Thank You for Your Service

When people risk their lives, saying thanks is the least we can do. But it’s not enough. Today on Veterans’ Day, we honor those who have served and are serving in the military. The holiday was once Armistice Day, marking the peace agreement that concluded World War I at the

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Democratic Socialism. . .

Because BIG BROTHER is okay as long as enough people vote for him! CLICK BELOW for a high resolution version of this image:  

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“No Boots on the Ground”

Obama has put “boots on the ground” in Syria after promising 16 times that he would not put “boots on the ground” in Syria. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner seems to have trouble staying out of wars.   U.S. Sends Ground Troops to Syria. Here Are 3 Reasons Why That’s Bad.

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